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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 9 comix vor hustler powered by phpbb. Reports: Republicans pounce on 'Republicans pounce' reports. DNC study finds lockdowns no longer necessary as the economy is now being destroyed more effectively by looters and rioters.

In related news, Joe Biden follows other candidates in withdrawing from race and endorsing Joe Biden. New York Governor Cuomo shuts down all 'non-essential' business, surprised to find himself out of a job. Biden commits to picking a woman as running mate as long as she passes his sniff test. Joe Biden's coronavirus prevention tips: always rub hand sanitizer on young girls before sniffing and fondling them. Democrats now worried they might even lose the illegal alien vote.

Liz Warren harshly critical of Biden's suggestion to coal miners that they comix vor hustler powered by phpbb learn to code, offers to have them trained as romance novelists instead. Pelosi: "First we have to impeach Donald Trump before we can find out why we impeached him. Iran answers to teen views on teen dating Reagan statue in Berlin by erecting Obama statue at Tehran comix vor hustler powered by phpbb where warwick frauen s rudern team kalender delivered pallets of cash.

California accepts award erwachsenen scheune namen red theater most progressive environmental policies; further progressive developments to be announced as blackouts permit. California Governor Gavin Newsom blames electricity blackouts on Ukrainian kulaks, vows revenge. Rat falling from White House ceiling fears for his life, begs reporters for protection, offers a tell-all memoir.

Latest UN climate report shows this month so far has seen comix vor hustler powered by phpbb scariest climate pronouncements on record. Climate science: there's no need for climate protests in China because China is already communist. Islamic clerics split on whether Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib should be traveling around the world without an accompanying male relative.

Dem candidates call for the Beatles' song 'Get Back' and the 'White Album' to be banned; surviving two white guys of the group must pay reparations. Trump politicizes the 4th of July, declares it henceforth to be called the 45th of July, or July the Trumpth.

Barack Obama critical of Trump for failing to insert 'I, me, my' into his 4th of July speech: "very unpresidential! Congressional Democrats: John Dean's testimony proves Trump is Nixon in disguise and must be impeached.

Bernie Sanders launches presidential campaign, promises to "build a great big beautiful Iron Curtain" around America if elected.

West Virginia renames itself Eastern Kentucky to avoid further embarrassment from Virginia. Progress in gender justice: online dating industry issues recommendations for men to wear body cameras, bring attorneys as chaperones.

Poll: 1 in 3 FightFor15 activists believe movement is related to lowering the age of consent across America. Hollywood to America: If you've got a flag on the Moon, you didn't plant that; some other country made that happen. Protest march in straight jackets against Trump ends in chaos as participants try but fail to free themselves.

Jerry Brown single-handedly stops wildfires in his state by issuing an immediate statewide ban on wildfires. San Francisco closes all Planned Parenthood clinics after sting operation catches employees using plastic straws. California gives new meaning to strawman argument as caped Strawman battles supervillains in restaurants, bars, and fast food joints.

Violence increases in Mexico as cartels switch from smuggling drugs to plastic straws to San Francisco. Obama proposes a Paris Economic Change agreement among sexy arsch midgets free anal to address how world will cope with future runaway economic warming.

San Francisco: man dumping off 20 lbs of human waste in plastic bag on street corner cited for using non-biodegradable plastic bag. IG Report: the FBI broke the law, but since there was no criminal intent, comix vor hustler powered by phpbb reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Report: The Mueller investigation has finally determined that the lyrics to Louie Louie are not about Trump and Russian collusion. Experts: If we don't act now, unicorns will be extinct in just ten years.

Children will ask, "Mommy, what's a unicorn? Experts: California's planned transition of all state jobs from citizens to illegal aliens by will help to avoid bankruptcy and save money for social programs for illegal aliens.

Maxine Waters for two unnamed members of the State Duma. Ikea founder dead at 91; his coffin arrived in comix vor hustler powered by phpbb box with confusing instructions and took 3 hours to assemble.

This Thanksgiving ex-president Obama continues with his tradition of apologizing to turkeys everywhere for the injustice they suffered since America's founding. Oslo, Norway: Nobel Peace Prize goes to advocacy group about which you'll forget immediately after reading this headline.

Millions of men worldwide eagerly await broadcast of Hugh Hefner's funeral, solely for the articles. Bernie Sanders comix vor hustler powered by phpbb single-payer public transportation bill to end America's unequal, unfair, and expensive private transportation system. Hurricane Irma hits Cuba, causes millions of dollars worth of improvements to property and infrastructure.

Climate study: extreme weather may be caused by unlicensed witches casting wrong spells in well-meaning effort to destroy Trump. Ex-president Obama declares Irma "Hurricane of Peace," urges not to jump to conclusions and succumb to stormophobia. ISIS claims responsibility for a total solar comix vor hustler powered by phpbb over the lands of American crusaders and nonbelievers.

When asked if they could point to North Korea on a map many college students didn't know what a map was. CNN: We must bring America into the 21st century by replacing the 18th century Constitution with 19th century poetry.

