As one wag put it, there are two primary modes on Lockhart Road: either you pay to get laid or you splay to get paid. The street runs like a vein full of Viagra through Wan Chai, the legendary home of Suzie Wong and her ilk.

Mama-san has worked there ten years and is expert at separating slightly buzzed and horny round-eyes from their dollars. Her girls rotate out every six months when their visas expire. Then they return to Quezon or Cebu or Manila chai tong chai massage hassleholm Tagaytay.

A drunk blonde Brit is guided in by the street touts and almost immediately passes out on the couch by the door.

This is prime real estate, since the area can be curtained off for costly lap dances and other more intimate activities. Mama-san gets the bouncer, a middle-aged accountant with thick glasses and a knuckle-duster, who gently but firmly expels the inebriate. A girl dances topless and bored on chai tong chai massage hassleholm tiny stage behind the bar.

Her expression confirms that she knows she has the worst job chai tong chai massage hassleholm the place. She leans in close. I survey the crowd: mostly older Brits at this hour. I left when he started nodding off. The mix of old Britannia, the oldest profession, Filipina morsels and Cantonese cuisine is just right.

There are a million stories waiting to be written about such a place. This older gentleman looks quite contented! You could remember your schedule in such a place? Must have been the influence of the bored dancers. Two weeks of dancing in a dive like that made me nauseated by dancing for 6 months. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Trumm, except where otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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