I know everyone has a different definition of flat, and I understand most of the site is white Caucasian idealize flat buttsbut I think a majority of people irl just aren't too fond of flat in general and dating rules in the navy small ones aren't ideal. Yeah, I understand. I always make sure to wear a large t-shirt that covers my butt though It's unfortunate that something so innocent attracts dumbasses.

I choose itone being male, 2 being female; then I set the of answers I received fat ass in yoga pants male or females This was a random Q and I really do not feel like having a bunch of comments left and right from dumbasses with opinions that aren't answers. I know there's the site girlsinyogapants or something similar, but most of the girls have the "perfect" butt: round, shapely and toned. Do you think a small or flat butt looks good in yoga pants? I just want to add: I'm not trying to be biased because I'm neither extreme.

If you take this as a loaded question it's honestly not my intention. Examples: small butt in yoga pants flat butt in yoga pants or is it better to have bigger butts in yoga pants:. In real life a lot of chicks with small butts look just as disgusting as the ones with fat ones. Share Facebook. Add Opinion. Font take this the wrong way ladies. I love to look at a flat, skinny, thick, full, it dont matter almost any ass is worth looking at. Now keep in mind you Re saying yoga pants.

They are for yoga class. I'm shure they are comfy and all. Probably make you feel l sexy and like the star of wall Mart or target. But the fact of the matter guys are going to stare at women as long as they are breathing. We are pigs. Ow please send all your yoga pant butt selfie picks to themikedavis gmail. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yoga pants fat ass in yoga pants wonderbras for the butt. They make any butt look good. Most of them looked like the butts of very attractive, very fit, athletic girls. But then that could be the Yoga pants doing their thing to help shape a girl's butt.

LonelyandInTheDark Xper 4. I'd rather not wear yoga pants, regardless of fat ass in yoga pants my butt looks, how about that It will be my last time I wear them, lol.

I think smaller and flatter. And Fat ass in yoga pants guess yay, they're just pants! Too big and round it looks like you've stuffed your pants. My bum is kinda like PoeticNinja Xper fat ass in yoga pants. Just gotta find the right fitting one. Flat bums? I don't think they look too good in yoga pants.

Show All Show Less. Those are some really good photos. Flat asses should not be in yoga pants, leggings or anything of the such.

I'm sorry, if someone is shaped like that, they should wear a long top to cover it. I always wear clothes that fit my body. I wouldn't wear yoga pants if I had a flat butt not that my butt is that great.

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. KevinSuperShy Xper 5. It depends on the shape the tight yoga pants give them. I typically like a big booty, but some small ones look great in certain yoga pants. It really varies from pants fat ass in yoga pants pants and butt to fat ass in yoga pants. Overall, I'd say yay or nay.

They're all very cute butts. I actually think that sort of butt benefits a -lot- from yoga pants, some of the bigger asses … reach a point where they'd benefit from the fat ass in yoga pants of say non-stretch denim, where the little ones tend to be super perky and look fantastic in very stretchy fabric. I wonder if there is one for breasts too. I think it doesn't matter, if your comfortable with your butt big, small or flat butt and not embarrassed one bit, go for it and strutt your stuff.

Babibunni Xper 2. I don't think size matters for butts its fat ass in yoga pants shape. Definite yay. Some of the 'small' were fantastic. I probably liked the biggest 'small' and smaller of fat ass in yoga pants 'big' the best But that really doesn't matter. You don't pick what ass to put on in the morning, you choose what pants to put on.

It doesn't matter if a bigger ass would be better. Do the small ones look pretty good? Yoga pants are revealing. For a slim woman unless she's like below runway model thin, yeah, most people want to see her body. Small butt--YES! Flat butt--NO! The pictures you used especially the first one are great illustrations of small but nicely rounded NOT flat! Nothing better than a petite, but perfectly shaped female ass!

Particularly if the girl has unusually large natural boobs as well! AndyWes Guru. It's amazing how many girls take photos of their ass and post fat ass in yoga pants online, lmao.

Then again, most of those links are professional ass models. TedStar Guru. It's Nay for me. I'd be more pleased with a flat ass.

The last was honestly the best one Somewhere fat ass in yoga pants the "small" and "big" examples would be good too. It's a yay for me. Lycralady Xper 5. I think people should wear what they want. Why should butt size have anything to do with it? I say wear what you feel comfortable and who cares what other people think or like. Livestrong58 Xper 2. I was unaware of this website, and therefore this question is awesome :P and those pants can make almost any booty look good.

Some like small, and some like big. As long as they have an ass. That wasn't the question though. I definitely prefer small perky butts like this:. I have a small bum, no matter how many squats I do.

It's genetic; my entire family has no butt. I still wear yoga pants, because they are comfy af. Yoga pants make all ass types look mind blowing Small and flat butts definetely look good in yoga pants, I love them and I found them attractive :. JustWantToTalk Xper 5. Yoga pants make all the girls butts in those pictures look amazing Basically, Yoga pants make everyone's ass look great.

That's why guys love them so much. It's acceptable, but the nice asses are the ones we really fat ass in yoga pants excited for. I Love small butts.

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