As we lie on the bed, I put my hand on her flat stomach and rub it ever so gently in a circular motion. I slide my hand down to her mound and just gripped it 'til she starts to moan. Damn, what a woman! We've been married for 18 years now. She gets hot pretty easily. She spreads her legs and says, "Are you going to fuck me, or what?

It's rock hard and she just rolls over and climbs on. Wife swapping for sex in bur said she's riding wife swapping for sex in bur said, I reach up and grab hold of her big bouncing tits. I feel her wife swapping for sex in bur said ready to climax as she leans forward and gives me a big lip lock.

I put my arms around her and hold on tight while I start spewing my cum deep inside her. Am I ever glad I married her. She is wife swapping for sex in bur said much my everything, besides my two teenage daughters. I'm Jack and she's Jill, I know that sounds corny but those are our names.

As I mentioned, we've been married better then 18 years. As she rolled off me she gave me another kiss and said she had something to ask me.

I looked at her and said, "go for it, what is it? What happened? I love you, with all my heart and soul. You are my soul mate, my one and only true love. I could never love another man as I love you. I think my statement needs a little more explaining. I couldn't believe what you just told me. I don't regret one minute of it.

You have got to be the sweetest, nicest, most sincere man on this earth. As you know both of us have had sexual partners before we were married.

Well, Jack, I'm getting older and would like to have one last fling while I'm still attractive enough to entice a man. I was thinking of swapping partners just one time Jack. Just the one time to fulfill a fantasy. It would kill me. You're my life. I know all men wish they could get a piece of strange pussy. Would you like to fuck a strange piece of pussy, just one more time, Jack? Be honest with me, does strange pussy entice you?

I just wouldn't," I told her. In a swap situation we would both have sex with someone else, we would both know what we are doing, and never do it again.

As I said Jack, just a one time fling, just to get it out of our systems. I'm just talking about a fuck here, not love, not an affair, just a fuck from someone different. Remember when you told me not to wear under panties and to wear a short skirt while looking for shoes? We had three different shoe salesmen checking out my pussy. You were there looking at wife swapping for sex in bur said so they were afraid to try anything. Or the time we drove down the highway while you were fingering me, we drove by the trucks and you told me to show more so the drivers could see?

How about the time we went to the party and I told you some of the guys were getting a little carried away with their hands? You told me feels were ok but no further. I still wasn't comfortable with the next step.

I don't want some bastard grinning at me like a Cheshire cat, saying, 'I fucked your wife. Knowing they had enjoyed my wife's body. The main reason we never told each other who our sex partners were before we got married was, if we should ever run into any of them the jealousy wouldn't set in.

When I had them, I continued, "Jill, I love it disney prinzessinnen wie miley cyrus other men look it you, even if they see your body, get a glance at your tits or pussy. I know they aren't getting any and you will be all the hotter for me when we get home. Even the time that we played strip poker at Dale and Marcy's house. When we all got naked, you were with me, Dale and Marcy fucked right next to us but it was me fucking wife swapping for sex in bur said. I knew Dale thought he we going to get in you, thought he was going to fuck you.

I remember him reaching over to touch your tits and you said, 'Dale, you can look but don't touch. This body belongs to Jack and only Jack.

She has always wanted you. I know she was disappointed when we didn't swap with them. You could see it in their faces. I just told her she had a wonderful body but that I would never cheat on you under any conditions. She said she understood but was really disappointed, she really thought we would get together. I said, "what's so funny, Jill?

He kept saying what a beautiful body I wife swapping for sex in bur said and all the things he wanted to do to me. I just cut him off and told him that if he and Marcy want to stay friends with Jack and I then this sex talk must stop. I told him I only loved one man and all my love, body and soul belongs to you Jack. That I would never lose that trust you have in me wife swapping for sex in bur said anyone, especially because of sex. He didn't want to lose our friendship because of it.

Then he asked me if, as a friend, would I not bring it up to you. He would be quite embarrassed and afraid of losing your friendship. I've been approached by many guys as I know you have girls. Most of it is just talk. If it ever developed into a problem, I talked to you about it. Like at the pool party when we were all having fun, but that one joker thought he could do what he wanted with all the women, remember, Jack?

You thought it was me until you turned around and saw who it was. I remember you yelling at him and then slapping him. Then you yelled for me to come over," I recollected. You went up to him and literally grabbed him by the balls and cock and dragged him out of the pool.

Boy, I bet that hurt! You took him to the back gate and kicked his ass out. All the women were cheering and clapping. You told him if you ever saw him at any of the parties you would finish the job.

God, Jack, you were always there to protect me. My man, my protector, but most of all my love," she fawned. I was warming up to the idea just a little bit. It will be your job to find a couple. This is to be a secret and fantasy for only you and me. I don't want you to tell a soul and I promise never to mention it to anyone, not even to my sister Mary, my closest friend.

I never want to see the couple again as long as we live. I don't want you having Barbie and me getting a freak. No where near where we live. I don't want a chance meeting with friends or relatives," she continued.

I'll agree to go along with whatever you come up with. I will not cheat on you, Jack. If you find this wife swapping for sex in bur said be too much, then it will stop right then," she said finally. Jill, you've been thinking wife swapping for sex in bur said this pretty wife swapping for sex in bur said, haven't you? The ball is now in your court," she told me. Before you look, you have to understand that their information might be all lies, just like ours.

They do have a picture here so you can see what they may look like. We are novices looking for other novices who are looking for fun. She is pretty, 5'3" lbs.

Dark shoulder length hair, 36B boobs.

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