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Home Rowupdating in gridview in asp net. Net using C and VB. Need Help? Our Support Team is here to help. Ask Question. In order to illustrate this concept I will make use of an ASP.

HTML Markup. Net GridView. You rowupdating in gridview in asp net need to import the following namespace. Imports System. Populating the GridView with a temporary DataTable. Inside the Page Load event handler of the page, I am first creating a dynamic temporary DataTable object, adding columns to it and then rowupdating in gridview in asp net some data to the DataTable.

Then this dynamic temporary DataTable is saved in a ViewState variable and finally it is used to populate the GridView control. Note : You can also make use of Session variable if you need to use the temporary DataTable across the whole application. Add 1, "John Hammond""United States". Add 2, "Mudassar Khan""India". Add 3, "Suzanne Mathews""France". Add 4, "Robert Schidner""Russia". BindGrid. DataBind. If Not Me. IsPostBack Then. Dim dt As New DataTable. Add 1, "John Hammond""United States".

Add 2, "Mudassar Khan""India". Add 3, "Suzanne Mathews""France". Add 4, "Robert Schidner""Russia". End If. End Sub. Protected Sub BindGrid. OnRowEditing event handler. Below is the OnRowEditing event handler which will be rowupdating in gridview in asp net for a GridView Row when the edit button inside that row is clicked.

The above process sets the GridView in Edit Mode. Below are the event handlers for the Update and the Cancel buttons. Inside the Update event handler, the temporary DataTable is fetched back from the ViewState variable and then the row to be updated is identified using the RowIndex of the GridView Row whose Update button was clicked.

Then the values to be updated are fetched from the TextBoxes and are assigned to the respective columns of the DataTable Row. NamingContainer as GridViewRow.

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