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Woman wanting sex in luxembourg people against a wall, being intimate. One person looks woman wanting sex in luxembourg the other, engaged. And I am — mostly. First, in my experience, this is very much a gendered phenomenon in a heterocentric culture: It has its roots in toxic masculinity and expectations about how men and women relate to each other.

Just stick with me! Toxic masculinity says that a man is only as good as what he can accomplish. For the female partner, this can turn into yet another way she has to perform emotional labor. This whole dynamic makes it hard to connect in true intimacy in the moment. Instead, sex becomes a performance for both parties. The woman may feel pressure to perform pleasure visibly — making more noises, moving more intensely — because he likes looking at it.

When I told a friend I was writing this article, she mentioned how some men will brag about how much they looove performing cunnilingus.

And I laughed — because I knew just what she was talking about. I want my partners to desire and appreciate my pleasure. I want my enjoyment to be rewarding for them, just as their enjoyment is rewarding for me. But when my pleasure gets treated as something they deserve extra credit for, all the positive feelings are erased. So let me be clear about this: I deserve pleasure from my sexual encounters.

Their comfort and satisfaction is just as important as mine, and full consent comes before pleasure on all sides. How to talk about woman wanting sex in luxembourg with your partner depends a lot on the closeness of the relationship and how you usually deal with tough conversations with them. A great sexual relationship is born out of communication and giving and taking of feedback.

Talking about how women feel pressure to be and look sexy, while men feel pressure to perform and accomplish and exploring to what extent those dynamics are true for each of youcould be an eye-opening conversation for both of you. Your most important job, when it comes to helping your partner enjoy sex, is to be attentive to what they want. Sometimes an explosive orgasm is not what your partner wants. Sometimes they know that mild shudders of pleasure are the most their body has to offer that day.

Whatever it is, work on learning how to quiet that ego and really listen to what your partner is expressing.

Take the pressure off yourself to be the perfect lover. The best sexual encounters, in my experience, happen when everybody involved comes as they are and gives open attention to what the other person is bringing. She writes for various publications and has her own blog here. She lives in the Philadelphia area with her poly family woman wanting sex in luxembourg three cats. Follow her on Twitter lirelyn. Used by hundreds of universities, non-profits, and businesses.

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