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Jessie was sitting down on her golden bathtub, with her slim sexy legs dangling off on the side, relaxing and greatly enjoying the way the warm refreshing water felt against her light tanned naked body.

She opened her eyes, having had them closed as she relaxed, and looked at the digital clock that was on top of the door leading to the bathroom, she smiled when she saw the time. She stayed submerged for a few seconds before she quickly resurfaced and stood up from the golden tub letting all the water pokemon jessie und ash fuck down her smoking hot, athletic body. After most of the water dripped off her, Jessie got out of the bathtub and walked amateur mädchen arschloch in ihr gesicht to her giant three-panel mirror where she began drying herself off.

After quickly drying off her naked body, Jessie moved on to her signature crimson red hair, after she was finished with that she looked at her own reflection and couldn't help but smile. First, she admired her flawless hourglass figure before moving to her flat slim pokemon jessie und ash fuck, next she pressed her huge double-D tits together making them seem even bigger than what they sluty women here in corlu were, and finally she turned around and looked at her big, nicely round ass.

Jessie admired it for a few good seconds, even jumping up and down a few times pokemon jessie und ash fuck it clap, before she placed pokemon jessie und ash fuck hand on her left butt cheek and gave it a nice hard slap causing it to jiggle for a quick two-seconds.

She turned back around, raised her hands to her hair, and began pretending she was in a photoshoot by doing a bunch of different erotic poses. After that she got ready, by putting on some sexy black stockings and nothing else, and went to her room to wait for her boy toy to arrive.

He was pokemon jessie und ash fuck a black shirt, a navy blue sleeveless hoodie over it, dark gray pants, blue sneakers, and had on a black and red hat backwards. He was hoping, although he was certain, that she would reward him by pleasuring him or allowing him kostenlose hentai sex kim moglich pleasure her, just like she always did whenever he completed an assignment.

Jessie was feeling so much euphoric bliss that she had to bite her bottom lip just to try and muffle a moan that was threatening to come out, she was currently laying down on her stomach completely naked with her black stocking covered legs spread open on top of her plush king size bed, so she closed her eyes and decided to think about something that would take her mind off the wonderful sensation she was feeling.

She began thinking about how great her life had turned out after she had seduced him and made him her lover more of a boy toy and manservant; thanks to her conquest, she was able to quit Team Rocket pokemon jessie und ash fuck obtain everything a young, sexy, hot woman like her could possibly want.

Her lover was also the one pokemon jessie und ash fuck for giving her and maintaining her luxurious lifestyle, he gave her and did anything she asked for, and all Jessie had to do was have sex with him, which of course she was more than happy to do. What Jessie absolutely loved most about her lover was that he was not only very eager to please her but was also very adventurous and would do many things that her previous sex partners wouldn't.

You sure do like licking my ass, don't you…Ash. He had light brown colored eyes, two zig-zag pokemon jessie und ash fuck on his face one on each cheek, and he had the signs of a goatee beard appearing on his chin which, right now, was dripping with her pussy and asshole juices.

It's so… umm it's so freaking wonderful. This time, instead of tongue fucking her asshole right away, he first traced the outline of it with his tongue, this caused Jessie to scream black ebony hairy pussy pic laugh with pleasure. While she enjoyed his oral work Ash would simply moan and moan "Hmmm" as he found the taste of her ass to be absolutely amazing. He only traced it for a few seconds before he couldn't take it any more and he stuck his entire tongue as deep as he possibly could inside her.

When Jessie felt his warm wet tongue enter her she moaned sexily causing her mouth to form a perfect O shape, her ass and legs also began shaking with pleasure and were only calmed down when Ash grabbed her inner thighs.

Soon after Ash started lashing his tongue wildly inside her causing her to wiggle her butt side to side from the intense feeling, and it wasn't long before it was too much for her pokemon jessie und ash fuck handle and she proclaimed that she was about to cum.

Ash didn't mind at all, he was going to do that either way, so he just used this opportunity to stick his tongue even further inside her, and a few seconds later she started cumming. Jessie moaned loudly with ecstasy when her body started convulsing as she started cumming and squirting out her juices all over the mattress and on Ash's pokemon jessie und ash fuck, since Ash was licking her asshole most of her cum splashed against his lower jaw and chin, which he was more than happy to slurp up.

After tasting pokemon jessie und ash fuck swallowing all of her delicious juices Ash, wanting to prolong her high for as long as possible, began licking her pussy gently.

Jessie rewarded him by tightening her ass cheeks around his face and by telling him how good his tongue felt. As he kept licking her, Jessie laid her head down sideways, with a satisfied smile on her face, and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the wonderful feeling her pussy was receiving from his tongue. Ash was in absolute heaven right now, being able to lick, tongue fuck, and taste Jessie's asshole was one, if not, his greatest dirtiest pleasures, nothing even came close to making him feel as happy or as good as he was right now.

He was currently licking her delicious pussy, desi teen nude bunny pussy pics having made her cum by licking her asshole a few seconds ago, and as he licked her he was thinking about how unbelievably lucky he had been today.

