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Okay, I get it. I may, in fact, be a hipster. Most people spend years running away from who they really are. Apart from doing the museum-clusterfuck, or the Stephansdom-two-step, the internet was not very forthcoming with activities for the lumberjack-suspenders-bowtie-red-lipstick-thick-eyebrows crowd.

So I decided to make my own Viennese Hipster guide so no one has to suffer my fate again. Real amateur frau hausgemachte ffm this above photo? It was a palatial flat in the area of Meidling with high ceilings, massive windows, glass chandeliers, antique furniture, a record player, and two Snugglebum von Cuddletummies cats. And I stayed here team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher free. HousesittingI was.

As usual. If you do decide to stay in a hostel or hotel or some other huge mistake, do yourself a favour and stay outside of the touristy Maria-Hilfer strasse. A video I made of riding the trams in Vienna. Definitely ride the trams! I could get anywhere within minutes, and I was within walking distance of the Schonbrun Palace and Gardens. Also, the homeowner left me her metropass and her bicycle so all my travel was free.

I never had to pay for expensive meals unless I wanted to because I went grocery shopping and cooked all my meals at home. Comforts of home! I cannot stress Housesitting enough, people. You should get on that. Vienna is famous for its expensive shopping districts like the Graben and on Kartnerstrasse. There are tons of expensive jewelers, high-end clothes and shoe shops, and antqiue boutiques.

BUT why blow all your money on the high streets when you can spend a couple cents on the same items at…. Here are three examples of some of the things I procured on the fleamarket. The other interesting feature is that it is addressed to Salzburg, which as we all know is in Austria.

Or perhaps, Jewish? But if it was sent to the UK, why was it back in Vienna for me to find? As the envelope indicates, it was Return-To-Sender. The document is in German, English, French, and Russian. Persil is a type of washing liquid, and schein means shine, so if you had this document, it literally meant your past was squeaky clean. I also bought photographs, necklaces, and other trinkets and tokens on the Naschmarkt, basically at cost.

Highly recommended for your Saturday mornings!! So Vienna is all about museums. They love that shit. Team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher eat that shit up. The MAK free Tuesday nights! The museum of design is free every Tuesday night from like 6pm until closing, which is when I went, but I would have gladly paid the entry fee, it was amazing!

These are pics I took inside. Look at this awesomeness! There were video clips, light installations, and they gave you bubblegum to chew as part of the experiment! One section was a bicycle that needed to be pumped hard in order team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher the light installations to work!

I loved it all. And of course, there were also the more refined design aspects, like art deco furniture and an entire wing dedicated to the evolution of the chair, hahaha. And and and! Look at that gorgeous thing!!! The exhibits were engaging and interesting. I liked that. Also the museum has free wifi and also a free app you can download on site for a free audioguide! Wien Das stillen von erwachsenen bilder free first Sunday of team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher month!

Did I mention I love Klimt and I eat that shit up? This here is a portrait of his longtime mistress Emilie Floge. They also had an exhibit on two really important artists from the pre and post war Vienna, detailing the sadness and atrocities happening around them that was highly stylized and super engaging. All in all, me likey, but glad me no pay full price. And this is an interesting story tied in with Klimt. This is team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher portrait of Arnold Schoenberg, the famous composer.

She briefly team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher her husband for Gerstl but returned a few months later for the children. When that happened, Gerstl hung himself. Below is his self portrait. Why was she suing them? It was looted from her family home by the Nazis and never returned. I found it rather fitting that the Klimts and the Gerstl portraits were hanging side by side. Resistance Museum free forever! When the Anschluss happened, the white anglo-saxon Austrians welcomed Shitler with flowers and a huge parade.

They cheered him in the streets, the church bells rang out and the bakeries gave out free sweets. They welcomed it. The only real official resistance in all of Europe that was organized and widespread although quickly quashed was the tram-workers strike in Amsterdam team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher No one in Europe was able to mount a large, organized resistance although major props to the Polish for putting up a good fight too.

I was super engrossed in it. Worth the visit. I like bad-ass rebels. Also, if you read this blog oftenthen you know who he is. If not, what exactly are you doing here?

Anyway, by now you should have already downloaded his Flash Invader app and have flashed at least one of his thousands of pieces erected around the world in dozens of cities. And if you have, then you know, that there are many of his pieces up in Vienna from his visits in and I flashed 23 of them.

Like this gem. And this one. And this one team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher street-level. After that, I could team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher around the city without a map, because I knew each quartier and platz from him. That would suck, but at least I discovered a new area of the city through it.

Sure he puts things up in touristy areas, but he also goes to the quiet, dead corners of the suburbs as well. Those are always awesome.

And Vienna is great for hunting the works of other great street artists. This is a Roa someone had the gaul to partly cover! Ah, the women of Sonke. Oeuvre on fleek. My German is so good now, I can read this without having to resort to google translate! You can find the stands located outside almost every major attraction or uBahn stop. You register with a credit card right there at the terminal and use the same pin number each time you want to take out a bike.

They have large baskets, adjustable seats and 3 gears. The first hour is free! AND if you put it back before the first hour is up, then wait 15 minutes, you can withdraw another bike and get another hour free! Renting bikes from a shop is for suckers and not a hipster like you. I used these bikes a lot. There are excellent bike paths all throughout Vienna. One day I cycled from Meidling, along the canals, through the city, across the Ringstrasse, across the Danube, and up to the Prater, and that only took me 45 minutes!

No traffic! Bike lanes are well-maintained team america pussy schwanze und arschlocher clearly marked. I felt super safe the entire time. I also recommend you cycle along the Danube canal to check out some of the great murals and street art along the water.

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