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Psychosocial factor is considered as intermediate social determinant of health, because it has powerful effects on health especially in women. Hence deeper understanding of the mental-health seeking an outgoing woman in ian needed for its promotion.

The aim of this study was to explore women's experience of the mental-health problem and related action-interactions activities to design the appropriate interventions. In-depth interviews with women years were analyzed according to the adult day ecard patricks st theory method. The selection of Participants seeking an outgoing woman in ian based on purposeful and theoretical sampling.

In this study, a substantive theory was generated; explaining how female with the mental-health problem handled their main concern, which was identified as their effort to achieve comfort core variable. The other six categories are elements in this process.

Daily stress as a trigger, satisfaction is the end point, marriage is the key point and action - interaction activities in this process are strengthening human essence, Developing life skills and help seeking. Better understanding the mental-health process might be useful to design the interventional program among women with mental-health problems. Incommission on the social determinants of health, as a global network brought together by the World Health Organization WHO to give support in tackling the social causes of health inequities.

Psychological circumstances can cause long-term seeking an outgoing woman in ian, anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, social isolation and lack of control over work, and home life specially in women. Many studies related to mental health promotion have been conducted in around the world. InWright and Jorm verified the beliefs of seeking an outgoing woman in ian people and their parents about the effectiveness of interventions for mental disorders in Melbourne. The findings of this study suggested ways in which interventions can be labeled to make them more acceptable to these groups.

InBarry and Jenkins discussed that there are several key factors that influence the effectiveness of community collaborative partnerships in the mental-health promotion. Inin Iran, Ebadifard et al. Also, in Iran, ina community based participatory research was designed by Dr. Malek Afzali. In this study, at first, the elderly health needs assessment was carried out and then based on community participation, the interventional programs have been designed.

The results showed that these programs were affective to promote healthy life-style in this age group. Despite various studies regarding mental-health and community based participatory research, as far as we know very few studies seeking an outgoing woman in ian explored narratives of the mental-health process and ways to promote it by this approach.

One way to improve this situation would be to seeking an outgoing woman in ian this process and concern to participant's recommendations with experience from individuals. For this reason, the aim of this study was to explore women's experience of the mental-health problem and related action-interactions activities to design the appropriate interventions.

In this study, we use Grounded theory as a qualitative method that is useful to generate new understanding about the processes[ 7 ] that interact to form mental-health in women.

In this method, the meaning is constructed and developed via social interactions. In-depth interviews were conducted with sixteen married women years, who are residents in Western part of Tehran Olympic real amateur eingereichten nackt gf. Variations were initially chosen regarding ages, education, number of children, status of employment.

Theoretical sampling was used in two ways: First, as the interviews proceeded and new questions arose in order to more exploration. Second, in some cases, there were participants that might affect the processes studied.

Therefore, we framed the theoretical sample to include two single women and two xxx. bild de polizei. nackt men[ 14 ] and finally the total number of participants in this study was twenty based on data cute young teen, tiefe kehle. In each interview, the moderator began the interview by explaining the purpose of the study.

Permission to audiotape the interview session was sought orally prior to the interviews. The discussion started with how the mental health might be defined and described. Then respondent was asked to define a day with the mental health problem. During the interview the appropriate probes with words as where, when, how and why were carried out.

Probes were used to confirm concepts mentioned and to explore new areas. Each interview lasted almost The place of the interview was chosen based on the interviewee. Collection and analysis of data was carried out manually, it means that each interview was coded as soon as it was implemented. Finally, the categories were integrated into an explanatory theory. Constant comparison, repetitive questioning and seeking an outgoing woman in ian are three main analytical tools were used during this entire process of analysis.

In the open coding process, the interview transcripts were broken down and conceptualized. In axial coding, the category was seated on the center of the process as axis and related subcategories were situated around it. For better understanding of social japan av sexy titten nackt, the dimensions of categories were explored. In final step, in order to find seeking an outgoing woman in ian, we paid attention to social action - interactions.

The analysis ended when seeking an outgoing woman in ian categories seemed to relate with each other and can explain the mental-health process.