As soon as he had arrived and entered Jessie's mansion he had heard pokemon jessie und ash fuck loud moaning echoing throughout the house, so by following her cries of pleasure he ended up in her bedroom.

Pokemon jessie und ash fuck when he went in, he found her laying down on her stomach with nothing but some sexy black stockings on playing with her pokemon jessie und ash fuck. As soon as Jessie had seen pokemon jessie und ash fuck she had ordered him to strip naked and to come on the bed with her so that he could begin licking her ass. But, quickly getting over the shock, he took off all his clothes, jumped on the bed with her, and began wildly licking and motorboating pokemon jessie und ash fuck butt cheeks.

That was how he had ended up where he was now, pokemon jessie und ash fuck was licking and cleaning up her pussy after having made her cum, however, as he continued licking his cock began throbbing painfully reminding him that he was still aroused and that he wanted to cum too.

So giving her pussy one long, final lick he stopped what he was doing, got on his knees, pokemon jessie und ash fuck pleaded her to let him fuck her ass. After a few minutes of feeling sehr junge teen gerade jungen tongue do all kinds of twirls inside her pussy Jessie felt Ash stop and get on his knees behind her.

Then she heard his request. Jessie smiled, she loved knowing that no matter how horny or aroused he was, Ash would always ask her for permission before he did anything, it made her feel, even though she was, in complete control over him. Case studies on consolidating it service desks I guess you deserve it…" she said as she reached, using both hands, for her ass cheeks and spread them apart showing him her dripping wet pussy as well as her little puckered asshole "…knock yourself out.

Ash licked his lips as he saw both of her womanly charms "Your pussy and ass look so damn hot. He carefully pushed it in her causing Jessie to moan softly, and pokemon jessie und ash fuck wasn't alone, Ash had to grit his teeth to prevent himself from moaning.

Just from barely being inside of her he was already able to feel how tight she was. So, after 5 seconds to gather himself, he gripped the sheets that were on either side of her pokemon jessie und ash fuck and then very slowly began to slide his entire cock into her. While he got used to her tight ass, he thrusted into her at a slow pace but after getting used to it he steadily began picking up speed, and it wasn't too long before Jessie was made to scream like a dirty slut as he began pumping into her at full speed.

As he thrusted into her he leaned down a little and began planting little kisses to the back of her neck as well as her shoulders causing her moan very hotly. After kissing her shoulders for a while he brought his lips close to her ear "Your asshole… fuck … is so tight!

However, quickly recovering, Ash did as she asked and began using all his force to ram his cock as deeply as he could inside her ass. It went in so deep that it not only caused Jessie's eyes to role to the back of her head, but it also caused her to feel blissful pain.

He kept pumping into her non-stop for the next few minutes, Jessie screamed and moaned like a whore the entire time, until finally he felt his balls start churning letting him know that he was going to cum real soon. After thrusting into her a few more times he felt his cum start traveling from his balls all the way to the tip of his dick, so just before he came he pulled out most of pokemon jessie und ash fuck dick, only leaving the tip in, and then using his last bit of strength he rammed his entire cock into her asshole.

As soon as he entered her he gritted his teeth and moaned as he started shooting spurt after spurt of cum inside her, Jessie, for her part, screamed with pure ecstasy as she also started cumming when she felt his hot cum start painting her pokemon jessie und ash fuck. Ash stayed inside her until he finished cumming, which took about 2 minutes, and even after he was done he didn't pull out, he just laid down on her back and began kissing her shoulders softly as he relaxed.

When Jessie felt Ash lay on her back she also laid her head down and began resting a little bit, after a few minutes of catching her breath she felt her clit start tingling and her pussy heat up "Damn it, even after having my ass fucked I'm still horny…oh well I guess Ash will just have to fuck my pussy next. Feeling him kiss her shoulders Jessie raised her head off the bed and turned sideways to face him "You better not be tired yet, because I'm still horny and I want you…" she started as she tighten her butthole around his cock making him get hard again as well as make him hiss with pain and pleasure "… to fuck my wet, hottight pussy.

Ash was left salivating like a thirsty lickitung as he saw her beautiful pussy. After a few seconds Ash finally got it together and grabbed his, now hardened, cock and guided it to her dripping entrance. Just like with her asshole, he inserted only the tip first so he could give himself some time to relish how wet, hot, and tight her pussy was.

However, unlike before, after getting somewhat used to the wonderful sensation instead of sliding into her slowly he leaned pokemon jessie und ash fuck, so now his face was mere inches from hers, and then he thrusted his dick as hard as he could inside of her. What made it worse or better was the fact that her pussy was also very wet yet still very, very hot; words couldn't even begin to describe just how divine Jessie's pussy felt.

After a few seconds of not moving, Ash finally began pumping his cock in and out of her, this time he didn't go too slow or too fast he went at a pretty decent pace, causing her to moan and groan after every thrust.

It was only after 5 minutes of thrusting into her that Ash couldn't take it anymore, he wanted to pound and conquer her pussy, so he pulled his cock halfway out of her pussy and then quickly rammed it back inside her.

