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Amateur mollig powered by phpbb Dating rules in the navy. The Home Machinist! A site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby. Skip to content. Quick links. The raw material is a piece of a scrap tractor 1"x2" drawbar cut to 2. It has a centered 1" hole that appears to have been punched.

I need to bore out the 1" hole to a 1. I also need to do some other operations including opening up a slot through one end of the long side. The hole needs to be accurate to. I do not have the facilities to stress-relieve the piece.

It naruto sexy jutsu naruko hentai been squared up and faced. My plan is to cut a slit where the slot is going to be, do the other operations, and then bore out the hole and open up the slot to final size.

I suspect that Harold will recommend several machining steps - rough it out all over, then come back for finish cuts. Wise people talk because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something. My question is about when to cut through where the slot will be. That's the operation that I suspect will release some stress that may distort the bore. I have now roughed out the bore. My current plan is to cut a slit where the slot is going to be, finish the faces the edges may not need any more workand then finish the bore.

There are also some drilled holes: I assume those can be last. Sound ok? In retrospect using a piece with a amateur mollig powered by phpbb hole was a mistake. I have enough unpunched material a scrap tractor drawbar to make both of the parts I need. I thought it would save time but between the interrupted cut and the hardness of the interior surface of the hole it would have been quicker to start with a solid piece and drill a 1" starting hole.

Sometimes I forget that in it's previous life my mill was a heavy duty drill press with 1" capacity. This part is the major component of a table lock for the Burgmaster table that I am putting on the Avey to replace the pitiful little Chinese table that is there amateur mollig powered by phpbb. Can anyone offer any leads on a source of aluminum bronze 1. Amateur mollig powered by phpbb would have relaxed the pent up stresses considerably, possibly even eliminating them entirely to the point of not being an issue.

That would have addressed the hardness you spoke of when boring the hole. The tolerances you've suggested should make this part pretty easy to make. In my experience, parallelism between opposing faces becomes difficult when it's closer than a thou, assuming you're trying to establish the parallelism by milling fly cutting is preferred.

With a surface grinder it isn't an issue at all. I fully agree amateur mollig powered by phpbb a slit where the slot will go. Remove enough material that only light finish cuts will be required, including in the slot. I think you'll find that the piece will be rather stable if you do.

The only time I've ever had a problem with finishing this way was when machining Delrin. It's loaded with stress even round stock. No measureable distortion resulted. According to the literature I read stress relieving not annealing would require one hour at F. I don't have the equipment to do that. You mentioned lots of stress in Delrin, is there a time factor involved for the finish machining? By that I mean, can you start the finishing as soon as you are through with the roughing, or is it better to wait some period of time?

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I also found that I had to be careful about temperature my shop is "naturally air conditioned" because the stuff has a large temperature coefficient of expansion. Guidelines they suggest annealing plastics including Delrin after roughing. I didn't know about this amateur mollig powered by phpbb I made the parts mentioned above. Board index All times are UTC.

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