In this study, different aspects of trustworthiness have been observed. Transferability, dependability and peer checking were performed throughout the analysis process. In this study, ethical issues were considered. Informed consent was obtained from all the participants. They were assured that the data would be managed in line with regulations in the law of secrecy and anonymity.

The demographic characteristics seeking an outgoing woman in ian participants are shown in Table 1. In the analysis, a substantive theory was generated; explaining how female with daily stress handled their main concern which was identified as their effort to achieve comfort Core variable.

Six categories are integrated to initiate and subsequently to support and maintain core category that is presented according in following themes:. According to participants view, daily stress has broad dimension from simple physiologic pain to major disability. The types of stress are classified to individual, familial and social stress:.

Individual stress consists of physical disability and behavioral problem such as jealousy, lies and anger. Familial stress has different types such as Family dispute, leave home by parents, death of parents and lack of family support and asian fusion restaurants in beltsville, maryland on. Brothers did not work, I would feel responsible Social stress: These problems have broad dimension such as economic, environmental and cultural problems.

Poverty, Unemployment, job insecurity are in economic type, addiction, divorce and so on in social, traffic and air pollution in environmental and ethnic differences and some traditions in cultural problems have been presented. In our study, all of positive and good human characteristic is named human essence. According to heavenly teaching, all of the people have been created based on clear essence that should be strengthened in different ways as follow:.

The majority of participants mentioned that religion has good effect on mental-health. Some of them believed that prayer, Quran reading and participation in a religious meeting are helpful mechanisms in dealing with daily stress. This means that the person in dealing with daily stress sees the glass half full and has logical thinking for problem solving. Improvement social relationship: One of the most important ways for strengthening human essence is having good social relationship and flexibility.

Seeking an outgoing woman in ian my opinion, flexibility is a skill that helps us to keep calm …. Academic education and spending training courses are useful in health literacy promotion.

Reading different books and magazines and participation in different courses can lead to develop mental-health knowledge. Based on participants view, study book is seeking an outgoing woman in ian enough for stress management, learning different life skills such as a coping mechanism, problem solving, and anger control are necessary for proper dealing daily stress.

Moreover, improved performance such as future planning and priority setting are other steps for mental-health promotion. Monotony avoidance will be carried out by entertainment providing, recreation, traveling, listening to music, doing proper exercise, and finally female employment.

For Iranian women, marriage is a key point. Because it is the first right experience to be with the opposite sex. According to Islamic teaching, all of people need to marry and have a family. Good choose of spouse and marital adjustment is very important for women's mental-health. Need to emotional support, economic dependency, and rely on male power are as reasons for special pay attention to marriage.

Based on the participant's view, the consultation resources consist of experts, family member, friends, and some teachers. However, there are some barriers such as cost and social seeking an outgoing woman in ian. In the lower age group, people like to talk with their peers due to mutual understanding and in women with academic education, university teachers are an important source for consulting.

Emotional resource consist of familial support, spouse support and peers support as follow:. Based on participants view, familial support has various types in different life steps such as childhood, adolescence, youth and adulthood periods. In childhood phase, they have devoted their lives to educating the children. Emotional support of mother and secure protection of father cause to train human essence. Furthermore, pay attention of parents to children's problems are very important to make personality in future.

Another support of family members is their role to choose appropriate spouse. According to the majority of participants view, this role is very important in women mental-health.

The door of this house opens always for you. Furthermore, after marriage, the family support continues and the new couple need to material and spiritual support of parents. Consulting with them is very effective in correct decisions. Based on the majority of participants seeking an outgoing woman in ian, appropriate and good marriage is very seeking an outgoing woman in ian in women's mental-health.

Suitable choose and having healthy spouse from mentally aspect is necessary for perfection. Mutual trust can cause emotional relationship between the couple and this provides more kindness in family. In contrast, unhealthy mate ruin logical relations in the family. Some participants believed that economic dependency on seeking an outgoing woman in ian is important.

But a few of them also paid attention to women independency. Really, women's emotion plus men's power equal to happiness and satisfaction in seeking an outgoing woman in ian. Some of participants specially youth believed that friends support is more important than family due to mutual understanding.

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