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I feel guilty, ashamed, and embarrassed. I hate the thought of being sober, but I hate the thought of ruining our lives. Sober Mommies was founded in May of to support the process of recovering moms and reach out to those that may be considering sobriety. Everyone is welcomed to join us, share, and connect! I cannot express to you how grateful I am that you reached out and submitted this post.

It is extremely brave of you and I hope you know how strong you are. I can identify with all of these feelings so much, and I hope that you will give yourself a chance. Please reach out to us again. This is such a brave, courageous poem!

I remember feeling that way, hopeless, defeated, worthless, and ready to throw in the towel! To the brave person who wrote this please know your not alone and that we believe in you! Were here if you need us without judgment, blame, criticism, anytime you need it.

My goodness. I admire the courage it takes to write this. My darling Sister. We are here. I am a drunk too. A little over 3 years ago, I laid on the floor of my bedroom in the middle of the day, weeping. My son was at pre-school and I was alone. I had tried everything- therapists, self help books, yoga, even al anon and had fat black single ssbbw ebenholz bett ficken up in the same place over and over again- drunk.

I walked into the room of women and as soon as I opened my mouth I began to sob. For the first time ever, I was honest and vulnerable. The women embraced me and welcomed me home. A little over 3 yrs later, I am still sober- a miracle. You are not alone. There is hope. We need you. You are home. Please keep coming back. So many of us have been here! You are not alone and there are people like me who will love you until you can learn to love yourself.

That is what I thought but sobriety is so much more! You can gain so much more than you lose and things like sweet smiles do become enough to get you through the day, the moment. Keep reaching out. I feel her pain. I have been there also.

Sobriety may sound scary and the thought of not having alcohol at hard times maybe a bit hard but over time it gets so much easier. You do deserve your sweet son and he deserves you, his mother. The only mother he will only have.

I did and as soon as I did I felt the weight listed off my shoulder. Too many of us have been there. Fight for it. I promise you, you can do it and you will learn to love yourself. You deserve all the love in the world. At least that was what I thought at the time. The first week is freaky and there is so much to fat black single ssbbw ebenholz bett ficken but every day it gets better.

We all stand beside you. I went into rehab and have now been sober 9 months. This poem touched my heart and I just want to hug you. And it will be alright. So brave to post this. Bless you xxx. I never wanted to be a drunk. I never wanted to be an alcoholic. There was so much shame and guilt. I tried to end it all because Fat black single ssbbw ebenholz bett ficken could see no other way out. I pleaded with God to take my life…or give me a new one because I just could not go on any longer living the life I was living.

It was in that darkest moment that I found the willingness to go to my first AA meeting. For the first time in many years, I actually felt hope. Those woman were so kind and loving and told me that I did not ever have to feel that way again. That was June 14th,and those women were right! I could not imagine going 1 day without a drink, but by the grace of God and the AA program, I will celebrate 10 years next month! Today my life has purpose and is filled with so much love…and all because of that seed of fat black single ssbbw ebenholz bett ficken that was planted at my first meeting.

There is a solution!! May God bless you with the strength and courage to go to an AA meeting. It süße jungs mit bubble butts It really does! Brave girl…you reached out in your own way.

We have all been there. Coming to with a thud instead of just waking up. Wondering why this russische teen vlad modell anna fat black single ssbbw ebenholz bett ficken and over again. Echoing the others that there is a solution. Recovery is available to anyone who honestly wants it. I really encourage you to find a local twelve step recovery group.

Keep reaching out to Sober Mommies. I am a high functioning drunk! I am just riding the system. Please help me, asap!! I, fat black single ssbbw ebenholz bett ficken, am a drunk. I woke at am, tired, my head hurt — my husband had just yelled at me again that he could not stand the drinking. And I cannot decide if I am slowly gratis online cartoon sex porno to kill myself, and should just hurry the process along, or if I can stop.

The idea of facing life head on is horrible. Sometimes not even once a week. But right now? Right now I really want to. Hi I was always full of responsibility helping others out. Saying to my ex boyfriend every weekend you can not drink we have to solve this.

There must be a way how we can be happy with the small things you and me spending time togheter. My life stopped… the people who I was an example for can not longer rely on the teacher I once was. I am a drunk most of my friends are students in town who taught me what hanging out was. Still I would like to keep them in my live because otherwise I am alone and I would drink by myself…what makes me feel more bad about myself.

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