Quick links. Random contribution. Newly Registered Users. PM - controlled by a permission that can be set for u…. Suomalainen kielipaketti phpBB3 keskustelufoorumille. Search Advanced search. All branches. Most recently updated. Board Styles Smilies 78 Avatars 80 Ranks Miscellaneous All support topics Feed.

Remove Subject from Replies Have you ever rewritten a subject while posting a reply to a topic? Have you ever expected a reply subject to be something else than original topic subject with "Re:" prepended? What is your answer to those questions? If your answer…. Features Bid…. The number of characters to display for the first post is also able to be set on a per forum basis.

The rest of the posts in the …. Como instalo o pacote de idioma? Como ativo o pacote de idioma? Prosilver Dark Edition Just prosilver.

Absolution Absolution is a fixed good girl jennifer aniston sex szene, blue, orange and silver style. Complete with a custom viewtopic design, collapsible categories and a clean layout. CleanSilver Clean, modern, light and mobile friendly style with most of the images replaced by FontAwesome icons. Like my work? Consider donating.

Every donation is appreciated. New version of phpbb arrived? The style isn't validated for it yet? Go he…. Watch the version: phpBB 3. The header area and the overview were mostly taken over. According to author Abhishek Srivastava, I am allowed to do what I want hentai gamez powered by phpbb the style.

All graphics were renewed or remov…. Carbon Carbon is a style that is kept in the dark gray. Administrative Hentai gamez powered by phpbb Awesome Icons have been dyed.

Black - Silver Description of hentai gamez powered by phpbb Style: A style hentai gamez powered by phpbb is kept in light and dark tones. The logo should have a hentai gamez powered by phpbb of px, so that it is not spread out and harmonizes with the forum.

As of version phpBB 3. The ma…. Multi Design The basic style is blue, gray. This allows you to specify any background color and the style adapts automatically. The font colors and small accents are preserved. Even color gradients can be installed with small adju…. X-Creamy A style that is kept in beige and brown. The logo is centered and responsive. Green -Style Description of Style: A style which is held in green and yellow tones. For other sizes, various adjustments must be made.

As of version phpBB 3…. SoftBlue SoftBlue is a beautiful bright and blue style. The navigation forms an image with the board index. In addition, I added a topic navigation to the style. Which can be found in the forums overview and shortens over the posts. Administrative Font Awe…. Ghost avatars beautiful ghost avatars maintenance hentai gamez powered by phpbb. Lucid Lime A dark prosilver-based style with a clean and simple colour palette.

Supernova Light Style originally created by Christian 2. Available in two view options Tiles and List view. Need Hosting?

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