I was thinking of getting one since this is prob gonna be my first car and I really like the design of the Stangs a lot. Share Facebook. Do girls like guys who drive Ford Mustangs? Add Opinion. Sexiest car I can think of. I wouldn't date a guy solely because of his ride, but I find muscle cars to be a turn on.

Despite what a guy down there said, you don't have to go V8. A lot of chicks are into gas efficiency rather than the roar. But if you want that rumble, I know they have modified exhaust pipes that increase the sound.

Or at least I think it's in the exhaust pipe. I'm not sure since I just remember hearing a friend talk about getting one. But ford mustangs und nackte girls, stangs are the sexiest cars ever. It isn't a deal breaker when considering a guy, but it is a damn nice bonus. Definitely a turn on. Stang convertible A car period is hot but a mustang is ford mustangs und nackte girls most manly car Any way, a Stang is a nice way to go as first car, chick magnet.

I believe that Ford Mustangs do have a puzzy magnet installed in them if I'm not mistaken. Don't get the poser Mustang with a V6 and an automatic. No it's not lol. V6's are at best, daily drivers. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. ConfusedLoveSeeking Xper 4. Not really. I mean as long as the car runs. Brando Xper ford mustangs und nackte girls. Go V8 or go home. TruthJones Xper 2. Ruggish Xper 2. Just a suggestion. Allix93 Xper 3. Related myTakes. Show All. How I understand Jesus on loving your enemies.

Nymphet Hairstyles or just girly. LaVena Johnson's story. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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