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I wrote this story myself, and anyone who reads it needs to also be familiar with Lilo and Stitch, both from his movies, and in the series. I tried to write Stitch's language in English, so there wouldn't be guessing games with his language that he speaks in Turian a lot. Planet Turo. Though of course lilo und stitch adult fanfiction of us who know him know he speaks 'broken' English. I tried my best to keep his English like that. Drakeen was wanting some sort of revenge on the little lilo und stitch adult fanfiction alien that had humiliated him.

He was often a villain who fought Kim Possible. But he wasn't dealing with her now. If he had captured that little blue fur-ball, he could do it again. Drakeen had a plan to recapture Stitch in the same air transport that he had used before, but this time, he lilo und stitch adult fanfiction take the alien much further away.

To not even a place where Kim's people would find him. New York. Stitch was enjoying the good life. He played with his best friend, Lilo, a little girl just about every day. Their experimental cousin catching days were over with. But with Stitch being an adult too, he also had real love on his mind too. With Angel, a female cousin that almost looked like him, but pink and female. Stitch's creator, Jumba, a four eyed alien, just went on making up experiments to try there on Earth.

He was a genius. He preferred evil genius though. Nani, Lilo's older sister, was working most of the time, just to make sure they would have money to keep the house and have food to eat.

Then there was the rare occasion when she would have a date with David, her boyfriend. Nani normally liked Lilo to be inside after dark, but tonight was an exception. Lilo and Stitch were away from the house, playing hide and seek again. This way, they wouldn't hear Nani yelling, but there would be plenty of that when they returned. Drakeen had been watching from the sky for days.

He knew the little thing could climb trees, but he was ready for him. Now he just needed to nab him. Stitch climbed a tree to hide from his friend. She's never find him up here. Plus she couldn't climb. Lilo had just finished counting to a certain number and went looking. But her blue friend still didn't get the concept of hide and seek.

He revealed himself to her. You don't lilo und stitch adult fanfiction me where you are! But just as Lilo was getting ready to cover her eyes so he could find another place to hide, a flying transport came by and snatched Stitch right up!

She tried running after it, but it was no use. The only hope was the spaceship Jumba owned. In the flyer, Stitch had put up little of a struggle since he had been ill prepared for the snatch up.

His arms had been immediately placed into the heavy metal shackles. He couldn't move now. Stitch growled and struggled, though he couldn't get out of the shackles.

He would soon find out where he was going. Back at the house, Nani was furious that her 8 year old lilo und stitch adult fanfiction had been out when she wasn't supposed to be. If he isn't back by afternoon tomorrow, then we'll start searching. Nani never seemed to listen. All she ever seemed to do was get cranky and say no to everything. It seemed like a too long flight for Stitch, though lilo und stitch adult fanfiction growled and struggled in lilo und stitch adult fanfiction shackles, he knew he wasn't getting anywhere.

This had been built by Dr. Drakeen, but they had tracking tools inside. But the details to make it as strong as it was to hold him still had been given to him by the evil space gerbil, Hamsterviel. Hamsterviel sure had had plans to want to dominate the galactic empire so badly. But Stitch and his cousins, and Lilo had helped put a stop to that. He wasn't going to get out any time soon, they hoped.

He had caused them worries for over 3 years. Here, your friends won't be able to find you this time. Not even Kim Possible! Stitch didn't like the sound of that. He wanted to go back to Hawaii. But that was just not going to happen. When the little plane was about feet lilo und stitch adult fanfiction to landing, something got caught in the engine, maybe a bird.

It was daytime now, so birds were up and active. The side of the plane caught fire. Stitch almost panicked, but he knew he wouldn't die. He was virtually indestructible. He had fallen over 1, feet back to Earth before such as on his first rescue mission to rescue Lilo from Gantu's ship. The plane came lilo und stitch adult fanfiction faster and faster. And eventually, it crashed close to an airport, but in the grassy area. Authorities were alerted to the crash. Stitch had done as best he could to prepare for impact.

But now, he was on ground again. He was now free of the shackles. His head hurt a little, nackt madchen aus romeo und julia he was otherwise just fine.

He crawled out of the wreck. He was just glad that the plane hadn't landed in water. He would drown in water. He rubbed his head, but was now hearing the sirens. He didn't see Drakeen anywhere and was sure he was dead.

But now he just needed to get out of here before he was seen. Stitch took off for the big city. Story Story Writer Forum Community. The turtles meet a little blue creature from Hawaii that was stolen from his home. Note: Have to be familiar with Lilo and Stitch, movies and series both to understand. Pleakley, a one eyed skinny noodle looking alien, mostly kept house and cooked the many meals.

Together, the aliens of the house were responsible for taking care of Lilo. Stitch try again. Lilo went lilo und stitch adult fanfiction to the house to get help. It had been several hours now, and this plane was now nearing New York. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

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