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The streets of Washington Heights are not paved with gold--they teem with drugs and violence. But certain young men in the Dominican Republic, 1, miles away, will risk their lives to come here. Their vision of the immigrant American Dream is to amass a fortune by selling drugs, primarily cocaine. Their violent slim sex in san francisco de macoris overshadow the lives of thousands of Dominicans who hold legitimate jobs. They send a message back down to the D.

Over the last decade, Dominicans have established a thriving cocaine trade worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually, according to federal law enforcement officials. After Dominicans expanded into heroin two years ago, the FBI formed a special investigative squad targeting Washington Heights. The drugs up there have destroyed whole neighborhoods and created so much fear.

Inthere were fewer thanDominicans in Washington Heights; now there are more thanCrime has risen sharply, especially since crack cocaine hit in Inthere were also the highest in New York. Sincemore than young Dominicans from one town--San Francisco de Macoris--have been killed in the United States, most in drug-related murders in New York. To say nothing of the lives that have been ruined. She walked up the steps of a once elegant brownstone and knocked at an apartment at the end of a dank hallway.

The door swung open. The silhouettes of three people could be seen slumped on couches in almost total darkness. A lamp with a bare bulb was hauled out to illuminate a tiny living room with a battered coffee table littered with crack paraphernalia. It was a little after p. As Maria heated the crack in a tiny metal pitcher, the two women and a man seated on shabby sofas watched in a polite stupor, as if she were preparing afternoon tea.

The room was quiet except for the hissing sound as Maria lit her pipe and passed it around. Most other like her turn to prostitution, she said, but not her--she cleans rooms for drug dealers in exchange for drugs. Drug dealers have taken over whole blocks, particularly at the southern and northern tips of the area, scaring people away from even using pay telephones. Cars are routinely double- and triple-parked on most streets, and salsa music blares night and day on expensive car slim sex in san francisco de macoris systems.

Police have had some success targeting the white suburbanites; more than cars have been seized and people arrested during periodic sweeps at the George Washington Bridge. But stymied by a lack of cooperation from Heights residents, authorities have had less success in slim sex in san francisco de macoris down on violence and drug-dealing in the Heights itself.

Eddie, 24, a 10th-grade dropout and street-level drug dealer, works the area around nd Street and Broadway. He said he usually has a stash of about grams of crack in the apartments he uses. You just want to survive another day.

Much of the drug profits are sent back or reinvested in cocaine. Both street-level dealers and kingpins commute between the slim sex in san francisco de macoris countries, federal officials say.

Unlike the immigrants of yore, many Dominicans dislike New York and sell drugs here slim sex in san francisco de macoris the hope of retiring as millionaires in their homeland. Rafael, 20, a drug dealer who would not give his last name, stood on the corner of rd Street and Broadway one night, his eyes red from the effects of the same cocaine he sells. I just want to make enough money here to go home and never come back. Twenty-three-year-old James Kiko Garcia did return to the Dominican Republic permanently, although not in the way he planned.

Officials said Garcia was involved with drugs; his family and neighbors said he worked in a grocery store. In July,Garcia was killed by police, setting off six days of rioting in Washington Heights. Hot Property. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times Events. Times News Platforms. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

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