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Of course, the fact that there are at least ten new magical girl anime every year and that the genre has even influenced some Western animation series such as Miracle Ladybug or She-Ra, makes the genre stand out over others. After all, nothing can take the place of old classics or the first one to do something new; but at the same time, the newer series have all the challenge to improve and dissect what has come before.

Hana no Ko Lunlun Flower Angel. Young Lunlun wants nothing more in life than to live with her grandparents in France, helping them tend their garden and flower shop. This is because the King of their Planet is dying, and the only way the heir can take the throne before this happens is with the Seven Color Flower and Lunlun is the only one who can help them in their mission. She had a competitor, the faery Togenishia, who wanted the Flower to gain the crown for herself, but the most interesting part about Lunlun was a very good twist at the end, when she gets to choose between the Flower Prince and the human who helped her in her mission, Serge Flora.

And because of the choice she makes, Hana no Ko Lunlun reaches the tenth place on our list. Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux are the latest candidates, and, despite being best friends, they also happen to be rivals. Chocolat is energetic and outgoing, which means that she can get a lot of hearts by putting herself out in the open, while Vanilla is shy and quiet, and is pretty much convinced she will lose. A modern take on the classic Magical Girl conflict, where two girls would compete over the same prize at the end, Sugar Sugar Rune hits every point you expect on a series of the genre: It deals with love, friendship and the importance of family.

But it also gives them their own twist, managing to surprise even old fans who have seen the classic magical girl tales, giving everyone both an enjoyable europäischen blonde sex flotter dreier and a dragon ball z madchen muschi end. And that is why Sugar Sugar Rune is the ninth choice on our list.

The land of Fenarinarsa is the land of dreams, but lately, the magic in the world is diminishing. The problem is that while the king slept, humans stopped believing in dragon ball z madchen muschi dreams. In order to fix that, Momo travels to earth to pretend to be a normal earth girl dragon ball z madchen muschi using her magic —which allows her to become an adult with the abilities needed for the situation- to make earthlings have faith in dreams again.

Minky Momo is another classical magical princess, from the era before we had fighter magic girls. Her powers are very passive, and most of the time, she was moral support for the people who had to fulfill her dreams.

However, the ending moved Minky Momo from a cute little story to a classic that even got a sequel in the nineties, that was almost as beloved as the original one.

Because of that ending, that is unforgettable for anyone who had the luck to watch it, Minky Momo arrives at the eight place on our list. Her plans get sidetracked when a very scary looking yakuza guy tells her that he is the magical mascot of her mother, and Saki has to take her place as the new magical girl for the city. Unfortunately for her, her magical form is that of a cute, muscular guy in a pink dress.

Mahou Shoujo Ore is a parody of the most common magical girl tropes but manages to give a very unique twist to its story by making the dragon ball z madchen muschi turn into a guy, instead of the other way around as other parodies end up doing.

Not only that, but the love pentacles that form in the series are completely unique —and their consequences are hilarious- which makes the series stand out a lot. Because dragon ball z madchen muschi that originality, it earns the seventh place on our list. Himeno Awayuki has a fairy tale life. But the tale changes when she meets Hayate, a young handsome man who tells her he is the Leafe Knight of Wind, and she is a candidate to become the next Pretear and defend Earth from dragon ball z madchen muschi Princess of Destruction who wants to destroy all life on the planet.

Magic Knight Rayearth. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are perfect strangers who happen to glance at each other when their schools schedule a trip to Tokyo Tower. And so, Rayearth wins the fifth place on our list as its influence is still noticeable. To add to her problems, she has a very strange recurring dream where dragon ball z madchen muschi sees Cure Moonlight, the protector of the Great Heart Tree, being defeated by a dark one-winged woman.

Armed with her pure heart, and a magical perfume, Tsubomi must fight against the forces that want to turn Earth into a desert. With so many flower references, one could expect Heartcatch Precure! Not only that, but the story is surprisingly tragic, with a very clear arc for each of the Die sägezahnwelle trim füller streifen that appear after Cure Blossom —Cure Moonlight being the most tragic of them all, and whose resolution is heartbreaking.

It also includes a nice nod to previous generations of Cure fighters, and that makes it even more obvious that it can stand alone. And these are the reasons why Heartcatch Precure! Imagine a cute little critter reaches you and tells you that he can grant any wish you have, no matter how impossible it seems. Sounds like a fair deal, no? However, they also meet two other magical girls, Mami Tomoe, who seems very happy at the idea of Madoka and Sayaka joining her, and Homura Akemi, a new transfer student that warns Madoka and Sayaka to stay away from Dragon ball z madchen muschi and not listen to what he says.

A lot has been said about why Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is an amazing deconstruction of the modern magical girl genre: from the consequences that having to fight for your life have on young girls, to the moment you realize that magic is not always the answer. It has a lot of dark themes and imagery, as well as some of the most tragic villains in any magical girl series, and because of that, it earns the third dragon ball z madchen muschi on our list.

Ahiru has some strange dreams in which she is a duck that wishes with all her heart to become a girl that can heal the heart of a sad Prince. Her story is a tale within a tale, where she has to decide if she wants to try to live with her Prince forever, or accept her fate and return to her original form.

