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Bart Simpson hadn't changed, die simpsons jessica lovejoy porn really. He was taller, a little slimmer, and his hair was a little longer but in attitude and personality Bart hadn't changed. He was still the hell raiser he always was. The biggest difference was his new surroundings: Springfield High. Yep, Bart made it out of Springfield Elementary; he wasn't even ever held back a grade. Neither was one of his best friends Nelson Muntz, die simpsons jessica lovejoy porn many believed it was because Skinner and the teachers wanted to make sure both of them were out of school as soon as possible; and if that meant changing the grades a little, so be it.

And both soon became big men on campus just like Elementary. Unfortunately for their reps their parents and the staff in Springfield High actually cared about both of their futures. Both were put into an after school study program, and both were actually getting a C average. Lisa die simpsons jessica lovejoy porn skipped ahead a year and entered into Springfield High a year after Bart did.

The siblings were getting along, though neither wanted to hang out with gammal svensk porr jelly dildo other much anymore. Lisa was tied with Martin Prince as the school's top student. And now Bart was entering his final year of school, most of Springfield wondered what the future held for the oldest Springfield sibling.

What Bart didn't know was this would be his most complicated year yet. Bart, Lisa and the rest of the students piled out of the bus as it reached Springfield High. The school was large, old, and paint on the outside was chipping, but at least it still had a sweet air hockey table. Lisa turned to her bother as they approached the building. Bart rolled his eyes at the comment, same old Lisa. She wore her hair down rather than spike it, but she was the same little know it all.

Can't you be wiping your filthy shoes before walking on Willie's clean floors ya hormone-carrying-spoiled-hooligans? I'm doing what I'm always doing, just in a new pit. Lisa looked ill but Bart laughed die simpsons jessica lovejoy porn imagining what the expression on Skinner's face would be if he ever found out Willie's final revenge prank. They actually let Willie eat the donuts here. Bart patted his sister on the back. She made die simpsons jessica lovejoy porn way to her class while Bart turned to his locker.

He grabbed a few things and put his bag in the locker. Bart gulped, he knew that voice, he knew it to well. What am I doing here and not at my boarding school? Dad massage hammarby sjostad porr xx to let me have my final year at a public school, it just took a little convincing that I'd changed.

You know you can't resist me, make it easy on yourself and die simpsons jessica lovejoy porn up now. Bart slipped down towards the floor and darted off to class. Bart gasped for breath as he finally entered his first class: Drama, one of his favorite courses because it contained the least amount of paper work.

He sat down next to Milhouse and Nelson, both greeted him. He let out a sigh of relief, at die simpsons jessica lovejoy porn he had managed to get away from Jessica for the moment, he really doubted he could resist her for long though. Suddenly a man bursted in through the class room door. Krusty, his idol of comedy, had disappeared a couple of years ago after low ratings cancelled his show.

There were a lot of rumors about what happened to the clown: Krusty died in a car accident, he joined the mob, he got plastic surgery and became Rusty the clown who's show replaced Krusty'sbut here he was.

She had just entered the class room and was staring at her timetable. That name clicked to Bart. Greta, Greta Wolfcastle. The girl locked eyes with him for a moment before frowning and taking a seat as far away from him as possible.

Clearly Greta hadn't forgiven Bart for his treatment of her years ago. AN: Hey, hey! Hope you like the first chapter in what will turn into a love triangle story. Review please…. No flames folks, but creative criticism is always welcome. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Cartoons Simpsons. Bart rules Springfield High. At least he did until two girls, Jessica Lovejoy and Greta Wolfcastle, came back into his life. It's gonna be a long boy x boy pic xxxx. Love triangle. Milhouse was the same geek as he always was. Who's ready to learn drama!? With Krusty as he teacher he was sure he could survive Jessica Lovejoy. Krusty nodded. Take your pick of the seats.

Bart groaned to himself. This was going to be a long semester indeed. To be continued folks! A Day in the Life 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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