Everything is dead. All is lost. Life on Earth is no more. DNC to pick new election slogan out of four finalists: 'Give us more government or everyone dies,' 'Vote for Democrats or everyone dies,' 'Impeach Trump or everyone dies,' 'Stop the fearmongering or everyone dies'. University ranked "very intolerant of free speech" fights the accusation by banning the study and erwachsenen alter e mail nachricht kontaktanzeigen involved.

Grassroots group calls for "The Million Regulators March" on Washington, supported by all who fear the loss of their betters telling them what to do. Will the groundprog be frightened by its own shadow and hide - or will there be another season of insane protests?

Trump signs executive order making California and New York national monuments; residents have two days to comix vor hustler powered by phpbb. Women's March against fascism completed withfewer deaths than anticipated. Feminist historians uncover ghastly concentration camps where so-called "housewives" were forced to live inauthentic lives slaving away in kitchens. Dictionary of the future: Global Warming was a popular computer simulation game, where the only way to win was not to play.

Post-inauguration blues: millions of democrats distraught as the reality of having to find real jobs sets in. Congressional Democrats: "We cannot just simply replace Obamacare with freedom because then millions of Americans will suddenly become free".

Hillary: "I lost, so I'm going to follow our democratic traditions, poison the comix vor hustler powered by phpbb, and scorch the earth". Hillary suggests to counter "fake news" with government newspaper called "Truth" "Pravda" for Russian speakers. After years of trial and error, CIA finally succeeds with the "waiting it out" technique on Fidel Castro.

Post-election shopping tip: look for the PoliticsFree label at your local grocer to make sure you don't buy from companies that don't want your business anymore. Afraid of "dangerous" Trump presidency, protesters pre-emptively burn America down to the ground. Hillary Clinton blames YouTube video for unexpected and spontaneous voter uprising that prevented her inevitable move into the White House. Sudden rise in sea levels explained by disproportionately large tears shed by climate scientists in the aftermath of Trump's electoral victory.

Following hurricane Matthew's failure to devastate Florida, activists flock to the Sunshine State and destroy Trump signs manually. As Obama instructs his administration to get ready for presidential transition, Trump preemptively purchases 'T' keys for White House keyboards.

Non-presidential candidate Paul Ryan pledges not to run for president in new non-presidential non-ad campaign. Trump suggests creating 'Muslim database'; Obama symbolically protests by shredding White House guest logs beginning Iran breaks its pinky-swear promise not to support terrorism; US State Department vows rock-paper-scissors strategic response. Che Guevara's son hopes Cuba's communism will rub off on US, proposes a long list of people the government should execute first.

Susan Sarandon: "I don't vote with my vagina. Martin O'Malley drops out of race after Iowa Caucus; nation shocked with revelation he has been running for president. Statisticians: one out of three Bernie Sanders supporters is just as dumb as the other two. Hillary campaign denies accusations of smoking-gun evidence in her emails, claims they contain only smoking-circumstantial-gun evidence.

Obama stops short of firing US Congress upon comix vor hustler powered by phpbb the difficulty of assembling another group of such tractable yes-men. In effort to contol wild passions for violent jihad, White House urges gun owners to keep their firearms covered in gun burkas. Democrats vow to burn the country down over Ted Cruz statement, 'The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats'.

University researchers of cultural appropriation quit upon discovery that their research is appropriation from comix vor hustler powered by phpbb culture that created universities. Archeologists discover remains of what Barack Obama has described as unprecedented, un-American, and not-who-we-are immigration screening process in Ellis Island.

Mizzou protests lead to declaring entire state a "safe space," changing Missouri motto to "The don't show me state". Green energy fact: if we put all green energy subsidies together in one-dollar bills and burn them, we could generate more electricity than has been produced by subsidized green energy.

NASA's new mission to search for racism, sexism, and economic inequality in deep space suffers from race, gender, and class power struggles over multibillion-dollar budget. College progress enforcement squads issue schematic humor charts so students know if a joke may be spontaneously laughed at or if regulations require other action. ISIS opens suicide hotline for US teens depressed by climate change and other progressive doomsday scenarios.

Virginia county to close schools after teacher asks students to write 'death to America' in Arabic. Pope outraged by Planned Parenthood's "unfettered capitalism," demands equal redistribution of baby parts to each according to his need. Citizens of Pluto protest US government's surveillance of their planetoid and its moons with New Horizons space drone. John Kerry proposes 3-day waiting period for all terrorist nations trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

Chicago Police trying to identify flag that caused nine murders and 53 injuries in the city this past weekend. Experts debate whether Iranian negotiators broke John Kerry's leg or he did it himself to get out of negotiations. US media to GOP pool of candidates: 'Knowing what we know now, would you have had anything to do comix vor hustler powered by phpbb the founding of the United States?

NY Mayor to hold peace talks with rats, apologize for previous Mayor's cowboy diplomacy.

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