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He Li, a female photographer with Cattleya Studio, shoots a nude photograph. A nude photo shows a woman with a parasol. Photos of Lu Miaoting show her at 4 weeks pregnant, 27 weeks and 38 weeks. Chinese women embrace naked photography amid lingering controversy.

A surprising number of young Chinese women have been arranging to have nude photographs taken of them. One studio that caters to this market is called Cattleya, in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. It's already booked out until December. Cattleya, established in March with only four employees, one photographer, one planner, one dresser and one post-editor, has now grown into a studio with 38 staff - all female. To meet the increasing demand, the studio now works six days a week and receives around 10 customers each day, according to Tang fang metcn chinesischen nude kunst modell. In Chongqing there are several other workshops specializing or engaged in human body photography, meaning it is likely there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands nationwide.

Customers tend to be women born after the s and s, who wish to keep photos of themselves that capture their youth or pregnancy. Chen Chang, founder and photographer of the CC Art Studio in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, said tang fang metcn chinesischen nude kunst modell has done photo shoots with about women aged between 18 and College students, young white-collar workers and housewives, they come from nearly all walks of life, according to Chen.

As their education levels rise, they tend to have broader horizons and more open minds. They become less judgmental and the numbers of people who see human body art as a shameful thing are decreasing," Chen tang fang metcn chinesischen nude kunst modell the Global Times. Lu has similar feelings. They are daring to challenge stereotypes and try something new," Lu said. Most sociologists and art critics see the trend as a form of social progress and liberation.

Unlike the classical nude in the Western tradition, nudes in the Chinese artistic tradition were traditionally limited to chiefly erotic works. But now concepts are changing. She said the album will help her remember her body in its youthful state. And it's best to do it right now when I'm young.

Her mother did not approve of the album, but Luo said that did not bother her. I think we should live for ourselves, not for others' comments," she said. Caihong, 26, a financial analyst from Quanzhou, Fujian Tang fang metcn chinesischen nude kunst modell, has decided to take some photos of her body. Meanwhile, the photos are also a regular reminder that I should always keep a good figure," she said. Because her boyfriend and parents might veto the decision, she plans to act first and tell them afterwards.

Another woman from Guangzhou, who prefers to be named Wing, said she went to take body art photos at two different stages of being pregnant. My husband supported my decision. I'm going to take another set of photos of my body after birth," she said. But there are sometimes other motives. A real estate agent surnamed Qiao said the photos will be powerful proof for her children and husband when she becomes older and fat.

She said she will be able to say she used to be beautiful and thin. Another woman, Xu Duoduo, said she tried to recover her ex-boyfriend's heart by having him see the pictures of her, but her efforts failed.

Though these motives vary, sociologists say they share something in common. But others are still unable to appreciate their own bodies, Fang lamented. While most respondents said they only share the pictures with family members, some dare to share them with friends or strangers on the Internet. She offered several pictures taken by her studio to the Global Times, including one set of herself. In their eyes, physical beauty is the highest form of natural beauty and an aesthetic object.

The lines of their figure show the beauty of health and vitality," she noted. When asking for approval on whether the customers agree to have their images used for tang fang metcn chinesischen nude kunst modell purposes, Chen Chang said several readily nodded. Artistic or vulgar? Whether it is "hot pink," "bunny girl" or simply "jazz," the Cattleya studio offers a variety of themes for customers to choose from. Aside from taking photographs at his photography studio, he also takes pictures at certain locations such as factories, beaches, or scenic spots in overseas locations such as Thailand or the Maldives.

They can long term dating in ermoupoli their own beauty," Zhang Xi, a well-known photographer who has done photo shoots with many leading stars in China, told the Chongqing Economic News.

During photo shoots, Chen said he plays music the woman likes and keeps praising and encouraging her to ensure she remains relaxed. Lu, however, said the customers at her studio more easily become relaxed as all the staff are women. Li Yinhe, a sociologist renowned for her sex studies, also recalled an exhibition of human body oil paintings held in the National Art Museum of China in Beijing in the late s. Nevertheless, the voices against nude portraits were strong.

One early event that's often mentioned in art circles involved Chen Suhua, a year-old village girl. InChen developed a mental disorder amid criticisms by her family members and neighbors after her job as a nude model for an art institute in Nanjing was uncovered, according to Magazine People. But many young women today have the courage to challenge these attitudes.

In November last year, feminists from the Beijing Foreign Studies University posted photos of themselves holding white boards "quoting" their vaginas, with comments such as "My vagina says: I get to say who to let in" and "My vagina says: I can be sexy but you can't harass! A letter written by a parent of a male student from the university was circulated on the Internet, criticizing the girls as "shameless" and accusing them of being an "education failure. However, Li Yinhe praised the activity.

In May last year, a photographer for a studio in Daxing district, Beijing, was arrested for allegedly raping a female customer while shooting nude photos of her, the Beijing Times reported.

Chen Lin, an tang fang metcn chinesischen nude kunst modell photographer in Beijing, said many amateurs flocked to organized nude modeling shoots for sexual tang fang metcn chinesischen nude kunst modell than artistic purposes. Some even operate tang fang metcn chinesischen nude kunst modell trades disguised as human body art photography," he revealed to the Global Times.

In February last year, the country closed 62 websites over involvement in prostitution and pornography, while using the term "human body art. Chen Chang said the low entry qualifications to be a nude photographer also contributed to the chaos.

When asked how he controls himself when shooting nude photos, he responded by saying, "When devoted to shooting with the heart and soul, the camera has already been integrated with myself, and the shutter button has conquered any other distracting thoughts. Posted in: In-Depth.

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