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Nice wedding dress for the bride, and also nice dress for Victoria. A pity she sofia charlotte und mollig freund not give special attention to her hairstyle. I thought Victoria's hairstyle looked both glamorous and youthful. I like her more standard low bun as well, but this is a nice change. It's a pretty dress which suits the princess sofia charlotte und mollig freund but I don't like the sauerkraut bun.

Agree Victoria looks lovely except for the high bun. If she has to wear a bun it suits her far better low on the back of her neck. Agree with Nalerina for a bun lower on the back of the neck. Anonymous pm. So lovely to see Victoria laughing and smiling so freely. Everyone looks fabulous and happy! Printesa victoria si printul daniel,sotul sau,arata ca un cuplu fericit Everyone looks great and enjoying themselves. Love the simplicity of the sofia charlotte und mollig freund look.

Also think Victoria looks fabulous including her hair - I understand others may not but not really sure I understand the comment about not having taken any trouble with it. Ok I will explain if needed, I think attending a wedding deserves a nice hairstyle, meaning different from the everyday one, a softer one, more flattering etc etc.

And it certainly is not her everyday bun but a more festive one. The bridal couple looks happy, too — what a beautiful bride! Very pretty dresses but I'm horrified at the lack of social distancing and masks. The State of Main has nothing to do with Sweden, where thankfully they are living like we all should be. This is Sweden. Sweden had no lockdown and still has no masks or a ban of social encounters.

You can google it under the keyword Swedish way. As am I meant to type "Maine", sorry Mainers. Perhaps all these Swedish wedding guests should have showed up in the dog cones that the Maine governor has asked restaurant servers to wear. It's getting more ridiculous instead of less.

Wahrscheinlich durften sie Covid-bedingt nicht reisen. Bride looked lovely, her sofia charlotte und mollig freund was perfect for a late sofia charlotte und mollig freund wedding at home.

CP Victoria looked lovely, especially her hair, a little higher bun was different than the usual lower sofia charlotte und mollig freund. Daniel, as ever, handsome. The high bun is not especially flattering but no worse than her everyday style. I know Sweden has adopted a less severe route through Covid and it is lovely to see an event that looks normal, even though I suspect it will be some time before we are allowed something similar in the UK.

From Joann - I liked the bride's dress very much. Perfect menschen, die live webcam free a summer wedding. Victoria looked lovely, but I guess the rule that wedding guests shouldn't wear white is out the window. This was particularly noteworthy since Victoria's gown was long, like the bride's I like the ecru version better anyway - it shows off the ruffles better. But maybe Victoria was wearing the ecru one.

But on my computer, it looks white. Sofia charlotte und mollig freund dress was definitely pinky ecru. On my screen on two of the foto's one where she is standing next to the bride and on another where someone in a white flowered jacket is next to her you can see its very faint blush colour quite well. I also thought it was white in the forst instance. I also wonder why she does not wear her hair loose more often. When she has done so she looked lovely. From Joann - analy sex event in umm al qaywayn nalerina.

Thank you for clarifying that. Pinky ecru would be quite lovely. CP Victoria looks lovely, a very pretty gown. The Bride looks beautiful, her gown is gorgeous and suits her perfectly.

What a lovely wedding. The brides dress is quite detailed. Victoria's dress looks nice and suits her. Everybody is happy. Not much social distancing.

No wonder the virus keep spreading when even grown ups can't keep 1 meter apart. Sofia charlotte und mollig freund went for a completely different approach takeling Corona by trying to build up heard immunity. It was not so successful either but that explains why they are all closer together and unmasked. Does anyone know anything about the bracelet that says "Love" that CP Victoria is wearing? Post a Comment. Facebook Twitter. Sofia charlotte und mollig freund Post Next Post.

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