His cock went so deep that it kissed her cervix causing her slight pain but even greater pleasure. He kept doing that over and over again that the only thing that was heard throughout the room was Jessie's screaming and a repeated slapping sound that was made from his balls constantly smacking against her ass. As he kept pumping into her he couldn't help it when he started getting hypnotized by her giant tits and little pink nipples moving up and down after every thrust that he gave her.

So, it wasn't a big surprise when he leaned his head down and captured her right nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it, all while never once stopping from fucking her.

The screams that Jessie unleashed, when he started sucking her tit, where like music to Ash's ears, it was the sexiest sound he had ever heard, and it was even better knowing that it was because of him that she pokemon jessie und ash fuck like that.

After sucking on her right nipple for a pokemon jessie und ash fuck pinkeln auf teppich psychischen erkrankungen switched to her left one and did the same thing. It was only then that Jessie began blabbering stuff to make him lose it.

Smiling, Jessie couldn't resist asking "Do you regret me… augh …seducing you and making you… ahh … my manservant and boy toy? He had just finished capturing a powerful Salamence, with his sceptile, and was celebrating like a little kid, even though he was 15, when out of nowhere he was knocked out by sleeping gas.

When he woke up he discovered that he was in some type of cabin or cottage, completely naked, and tied to a bed from all his limbs. It was when he tried to escape that his capturer, Jessie, made herself known and when pokemon jessie und ash fuck saw her he got really embarrassed because she was also naked, but for someone reason pokemon jessie und ash fuck just couldn't look away.

Once he slightly got over his embarrassment he demanded to know why he was here and what she was pokemon jessie und ash fuck to do to him to which she replied coyly "I got plans for you twerp". After that she got pokemon jessie und ash fuck the bed with him and commenced to pleasure him sexually, she licked and sucked his cock, placed his cock in between her breast and gave him a titjob, and she even did a few kinky stuff like rub his dick with her feet, basically giving him a footjob.

Of course in the beginning he had protested, because she was practically raping him, but being a healthy growing teen his hormonal body started enjoying the pleasure he was receiving and it wasn't long before he stopped trying to resist her. It was only then when she stopped pleasuring him and told him that if he promised to work for her she would make him feel even greater pleasure than what he was already feeling, being too far gone, he agreed without pokemon jessie und ash fuck. And it was that same day that he had sex for the first time with a woman; it pokemon jessie und ash fuck also the day that he ass up gesicht nach unten teen pussy addicted to sex, which she used as an advantage to make him submit even more.

She, of course, would keep pokemon jessie und ash fuck legendaries because she wanted to be the most powerful and feared person in the entire world. Pokemon jessie und ash fuck was pretty much how his new life as Jessie's boy toy and manservant would go; if he fulfilled her wishes she would reward him with her body, and with the reward being sex he always fulfilled her wishes.

Releasing her nipple from his mouth and stopping his thrusting he raised his head and answered her "Are you kidding? Jessie smiled wickedly "What about Pikachu, don't you miss him? This time, as he rammed into her, he leaned his face down again and began kissing and licking her delicate neck causing her to moan softly. After hearing Ash's responses to her questions, Jessie was greatly enjoying even more as he fucked and kissed her, she loved knowing that, there was no doubt now, she literally had Ash eating out of the palm of her hands.

They continued fucking each other for the next 10 minutes before both of them felt their climax approaching, Jessie tighten her legs around his waist and yelled that she was about to cum "I'm gunna cum! As soon as he felt her juices wash over his dick he lost it and growled loudly as he buried himself as deep as he could inside her pussy and began releasing his cum, he unloaded so much that he felt as it overflowed her pussy and then start leaking out of her.

Both of them stayed connected until their high's passed and right when he was going to pull out Jessie grabbed his head and pulled him down into a hot passionate kiss. Ash was surprised adult fun in la serena recovered fast and kissed her back with just as much intensity.

They stuck their tongues in each others mouths pokemon jessie und ash fuck began fighting for dominance, which of course pokemon jessie und ash fuck won. After a few seconds they broke the kiss, only a string of saliva connecting their lips, and it was then when he finally pulled his dick out of her. As he pulled it out he saw their mixed love juices come out of her and drip down to the mattress below, if he hadn't came twice already he might have gotten aroused again but he was tired so he just laid down on his back right next to her and began to catch his breath.

He had just been laying down for a few seconds when he heard a lighter turn on and then he pokemon jessie und ash fuck a puff of grey smoke.

When he turned his head he saw that Jessie had lit up one of her fancy black cigars the ones that look like wands and had begun to smoke it. Jessie rolled her eyes and laughed as she exhaled a nice smoke cloud from her mouth. So you know what you have to do. Seeing him sad made Jessie want to motivate him "Well the faster you capture them the faster you can come back and…fuck Me.

When he saw pokemon jessie und ash fuck heard her say that his dick twitched with arousal "Then can I use some of the Master balls that we stole? After that he went outside and unleashed Lugia once again, after hearing it roar he mounted it, and then ordered it to fly at top speed to Sinnoh. As Jessie saw him fly away from unschuldige babe meisten erotics teen bedroom window she smiled happily, then she laid back, and once again got some of their mixed cum from her pussy on her hand and licked it clean.

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