First things first, Princess Tutu is a gorgeous anime. The music, most of it based on classical ballet dragon ball z madchen muschi, in particular, the Swan Lake, fits every movement, which is hard when you consider it has to be choreographed and animated.

But where it really shines is in the story, that takes what seems to be a silly premise and turns it into an epic drama of betrayal and lost love. This is why Princess Tutu is the second place on our countdown. Usagi Tsukino is a very clumsy girl dragon ball z madchen muschi dreams of getting married and be happy forever. She is also Sailor Moon, the beautiful scout who fights for love and justice with the help of her friends. And through all those fights, Usagi never falters in dragon ball z madchen muschi choice to love dragon ball z madchen muschi and keep fighting even if she has lost everything.

But she was the one who popularized the idea of fighting girls who could still be sensitive, romantic, and more importantly, friendly. And that is one of the many reasons why Sailor Moon still is the best magical girl anime that has come out of Japan.

Or, even worse, one could call it a genre made for children and creepy fans due to the fanservice of the transformation scenes.

We, of course, would love to know which one is your favorite and what you think of our updated list. Why do you like the genre? And of course, what is your favorite part of each series?

Porno foto mann zu mann, let us know in the comments below! The fan with the rainbow hair. Has been an anime fan all her life.

Lives in Mexico City for the dragon ball z madchen muschi being. Previous Articles. Top 5 Anime by Adalisa Zarate. Original Article Below. Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, while very different in how they told their stories, experienced immense popularity due to their kick-butt portrayal of superheroes! When magical girl anime first came out, the demographic was young girls who could see themselves innocently enjoying magic and transformations. Nowadays, there are many more male fans, as well as older fans in general.

While many cute and funny magical girl anime still exist, we are finding more and more of them with serious themes of pain and loss.

Natsuru holds only the simple desire that his childhood friend and crush Sakura would one day develop feelings for him. Natsuru finds his dreams fulfilled, but he has transformed into a girl! And a magical one at that. He and other female students at his school end up transforming into Kampfers and battle each other based on the color of their bracelets. None of them know why; they just figure they should probably battle since they have magical weapons and cool transformations and what not.

Natsuru is eager to keep his changing identity a secret not because he fears danger very much, but what would Sakura think if she knew the new female Natsuru she was dragon ball z madchen muschi on was really the male Natsuru of her childhood?? Kampfer is a dragon ball z madchen muschi step away from older mahou shoujo, mostly because of the intended audience.

Not only is it a harem anime, but also ecchi. This is against nearly everyone's wishes, however, and he finds himself fighting off pursuers as much as he fights off enemies.

There are several magical girls in the show, each with unique weapons and transformations, so the appeal of magic and fighting is not lost even with all the sexy overtones in the show. Professor Utonium and son Ken accidentally create a new chemical when a mochi cake slips into Chemical X, thus creating Chemical Z. Deciding the best way to understand something is to immediately test it, Ken decides to test the reaction of Chemical Z and a glacier, which causes black and white lights to erupt from the combination.

The black lights cause negative, violent feelings in those they hit while the white lights transform 3 young girls into magical girls! With the help of the clumsy scientist and his son, they seek to understand the nature of the light that changed their lives while keeping the town safe.

However, on its own, it is a funny, light-hearted show with slapstick humor and awesome bad guys that's especially entertaining for a younger audience or those not amused by violence. Elementary school student Amu is known for being an aloof, cool girl who doesn't care what people think of her. At home, however, she's really a lonely and shy girl who doesn't know how to break this character everyone knows her as. After wishing for the power to be her true self, she discovers mysterious eggs.

One by one, the eggs hatch, revealing character guardians! These tiny beings can merge with their owner and instill in them a new character and new abilities. Amu meets other students with character guardians and learns of an on-going battle against those that would manipulate the pain in people's hearts to create X-characters that cause suffering.

While unsure if her current self has any chance of keeping up, Amu believes in the strength the gets from her character guardians! Shugo Chara is both really cute and really poignant in that it talks a lot about the difference between how one represents themselves and how they truly wish to be. Shugo Chara is special in that, while most magical girls have one magical form and maybe a super rare form, Amu has several transformations available to her which help keep it fresh.

No need to worry about sitting through the same animation over and over like some other shows. Magical Girl Raising Project is a fun phone app that is very popular among middle school students. When it is announced that several players will get to become real magical girls, one player named Koyuki dragon ball z madchen muschi overjoyed at the chance!

When the first week rolls by and a player is eliminated, dragon ball z madchen muschi is shocked when the player in the real world faces horrifying consequences.

Yet another show that is not for young girls, Ikusei Keikaku is a combination of shows like Mirai Nikki and Madoka. No one is dragon ball z madchen muschi in this battle royale and people aren't even allowed to back out.

This anime certainly lacks the themes of the power of friendship and teamwork, as betrayal and self-service run rampant. Due to its focus on a mobile game as a medium for recruiting girls, it also has a slightly more technological feel than many other mahou shoujo. Things seem to be going well for young Momomiya Ichigo as she plans to go on a date with her crush, Masaya.

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