I had a large family that we hung out with all the time and we would all make frequent trips out on my uncles large boat to swim, fish, etc. One day, I was at home on a Saturday morning and two of my uncles stopped by and asked if I would like to go on an overnight fishing trip with them on the boat.

I had nothing else planned so I asked my ass to fuck in corlu if it was cool and they just told me to have some fun and not to get sunburned! I grabbed a few things from my room and ass to fuck in corlu in the car and we headed out and were soon at the dock. After we loaded up some beer and food, we headed out on ass to fuck in corlu ocean for an overnight trip which I thought would be very cool and both my uncles were great guys too!

Between fishing and lunch, my uncles decided to swim some and both of them striped naked and told me it was ass to fuck in corlu and to do the same if I wanted. I pulled my bathing suit off and did the ass to fuck in corlu. After we got back on the boat, since no people were around, we all three stayed naked and continued to fish, drink beer and have fun! We fished the rest of the day and as it grew dark, I noticed that I was sunburned on my back, butt and legs.

It was pretty sore and by dark, it ass to fuck in corlu really hurting. My uncle Tom told me that he had some aloe lotion that may help and also for me to slug down a few beers to ease the pain. My burns still hurt though so my uncle Tom told me to lay down on the bed in the boats cabin and he would rub some lotion on me.

I did as he asked and he squirted some on his hands and began applying it to my back at first. My uncle Mike was standing there holding a beer and watching as Tom moved down my back and over my ass cheeks. As he moved down my butt, he started rubbing the insides of my thighs and almost touching my balls and started really getting close to my asshole. I could feel his finger kinds twirling around it and I felt myself getting a little turned on and my cock started getting bigger.

I was a little embaressed but the more he did it, the better it felt. I could barely speak but told him I was fine and he reached back up to my shoulders and I could feel his cock brushing along my ass and even along ass to fuck in corlu crack as he massaged my back! Thats when he rolled me over on my back and my cock stuck straight up in the air! Tom then started rubbing my thighs and stomach and his face was just inches from my cock.

I could feel his breath on it and it made me even harder. He then took my balls in his hands and started rubbing them and then up and along my shaft. It felt incredible and I just closed my eyes and let him do it. As he stroked my cock, I felt him lower his mouth over the head and felt his tongue swirling around the tip and head. I was really enjoying this, my very first blow job and him being my favorite uncle made it even better. I started stroking him and felt it grow till it was huge!

He then took it from my hand and rubbed it along my cheek and over my lips. I opened my mouth slightly and he popped it in.

He started pumping my mouth and down my throat and I gagged a few times since he was so large and I was now ready for about anything! I decided that I should let him know and he took my cock out and told me to shoot away! I blew my load in his wet mouth and all over his face. It tasted sweet but really ass to fuck in corlu than I had imagined and I kinda mobilbahis swished it around and between my lips and tongue!

His took his cock out and high fived Tom! We all sat up and wiped our faces off and took a short break. Mike then told me that the two of them had another little thing they wanted to try if I was willing and I readily agreed so the had me get on all fours and lower my shoulders down so my ass was sticking in the air. Tom then started licking my asshole and I felt his tongue go inside. The two of them alternated eating my ass until I felt one of their cocks push against it.

I knew then that I was going to get ass fucked and boy was I ever! It hurt at first, when the head went in and but after a while, I was getting into it and both of them were ass to fuck in corlu me like their own little boy WHORE!

I heard one of them taking some pix while the other fucked me and each of them came in my ass a couple of times! We finished up and got cleaned up by jumping in the ocean. Playboy coed traci denee nackt next day, we headed on home and were met by mom and dad.

We had had a good time and my parents invited them to dinner. After dinner, Dad told me to come into the living room which I did and there sat mom and my two uncles looking at a videotape and on that tape was ME sucking dick and getting ass fucked while on the boat!!

I nearly died and was totally freaked out but Dad told me that he had a suspicion that I was bi and they figured that if I was, my uncles would find out. İnternet sitesi. Previous post: Drain the swim-meat.

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