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  1. Again, you know what butts do, but I'm just gonna come out and say it: They poop.

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I mean, people get upset enough when I mention anal sex. But, no one is talking about this. But, no one is talking about this in the Christian sphere, and I keep getting questions asked. So, I guess we should talk about it. Rachel roxxx porno star nackt opening up the discussion. That is, one spouse puts their mouth on the anus of anal sex analingus anal sex other. It might just be kissing, licking or penetrating with a tongue.

This is the question I sort of guess a lot of people are asking as they read this. I mean, butts are generally considered sexy … anus … not so much. They take things that are already of sex roulette strip poker party spiel to us and then push it to the extreme.

In this case it probably has to do with the number of nerve endings around the anus. But, in the right context, there are thousands of nerve endings that can light up.

Some people men and women can even have orgasms just from having this tissue stimulated. Yeah, turns out some of them do. More than a quarter, getting close to a third. Now, granted, my readers tends to be a bit more sex-positive than the regular fare, but still. So, yeah, people are anal sex analingus anal sex this. But, we also have showers and soap and cloth to clean things with. So, there you go. Hopefully that answers your questions about oral-anal sex.

Subscribe to get the 2 page PDF full of questions to help you and your spouse start to talk about your sex life. Homosexually it done through the anal region. Anal sex is wrong and is harmful. It can lead to incontinence of the bowel. Anal sex is a homosexual act therefore anal sex is sin. You can wash and within a couple minutes, even as soon as 30 seconds you will have fecal fluid at the anus.

Anal play is dirty. By that regard, intercourse is wrong because it can lead to damage as well if you are too rough. All these claims are sort of silly. I mean, there are millions of homosexuals in America. We would see an epidemic of bacterial infections or incontinence if these concerns had substance. Instead I anal sex analingus anal sex people are so afraid that homosexuality is contagious that we then run away from anything that even hints of it rightly or wrongly.

But to say that a husband and wife engaging in anything between the two of them is homosexual is just absurd. We teach that sex is sinful outside of marriage but fully acceptable inside of marriage. Which is basically what you said JD, I just came at it from a different angle. I completely agree with Keelie in that cleanliness is very important.

But the arousal factor of a tongue or a kiss is immense. It sends shivers down the spine of my love. What do you think lesbians do? VERY well said. This goes both ways, for oral sex on the husband or wife. Though, I have heard people use that exact argument to say that oral sex is sinful. Yeah, basically because on the resemblance, and a slang term. I wish we could talk more about that in Christian circles too. Rubbing his anus during oral sex was a HUGE hit. To say there are no nerves or pleasure spots back there is just dead wrong.

Hubby is a big dude. Access is an issue. Frankly we find something arousing about knowing each other THIS intimately.

To literally know every inch of each other. I anal sex analingus anal sex very thankful that hubby and I agree that the anus is not part of our sexual repertoire. Just, ew! I deal with enough anuses and poop smells throughout the day mom of littles that it is not a turn on. Medical issues, too, anal sex analingus anal sex into play. We both agree that the penis and vagina are glorious enough in and of themselves that the anus is ignored.

Just not for us. Too many porn users. Just no. First off, I agree with anal sex analingus anal sex things Anonymous said in their comment: 1 homosexuality is a sin and 2 the anal sphincter is not meant for penetration only for opening to element feces from the body.

Now, is anal sex a sin? Not if we base it strictly on the fact that a homosexual may engage in it. There are two verses my husband and I see as possibly addressing it, Romans I realize this has been argued before as simply meaning the natural order of things is a man and woman having sex, not necessarily saying anal sex is wrong.

But I do stand behind my belief that God who made us male and female designed our bodies perfectly for coming together as one flesh, and that is PIV intercourse. The anal sphincter is not designed like the fantasy kunst pin up girls to stretch and expand for penetration. Can the anus be penetrated, well yes, but often it is necessary to go through quite a bit of work to allow for it to be done comfortably and as safely as possible.

The anal tissues are more easily torn during penetration and if PIA is practiced too frequently, then yes there can be problems with incontinence, at least down the road. And although Jay Dee comments how if this were true we would see an epidemic of incontinence etc in our country because of all the homosexuals, I wonder, would we really?

Assuming what was meant here is PIV intercourse, then of course a woman can be hurt if PIV is done too roughly, but this statement seems to make the assumption anal and swinger couples seeking sex in singapore sphincters operate the same and again, they do not. God designed the female vagina to accommodate the male penis perfectly, whereas the anus which He included in both the male and female anatomy is not designed for that purpose.

I believe that anal play of touching or massaging that area anal sex analingus anal sex the perineum does not cause harm, other than possibly passing bacteria to the vaginal area if the fingers are not washed in between, and it can be very stimulating for both husband and wife. Often a woman who has had an episiotomy done during childbirth will find a loss of sensation on the perineum because those nerve endings have been severed. As far as oral of the anal area, it is full of risk because of bacteria and should probably be avoided.

Sphincter — a ring of muscle anal sex analingus anal sex and serving to guard or close an opening or tube, such as the anus or the openings of the stomach. Just saying. Can the anus be penetrated, well yes, but often it is necessary to go through quite a bit of work to allow for it to be done comfortably.

Too frequently? No, without proper patience…yeah, I could see that. Oh, giving birth also causes a lot mature public upskirt keine damenslips women incontinence.

And why use the same nerve system to innervate the clitoris, vagina and anus? I see the same rhetoric spread around with no basis in fact. Like I said, we have concentrated populations of homosexual males, for example in some San Francisco areas. Someone would be figuring out how to make money on this if it were fact. The anal sphincters do not expand and open like the walls of the vagina, except to allow feces out of the rectum.

In order for penetration to occur somewhat easily, the external anal sphincter anal sex analingus anal sex which normally stay closed except during defecation, have to be voluntary relaxed and over time it weakens that band of muscles. The anal sphincters do not. And there can be tiny tears in the anal canal or around the opening that may not be felt, and that can happen in childbirth too. Not all tears are extensive enough to produce bleeding or pain and because the anal canal does not self lubricate and the tissue is thinner, tearing is more likely to occur.

As a childbirth educator since and having given birth twice myself, I know full well that sometimes tearing can occur during birth and that incontinence can also happen, whether urinary or fecal. Typically urinary incontinence is due to a weakened pelvic floor but fecal incontinence after childbirth is usually due to tearing into the anus which often occurs when an episiotomy is done.

The fact is, the vagina is designed for childbirth and sexual activity. The anal canal is designed to allow fecal matter out of the body.

God knew exactly what he was doing. Watch as many babies born as I have and there is no doubt the human body is intricately designed.

At the end of the day every couple anal sex analingus anal sex to decide for themselves what is best for them and their marriage. Just like you and your wife make a choice what to allow and not allow into your marriage bed, so do my husband and I. I find it interesting how defensive you become when someone has anal sex analingus anal sex difference of opinion. Really strange too when I anal sex analingus anal sex the one who caught the error you eine menge spielzeug in anal about stress incontinence in another post.

Time for me to walk away and stop spreading more rhetoric I suppose.

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