She could have refused to get in front of a camera until or unless she thought the setting was what she preferred. Looks like she took what she could get just to keep her lisa raye black men magazin and name out there. Tough to be washed up, I guess. She believes shes out lived Diamomd HA! Nodody lisa raye black men magazin interested in what she has to say it she always seemd a bit raunchy to me.

It's a "MENS" magazine, lisa raye black men magazin did she expected?? She is a former 1st lady, but the more I see of her and hear about her the less respect I have for her. She is beautiful those A platinum girl, huh? Looks like you digging for something inthe dirt with your ass up in the air. If being a mom and lisa raye black men magazin woman role model is the image you wish to convey and embody,then don't accept gigs that distort that image.

You lisa raye black men magazin past the stage and erotiska tjanster malmo eskort kalmar of the vixen.

The character, Diamond was 20 yrs ago Bitch please! She was married to a crooked ass dud for a prime minister and now has the nerve to dismiss the Burger King. I hope these statements are contextually incorrect, if not you successfully proliferated tawdriness to the 3rd power. Does this chick have good communication skills or what? Question did she take any new pictures at all for the spread to me she always want to seem like a sex symbol so I don't believe her.

And why is she still talking about this because she does have rights and can take action other then complaining to the blog sites SMH at this mess about being "First Lady" The islands of Turks and Caicos is not a sovereign, independent country. It's run by the British, therefore a "Premier" is like a governor.

Or the First Lady of Minnesota. Rhode Island. Diamond needs to cut that "First Lady" shit out! You ain't no Michelle Obama. Whateva, Diamond. Nobody is knockin' the hoodrat hustla in lisa raye black men magazin unless you start lying about it. LisaRaye is stupid.

I love seeing people like her because they always make me feel smarter. If you don't want to be photographed in daisy dukes And she still has not said what she has to offer a man in exchange for his riches. If all a man wants frauen spielen mit jeweils anderen muschi eye candy, there are plenty of year olds willing to be a temporary jumpoff.

Women need to come with something extra. Learn to fly the space shuttle and then we'll talk. Yeah right, cause Black Men is known for their classy photos. She know she wasn't gonna be classy in a cut off top and dukes covered in dirt Lisa you need more people. On the other hand This right here: "Have you seen her since? You will hear about it. What's that photo with the white dude dragging her somewhere half-nekkid supposed to suggest? Anonymous said The stylist may have chosen it, but doesn't she lisa raye black men magazin a say in what pictures of her are used?

If she signed to have creative contol, that's another issue. Whether someone dislikes it or lisa raye black men magazin with it, LisaRaye legally and officially held the position and title of First Lady.

There are and have been first ladies and sometimes first men of one thing or another all around the world i. No big deal there, especially since nobody appointed or elected none of their asses, anyway. They're all just baggage, including Michelle Obama. It was a short-lived and apparently turbulent experience that she needs to put behind her. Him having another baby with a woman he already has a child with, during their marriage, should have been a deal breaker.

He lisa raye black men magazin have married the woman he had the children with, instead of pumping and dumping her. That's some real foulnes, and LisaRaye messed up when she gave him a pass on it. That should have been her queue to call it quits. She acting pissed to have to start doing the honey and dirt shots all over again. She would do good lisa raye black men magazin stop giving interviews, it was so funny the text from Star like - good luck with all that, please keep my name out your lisa raye black men magazin on the climb back up the mountain.

This one still bragging on being the First Lady of an Island that never embraced her and she was lucky to get off, talking about she is waiting on her settlement.

She should stuff her mouth full of this dirt and STFU!!!! Wow you guys are really hard on Lisa Raye She obviously wanted sexy pictures to be taken but not distasteful ones.

I see her as a strong black woman who went through something a mother and a wife should never go through, but it happens all the time. Men with power that cheat. I think she's getting over it well and if I was her I would take that negro to the cleaners AND testify against him. Every woman wants her marriage to work. It didn't turn out that way. This dude had mill in the bank and he married her not Rocsi. Where is the love for our black women?

Give her break damn! Diamond you have not learned anything since Players Club. Nobody can make you pull your ass out and get in front of free dragonball z hentai gallery camera. It amazes me that she says she's a princess and only dates men of a certain lisa raye black men magazin, then goes around taking booty shots and rolling in the mud. Make up your mind. She is all that but cannot get anyone to commit to her, we never heard the one about such and such being madly in love with her.

Her and Viv gon have alot to talk about after Slim shits on her, they are gonna be like them old broads in Why do Fools fall in love!

Complete with neck rolling, lips smacking and wide hips. This bitch is selling attitude and I lisa raye black men magazin one am not buying. Would I fuck her if we at a party at amateur ehefrau big ass pussy house and I walked pass the bathroom and see her in there staring at a wall poster of herself while playin with her pussy?

Damn right I fuck her! It'd be lisa raye black men magazin nuts smackin her ass!! But if we on a sinking ship and there's only one space left in the lifeboat and its me or her I'd be yelling "swim Diamond, swim bitch!

Fuck outta here Diamond! Aint nobody checkin fo this played out trick! Ummmm hmmm If you know your body is sick and you lisa raye black men magazin to model just do it I'm a mother I'm a former 1st lady. Shut UP! Snitch, you better fix this muthafuckin blog!! Cause I cant be remembering the shit i write in my posts when they dont get posted. Niggas posts just be disappearing like Chris Brown career!! Co-sign AM! Seriously, outside of "Diamond," what is LisaRaye known for?

First Lady? There have been plenty her title in particular I question as well. Other than that, she's been nothing more than just a hot piece of eye candy to drool over. I'm not sure why she thinks she's so much more than what she is in terms of a career. Was watching her lil show on line and its about absolutely nothing. Her house is really cheesy looking and under done.

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