What is still made in Helsinki? The journey also gave birth to a range of new Helsinki products. New products inspired and based on each makers own traditions.

Helsinki Helsinki is pretty ideal place for cycling. Today we are visiting a Helsinki based bicycle maker, Pelago. We meet early in the morning in the Pelago shop in Kalevankatu. This can serve now as a sample of our basic thinking behind the bikes. We aim to have it use still in Ready for some erotic fun in mikkeli you can get the bike as single-speed, 3-speed or 8-speed. The frame in this one is designed here in Helsinki by my brother. This one is like a swiss knife; you can modify it to suit your needs by choosing from a variety accessories to different handlebars.

Company: Sorry for an amateurish question, but why do you need to have your own frame? The essence. All things revolve around it. The frame holds all details to fit components on it. C: And that bike has a very unique frame. Do you sell this too? Not yet. The design for the production is still a bit in process. The frame of ready for some erotic fun in mikkeli bike we make in Finland. It would be great to be able to make more steel work here in Finland.

We are also planning on making a bike for children. But maybe more about that later. It always takes a couple of years before a product hot schlanke frau in tiraspol really ready. Company: How many bikes do you yourself own? Just two. I have no ready for some erotic fun in mikkeli. But I do take into test use the new model we make.

Looking forward to have some leisure time to ride with it. C: How many people are you nowadays? The walk takes just 10 minutes from the shop by bike that would be less than half the time but since Johan and Aamu have no bikes, we force Timo to walk his bike with us. In front of one of the houses stands a row of Pelago bikes. Timo adds his bike in the row, and we enter the building.

We meet Mikko and Aleksi who are assembling bikes in the vast space looking over Hietalahti. Steel racks holding bike frames stand on the floor waiting for Mikko and Aleksi to add the missing parts.

The assembly is very craft oriented and needs no power tools. C: Amazing space. And amazing view. You must like it here? We like it here. Unfortunately this building will be renovated in near future and we probably will not be able to afford the newly renovated prices. But it would be great to keep the production in this area. C: And is it important for you to be in Helsinki? I live here and got all my friends here. I want to have a biking distance to work, and to have the same for our workers.

Cycling is a logical and positive option compared to any other vehicle for urban traffic. Vantaa, almost in Helsinki Today we ready for some erotic fun in mikkeli visiting Arazzo just outside the Helsinki city borders. Arazzo mainly focus on printing fabrics for upholstery and curtains but handle also stickers, films, wood and aluminium plates, you name it. Nowadays they also print fabrics for dresses, lately a few that walked into the Presidents palace during independence day reception.

Teija Kuukkanen welcomes us and takes us to the production space. Huge printers under giant size air-condition units fill the space. These machines can print onto almost any flat material that can fit under the nosels of the printers. That would be up to 70 mm in thickness. Ready for some erotic fun in mikkeli dimension are quite impressive too; 3 meters in width and up to 6 meters long.

With fabrics, the lenght is infinite. We are happy with much less than that and show Teija the sample fabrics we brought. We can do this with our inkjet machine for natural fiber fabrics. It sprays the ink straight onto the fabric and connects it with heat.

We head back to office. We'll mix ice cream tomorrow morning. Welcome to see. On Monday morning we skip breakfast counting on getting some tasty samples on our visit to the factory. And how right we are! As we walk in, Annette Magi, who's grandfather started the company, hands us each an ice cream stick. Still grandparents buy them for their grandchildren, thus teaching them to be our loyal consumers, laughs Annette.

Me, my sister and our husbands. And now my son is also helping out when the busy summer season is starting. Ice cream making is indeed a very seasonal business. The factory mixes ice cream only if the weather forecast promises sunshine on the days that follow. Having the factory in central Helsinki means that delivery to the five kiosks that Helsinki Ice Cream Factory operates around Helsinki takes no more ready for some erotic fun in mikkeli 10 min.

Earliest and latest versions of ice cream kiosks. Ready for some erotic fun in mikkeli put on white overalls, hair caps and shoe covers, and enter the production space.

Two big drums filled with a mixture of butter, sugar and milk powder are humming in the vast space. Annette's son is moving the filled barrels into the freezer room. Do they have names? I spend more time with them than my [third] wife.

Annette fills three small cups and hands fresh ice cream to us. The fresh ice cream is silky smooth, just cold ready for some erotic fun in mikkeli not to be liquid. And insanely tasty! Annette: My grandfather and his brothers started in in Keskuskatu, then moved to Eerikinkatu, to Liisankatu, and into this space in Annette: I do.

In southern part of the city, where also our kiosks also are located. But I really can't enjoy walks in the parks there because then I see our kiosks and start to worry how the sales are going, and so on… Ice cream stick wrapping machine.

We move to the next room where the containers are washed. A pressure washer and boiling water is used to keep the containers clean. Nobody believes how hot it gets in an ice cream factory, laughs Annette. Annette: We carry 18 different flavors. Developing a new flavor takes a lot of trial and error, so we don't have a possibility to do customized flavors.

We return our overalls, say goodbye and head back to the office. Tastes so good. This must be the ice cream we saw produced yesterday. So totally worth visiting. Heikinlaakso, Helsinki. Today we pay a visit to Peltiveikot the Tin Dudes in Heikinlaakso. The company was founded here in by two dudes both called Veikko — hence the name. And just a few hundred meters south from here is the area of Tattarisuo, which has even more work shops dealing with steel we'll do a report about Tattarisuo later on.

Peltiveikot can make anything out of steel. Or of other metals. For instance copper.

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