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Okay, just tell me what you think. I can't think of a title so judging by the story, I want my fans to think of one for me. Please enjoy. Kagome lay in her sleeping bag as she watched Inuyasha run silently off into the big black titten ficken pornos. Looking in the direction he went, Kagome noticed Kikyou's shikigami floating above the trees.

She sighed as she realized where he was going. She had gotten used to Inuyasha going to Sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten, but it still hurt all the same. Kagome realized a long time ago sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten Inuyasha would never love her and had begun to give up on her love for him. But it still hurt that after all this time; he would still run off to a dead Miko. One that had been dead for fifty-two years.

That was actually slightly disgusting that he was into necrophilia in a way. Kagome shuddered in disgust at what they could be doing. She tossed the front of her sleeping bag off her since it was so hot and turned on her side to try and go to sleep. For hours, Kagome tossed around trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. During this time she got a bit sticky with sweat, to the point where the inside of her sleeping bag was sticking to her back and thighs.

Growling in frustration Nackte sexy blonde russische teen girl got up and grabbed her bag and arrows. Just as she was leaving, she felt a jewel shard coming towards camp, fast at that. Kagome ran over to Sango and shook her awake. Sango jumped up, mumbling incoherently in her half consciousness.

Hurry and wake Miroku" Kagome whispered. Sango was alert immediately, grabbing Hiraikotsu and moving into a fighting stance. Miroku grabbed his staff and stood up in his fighting stance.

Kagome grabbed her bow and arrows, string one to prepare. Soon, a kumo-youkai came crashing through the trees. It snarled loudly as it came through. Kagome held her breath as she aimed at the youkai's chest. She drew the arrow against the bow until it would go no further and released it at the youkai's chest. The arrow whizzed through the air and hit the kumo's chest inches away from its mark.

The kumo roared in pain and charged at Kagome. She quickly strung and arrow. It sliced through a part of its arm and came back to her. The youkai changed its direction and headed for Sango. Kagome released the arrow she drew and hit the youkai in the back. Miroku threw sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten ofuda at the youkai, sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten spiritual powers into the youkai.

It moaned in pain as it was paralyzed. Sango threw Hiraikotsu once more, slicing through the kumo's leg. It thrashed against the spell of the ofuda. Again, Kagome aimed an arrow, this time at the jewel shard it held. The arrow had a direct hit and the kumo roared as the shard fell from its back. As she did, the youkai threw its front leg back at her, sending Kagome crashing threw trees and landing far away from camp. She hit the ground with a large thud and everything went black.

Sesshomaru watched as Rin sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten Jaken in the light of sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten fire. The little imp squawked as the small girl pounced on top of him. His lips turned upwards slightly as sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten saw his ward enjoying her self. The small smile fell from his lips upon hearing several crashes before a sickening thud.

Stay here with Rin. Rin, do not leave camp sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten listen to Jaken" Sesshomaru ordered as he stood. Sesshomaru took of at a run. He was curious to see if those crashes were a part of a battle going on near by that would harm is ward. He went in the direction sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten the broken trees he could see, stopping when the scent of blood invaded his nostrils.

Cautiously, Sesshomaru walked towards the clearing. Peering down at the figure he saw he raised an eyebrow. Sesshomaru bent down to inspect the girl.

Her skin was covered with shallow scratches and splinters from the sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten apparently.

There was a dent in the ground where she landed, her clothes were tattered, and there were four long, deep claw marks across her chest. What surprised Sesshomaru however was the shallow rise and fall of her chest, proving she was still alive, barely? Surely she should have been dead before she landed' Sesshomaru nodded his head slightly.

I simply have to keep her alive and heal her' He smiled at the thought. Sesshomaru finally rested when he reached sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten cave with the Miko in his arm. He gently set her down on the cold ground of cave. Kneeling down on the ground beside her, Sesshomaru carefully peeled off Kagome's blood soaked white shirt.

It stuck to her skin, slightly in the open wounds. He continued to peel off all of her clothes, seeing the real damage done. The cuts were deeper than he thought they were before. When Kagome was free of all her clothes, Sesshomaru dragged his fingers over the skin swollen with splinters.

They fell out, making tiny clinks on the stone floor. He continued this until he was sure all the splinters on her body were gone. Sesshomaru placed his lips on a cut on Kagome's cheek. He licked the blood, immediately freezing when her blood hit his tongue.

It was sweet and tangy, making Sesshomaru dizzy with a euphoric high. Sesshomaru shook his head to clear it of the hazy lust he was beginning to feel. He continued lapping up the blood, his saliva healing the cut until it was nothing, not even a scar. He continued these actions on Kagome's body, avoiding spots like her breasts and legs for the time being.

Sesshomaru, considered his choices then. By now his pants were straining due to the Miko's blood and lustful thoughts he was having of said Miko. His first choice was to completely avoid healing the wounds on Kagome's breasts and legs, letting her bleed to death in the process. His second choice was to heal the wounds on her breasts and legs, and ravish her in her sleep if his beast came out. Sesshomaru went with sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten second choice. Sesshomaru ignored the comment as he lowered his head to one large mound.

He dragged his tongue across the cut. In Kagome's unconsciousness, she moaned slightly. Her nipples puckered at the sensation and a tiny hint of her arousal filled Sesshomaru's nose. Sesshomaru reluctantly continued lapping at the blood. By the time he was finished, his eyes were crimson as the scent of her arousal drove him to insanity practically. He went to the wounds on her legs, starting by her feet and working his way up. Soon, Sesshomaru's breath was close to Kagome's dripping core.

He stared hungrily at it as he licked the wounds on Kagome's thighs. Just for experimenting, Sesshomaru licked the swollen lips of Kagome's core. Above him, the girl moaned and her head lolled to the side.

He sat up quickly, stopping himself from going any further with the unconscious Miko. He listened to her breathing patterns carefully. Though her breathing wasn't as shallow as it was, it wasn't where it needed to be for Sesshomaru to say Kagome would live through the night. He sniffed the air around her and found the scent of death marring sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten through all the arousal.

Mixing your blood with hers will turn her into a demoness and she will live'. She has other wounds on the inside that will not quickly heal'. Sesshomaru stood sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten the floor and sesshoumaru und kagome sex geschichten himself of all his clothes.

He picked up Kagome carefully and sat against the wall of the cave. He sniffed Kagome, smelling that she was still aroused from his previous ministrations. Lifting her up, he carefully placed her nether lips onto his engorged member.

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