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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Shorty Mac and Shane Diesel are both huge dicked pornstars shane diesel und shorty mac are known for big girths, especially the WIDTH and these will grant you monster width aswell.

How they work Redz Frendo's work different than everyother width exercise that existed before it. Its unique in how it goes about things. Let me explain how. These are performed constricted and this can be with a where to find hookers in rennes clamp, hose clamp, string or whatever you like to use. Just so long as you can safely get it off afterwards.

The reason it needs to be constricted, is to keep the penis fully engorged for the duration of the set which is vitally important to getting the massive expansion in width shane diesel und shorty mac aswell.

When the penis is clamped and the pieces of ''equipment'' placed onto the penis, it forces the top and the bottom of the penis into the centre towards oneanother. This creates a crushing effect like that seen in a vice but not as intense, we dont want it that intense So once the ''equipment'' has started to do its job as explained above, you will remain aroused and as erect as you can for the duration of the set which should be 15 minutes or more, depending on your experience.

Very fresh guys should try minutes and once the first set is done you can do anotherone. Total no more than 45 minutes, so someone like me advanced can get either x3 15 minute sets in or x2 20 minute sets niedlich mollige nackte schwarze madchen. Its dureing this time, the extended state of the width to the penis that it will start to see changes in its size and in time this will become permanent.

When you do clamping work such as the standard constrictors otherwise known as clamped shane diesel und shorty mac, you are holding the penis in its maximum erect state for a set amount of time whole you remain aroused. Dureing this extended time the penis is at a much more engorged and fuller size than usual and for longer, which is the VITAL point here While it sits waiting the pockets inside are being stretched and expanded to a size they have never been before, in our case widthways and its this over time that gives us that size in width These are simple to perform, really they are shane diesel und shorty mac it make take a few tries to really get your form strict and know how much pressure to add.

The large clamps are for holding the tiles. Makesure you use a flat tile, you can get a piece cut to suit your needs. If you think you may need more or less than adjust as you see fit but really it shouldn't be a problem and hope it isnt. Now all you need to do is get yourself shane diesel und shorty mac a standard constrictor otherwise known as clamped edgeing, just click a clamp around the base of your penis and get yourself aroused I like to rub the foreskin over the glans and keeps me going but you may have other ideas.

For cut guys I dont know how you would keep youirself aroused, hope your okay with the setup. So once you have the small space found about 1 inch beneath the bottom of the glans I want you to place one tile ontop and one tile beneath the penis and push them into oneanother, so they compress and literally crush the penis into nackte girls mit muffin tops. The large clamps will clamp around both tiles well on eachside so keeping the whole thing stable and supportive, plus you can quickly remove in an emergency.

It shouldnt be difficult to get that sorted but may take a few tries. Have faith and patience. Once that is done you will FEEL a large internal pressure inside your penis and this is because of the shane diesel und shorty mac force being exerted into it from the tiles as they want to 'hug' oneanother It will be uncomfortable at first, perhaps slightly painful so do pay attention. When everything has been attached in its place you can now sit back and enjoy.

KEEP yourself aroused dureing the entire set as much as you can, keeping as much as the erection in as possible This is why I suggest the 1 inch shane diesel und shorty mac from the bottom of the glans, so you can eau claire wisconsin madchen nackt and keep yourself going. Also doing kegels helps ALLOT with this exercise and you will literally feel the blood and muscle as it forces between the two tiles I think its an awesome sensation I really do.

Like extenders and how they work with extended time in the stretch position and likewise we need extended time in this width position. If your newer or want to be careful than go for minutes and test the water. I highly recommend that a warm up and warm down are done with this method because of the huge amounts of blood your shane diesel und shorty mac with.

It will make the session easier, more productive, less chance of injury, less chance of getting red shane diesel und shorty mac and will help with the healing and circulation. I've also drew an illustration and scanned it into the computer for upload here which will help understand how to perform the Frendo's.

Please let me know if shane diesel und shorty mac have anything to say about this and do try them. I would like several members to give these ago for weeks and see how good they are. No thanks, Jeff. That's pretty suspect bro. OP has always been a phaggot. Bro Science. Its called clamping phaggot OP you will get people injured trying to get them to do this, untrained penises shouldnt try shane diesel und shorty mac clamp.

So i can make my 4 inch penis 6 inches wide? I don't think so, Tim. The Ohio State University Hit your macros. Don't skip workouts.

Don't make it harder than it has to be. Ladies luhh dat squat butt. Hurt myself while jelqing all healed up now No thanks, jeff. First thread I see after not being on misc for weeks, smh Beard Bulking. I'd rather just wipe her tears and fist her. Do bruh's just exchange cock photos all day? Pls go. Be careful misc. Take nothing for granted and enjoy life as a whole, the ups and downs, its all part of the ride and makes us who we are. Originally Posted by henrycole.

Oh lawd, in. Op can you do a demonstration video, full naked shane diesel und shorty mac. Carb Mal-absorption, no breads, sugary snacks, rice, pasta Eosinophilic esophagitis, cant ingest dairy or my esophagus closes up.

Seems legit But the thought of potentially hurting my penor and going to the ER, telling my doctor that I was clamping my cawk with a cable clamp and trying to increase penis size is just too embarrassing no beta. EDIT: Just read about the tiles No thanks jeff LOL.

If she hasn't got the glow, i don't want to know crew British Army, Royal Anglians. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. Quick Navigation Misc. Supplement Wars! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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