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Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network adult-programming block that has delighted and confused stoners and insomniacs for nearly 15 years, has built a hugely viable brand by producing lots of really weird shit. They love to test the limits of what can be aired on cable TV, from animation to live-action surrealism, from sketch comedy to talk-show parodies.

Since the block sprouted in from the original late-night Cartoon Network enterprise, Space Ghost: Coast to Coastit has graced us with such befuddling hits as Aqua Teen Hunger Force ; Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law ; Sealab ; and The Brak Showcomprising a late-night-cable juggernaut that has prompted several other networks to experiment with adult toons.

It even restored the once-dead Fox animated sitcom Family Guy to popularity, giving it a second life on network TV. One hallmark of the Adult Swim monolith is a willingness to put enge muschi gefickt von hinten anything on the air, a radical strategy that has reaped big dividends see Robot Chickenand also crashed and burned see Minoriteam. That type of commitment to giving no fucks has produced some of the most delightfully bizarre programming on television.

Here, we count down the weirdest things Adult Swim has ever aired. The whole series plays our like one long, bizarre, adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen dream sequence. Each, if recreated perfectly, would supposedly be the greatest thing TV had ever seen. He and her young son, Morty, go on adventures that take them through wormholes into different worlds and alternate universes.

Rick is the kind of guy who will chain up a baby-eating Blim Blam with Space Adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen just so he can come up with a cure to sell; Morty is the kind of kid who can be talked into smuggling Mega Seeds past intergalactic customs by jamming them up his rectum.

Iron Mike is an enigma, so it only makes sense that he get his own animated, Scooby Doo -style mystery-solving show, right? Should he adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen have an adopted Korean daughter?

And his voice of reason should be a flamboyant ghost, right? Well, all that and a talking, toking pigeon, too. Also, they should almost never actually solve any mysteries.

Okay, perfect. Airtight pitch. This spinoff of the long-running dark-comic strip Maakies is, as the title suggests, about a drunken crow who works on a ship that is always at war with the French, who for some reason are mostly alligators. But for some reason, there are also random, gratuitous scenes of graphic cartoon violence, too. Opposed by Coiffio—the evil controller of cats—and his minions including a fat dude in a cat suitGerald hopes to tackle his early-onset baldness with the help of the perverted Uncle Grandfather.

There are talking trees and tornados with personality disorders, and rapper MF Doom plays a giraffe sometimes. There are even random cameos from Space Ghost himself. This one follows the wholesome, old-timey Goodman family and their titular demonic dog, who, you guessed it, loves to eat pickles, but what he enjoys much more is butchering, killing, and humping people, often in that order. Beneath his doghouse lies an underground lair covered in blood; there, he often sits on his throne and eats … pickles.

A destitute family of hillbilly squids terrorize Georgia with their stupidity. Pretty self-explanatory. You know what somehow saves the day? Proffering sketch comedy performed with reckless abandon, multitasking mastermind Tyler, the Creator and his band of former Odd Future cohorts vie to make everything segment as absurd as possible, as when Juicy J catches his wife cheating with one of those flailing, inflatable tube men you see outside car dealerships.

The adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen plot to this animated fiasco revolves around the complicated relationship between supervillain Adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen and his superhero nemesis, Awesome X, who by day is billionaire Xander Crews. The rest of the universe is out of whack, too: Killface has a sidekick, X has henchmen, and both leading characters have unstable relatives. It totally makes sense in context.

There, he accepts an offer to be on a reality show about being in the witness protection program, which, obviously, defeats the purpose of being in witness protection.

An associate demon, Adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen, and his intern, Claude, are cogs in the corporate machine of the underworld in this workplace comedy about, well, going to hell and then having to work there. Stuck in a literally soul-sucking job, Gary seeks to climb the corporate ladder, but his worst nightmare is realized when Claude turns out to be way more equipped for such hellish business. When Satan is your boss, getting sucked into a copy of the Necronomicon is in the job adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen Twilight figures somewhere in here, too.

But none more psychotic than The Warden, who uses his position to indulge his violent whims. Reilly as Steve Brule, an idiot doctor who examines various aspects of existence. Together, along with The Dean played by, uh, a former wrestling star and supporting characters played by Adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen Buress and Chelsea Peretti, they set out to survive a campus filled with idiots, degenerates, and a giant panda.

Reilly—it explores surrealism, absurdism, and satire through sketch comedy. They clash with their human neighbor Carl who hates them and a rotating collection of harmless enemies, most prominently the Mooninites, two pixel-shaped aliens from the moon. Oh, and Master Shake sounds a adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen like Donald Sterling. This live-action Southern Gothic horror-drama focuses on three siblings in the Heartshe family: Hurshe, Hambrosia, and Hurlan played by Patton Oswaltthe latter of whom spent his entire adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen in a cave and is forced to run the town of Heartshe Holler after 40 years in isolation.

Oh, and the town is filled to the brim with crazed morons. Adult Swim is now notorious for running fake infomercials in the middle of the night, but the first—and adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen, and arguably greatest—was this pilot fromwhich focused on the fake Icelandic Ultra Blue products.

So this is a call-in talk show narrated over footage of real tropical fish swimming around a fish tank and competing in various challenges which mostly involves superimposing digital images onto the screen. The fish get bonus points. Wherein Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress play slightly fictionalized versions of themselves think The Colbert Reportkick off every episode by trashing the adult cartoon network block programmierung schwimmen, and vie to make their half-unsuspecting famous guests as uncomfortable as possible.

Also, there are sketches, wherein Andre tries to make regular people as uncomfortable as possible. The only person who ever seems to be comfortable at all is Buress, whose observational comedy perfectly complements these antics; sometimes they have musical guests, like air-guitar champions, or Killer Mike and Action Bronson rapping on treadmills, or Exhumed and Supremes lookalikes performing simultaneously.

For the season two finale, they just smashed stuff the entire time, and almost a million people watched it. The accumulated result might the be strangest thing to ever appear on an American TV screen, with one exception. Sheldon Pearce is a writer living in Washington, D. The A. Sheldon Pearce. Filed to: ranked lists. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.

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