AN: This is my first fanfiction, and I'm kinda new to the site, at least the profile I'm using now. These will just be a bunch of different fluffy chapters for Kataang. Ang hat sex mit katara may later do something like this for the other canon pairings, but I'm not sure quite yet.

I will eventually be making a multi-fic of their life after the war, like many do. I will also be looking for a beta reader for these oneshots and the multi-fic, so if your ang hat sex mit katara, please private ang hat sex mit katara me.

It was a cold day in Ba Sing Se, as fall was coming to a close and winter was just beginning. A chilling breeze blew through the open window of Katara's bedroom at the house that the Avatar and his friends shared.

Katara shivered as the breeze came over her tan skin, and dark hair. All of the heat that was in her fingers and toes had drained away beginning to wake her. As she wakes she curls into the tightest ball she can manage in attempt to keep warm.

It's so cold. How to warm up? She wonders. The first thing-or rather person-she thinks of is Aang. Obviously, she could just as easily close the window or get more blankets, but why ruin the perfect opportunity to go to her boyfriend. She gets up taking her thin blanket with her as she shuffles her way to Aang's room. Slowly, she opens the door to see Aang sleeping soundly on his stomach on his bed. The blanket draped across his lower back.

Slightly annoyed that he always seems to be warm no matter where he is or what he's doing. That could just be the firebender in him or he can control the air to keep him warm even in his sleep.

Ever so carefully, Katara creeps across the floor of Aang's room to his bed. She lays her blanket on top of his before gently lifting the covers and sliding underneath them. Unfortunately, her fingers and toes still felt awfully cold to her. Then, and idea struck her. Aang stared at her for a few moments as if trying to figure out what happened and why his girlfriend was in his bed with him, not that he minded.

I was just ang hat sex mit katara and you just seem warm, so I thought that I would join you. Then I noticed that my fingers and toes were still cold so I put them on you. Suddenly, she was glad it was dark so Aang couldn't see her blush. I guess I should probably go back to my-". I don't mind. Plus, that way we can keep each other warm. Katara smiled back as she settled back down again. She thought for a moment before a sly smile appeared on her face. Taking notice, Aang asked with a raised eyebrow.

Again, Katara's hands found themselves on Aang's chest and her feet on his legs. Only this time, not just looking for warmth, but to also mess with her boyfriend. Lets see if I can fix that. Once he found them he warmed them the same way he did with her hands, but this time he had another idea. Aang was cala sehnt beobachten meine mutter gehen schwarz her feet.

You put cold hands and feet on me as I slept, then put them on me again when I said you could stay here to keep warm, I think it was perfectly fair! Knowing just as well by the grin on his face, Katara responded. What happened to victoria justice und selena gomez fakes you anger ang hat sex mit katara and forgiving'" she began in fake interpretation of Aang, "or whatever ang hat sex mit katara was that you told me?

That's a good question. We should get some sleep. Katara nodded in agreement as for her eyelids were already beginning to droop. Katara snuggled closer to Aang and put her head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, hands tangling in her hair. A chilling breeze blew through the open window in Aang's bedroom, only to find two sleeping forms, warmed by each others bodies. Browse Fiction Poetry. Community General Fiction Poetry. Forum General Fiction Poetry. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Fiction Romance. A bunch of oneshots containing Kataang. Please review! Now on with the story. Are you okay? I guess I should probably go back to my-" "No! Taking notice, Aang asked with a raised eyebrow, "What ang hat sex mit katara you thin-Ah! But, what about my feet? Stop it!

I can't hear you over your laughing! Knowing just as well by the grin on his face, Katara responded, "At least I was trying to get warm, not revenge. AN: Alright, that is my first fanfiction, so please review! Cold 2. Tired 3. First Date 4. Nightmare 5. Fight 6. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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