There's Sahir's 'Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye toh kya hai' kinda quality to the last time actor Vidya Balan felt her thoughts on her professional life totally turn around. On the Sunday after the release of her film Hamari Adhuri Kahanidirected by Mohit Suri — who she says she couldn't "gel with, in an actor-director relationship" — producer Mahesh Bhatt called to say that the film had pretty much tanked in theatres. This, after a series of back-to-back commercial duds — Bobby Jasoosthe outcome of which massasje privat oslo barbert pung disappointed her the most; Shaadi Ke Side Effects ; Ghanchakkar Unsure of what to do, Balan's husband, producer Siddharth Roy Kapur — a non-believer himself — simply drove her down to the Sai Baba temple in Chembur.

Where she just wailed non-stop, totally out of breath. She knew something needed to change about her life. The penny dropped. That stress had taken the joy away from what I do — that I like, and enjoy dirty picture vidya balan nackt much! Dirty picture vidya balan nackt Balan says she used to visit every day of her growing up in Mumbai's eastern suburb.

Glad she brought up Chembur though. For that's where I'm chatting with her on video from. She's at her husband's office in Khar, which is also the neighbourhood her parents moved to, while she lives in Juhu. These are heartwarming coordinates for Bombayites, among whom she remains still the 'Chembur girl'. Mayank Shekhar connects with the actor over a video call. The now popular term 'outsider' refers to first-generation professionals in the film industry.

And they're in huge numbers — lead actors aren't all there is to the movies. Still, there are in fact far fewer 'insiders' of Bombay, who are but outsiders to Bollywood, than you'd imagine.

Especially among heroes, if you may. Even Dirty picture vidya balan nackt, the 'Virar ka chokra', is a producer's son. Off-hand one mainstream Bollywood hero from Bombay, but with no family connections to films, I can think of, is Balan's super-hit Bhool Bhulaiyaa co-star, Akshay Kumar, who grew up in Sion, quite close to Chembur: "Shilpa [Shetty] was three years my senior in school [St Anthony's], although I didn't know her personally then," Balan points out.

This debate has left me confused. It's different for different people, right? Think it's about how hard you're willing to work, once you get that break. And even how much you're willing to wait out for that break! It was while she was in the front row of a Bryan Adams concert that producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra finally called to say she was on.

Hearing it from the horse's mouth, Bryan Adams has turned into Girls that want to fuck in nazareth Iglesias. The number 75, Balan feels, is way off the mark. But yes, Iglesias was playing her favourite track Hero. Chopra insisted she step out of the venue to take her call. She heard the sweetest music to her ears, "You're my Parineeta.

She only has to thank, first, the persistence of her ad filmmaker-mentor Pradeep Sarkar Dadawho had written the rus kizlar ciplak resimler pornopic, based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's novel, keeping Balan in mind. She'd performed in a series of Sarkar's ad films, plus music videos, starting with Euphoria's Kabhi aana tu meri gully.

She had even assisted him on a Fanta commercial, with Rani Mukerji in it, and where she "learnt nothing on the set". Because the crew, knowing that she was Sarkar's future leading-lady, was dirty picture vidya balan nackt busy taking care of her instead! His wife was there. Dirty picture vidya balan nackt looked at her and said, 'Tell her something, tu kya keh rahi hai?

Having not formally trained in acting per se, Balan credits Naseeruddin Shah, for instance, for texting her during dirty picture vidya balan nackt shoot of Milan Luthria's The Dirty Picture that she learn to leave behind her character on set, before heading home.

The film remains still her most iconic, and that took everything out of her. Kahaaniin comparison, she suggests, was a breeze, because she had all along been part of the writing process as a sounding-board for director Sujoy Ghosh.

Aur main entertainment hoon! I had dirty picture vidya balan nackt idea it would become so popular. There were other lines that I thought would. It's all in Rajat Arora's [dialogue] writing. Apparently actor Shiney Ahuja had responded with these words after being narrated Ishqiya's script by director Abhishek Chaubey.

It stuck. Arshad Warsi finally played the part — vying with uncle Naseer for Balan's attention: "I was horny mom adult match girl in chaghcharan amazed by how Arshad mouths a lot of throwaway lines, like it just came out of his head! That's the beauty of his delivery.

Yet, so far as shock dirty picture vidya balan nackt of a film is concerned, towering over The Dirty Picture might well be Paawith Balan playing Amitabh Bachchan's mom: "[Before shoot] I kept chewing [director] Balki's brains to set up a reading with Mr Bachchan.

Mother and son have a very physically comfortable relationship. I just can't hit him on the head, or instinctively pull his cheeks. You normally do that with a child. He is Amitabh Bachchan! We were shooting from Monday. Balki called me to Mr Bachchan's house for a look-test on Friday — to be [finally] followed by a reading.

Abhishek [Bachchan, who plays the husband] and I were ready with our costumes, waiting for Mr Bachchan to emerge from the make-up room. When he came out, I told Balki, I don't need a reading. I saw a year-old Auro. Something happened. I'm getting that same feeling [recalling the moment]! The last time we saw her on screen was as the math wiz Shakuntala Devi.

The film had to drop online — instead of releasing in theatres — due to the pandemic. Her film before that Mission Mangalwith a female ensemble cast, plus Akshay Kumar, had her headlining the act — surpassing Rs crore, touching Rs crore, at the box-office.

By all accounts, Shakuntala Devi was equally well-received on Amazon Prime, although nobody knows its viewership figure. Personally, what's the difference that she's discovered between success online, and in theatres? She says, "The reactions come staggered — well after the date [the film drops]. With movies in theatres, after the first weekend, all conversations are centred on numbers. Also, unlike with Mission Mangal, where my character was fictionalised, Shakuntala Devi was a real person.

And so, people read more and more about dirty picture vidya balan nackt, and kept getting back with responses. Balan gently counters, "Shakuntala Devi's daughter [from whose perspective the film has been written, and who partnered on the project] has been very transparent talking about her mother. Why wouldn't she do the same with her father? Some people who'd actually met Shakuntala Devi had found her to be reserved, even if witty; rather than boisterous as Balan played the part in the picture: "Maybe they met her at a time when she was not very boisterous for whatever reasons.

Maybe she was going through something, I don't know. We wanted to definitely focus on the maths, which is what got her worldwide recognition. The politics, astrology and all of that came much later in her life. To be fair to Balan, who's not the film's writer, but as she puts it, "People will have various opinions, especially because it is a real person that we're talking about.

And I respect that. But then, it would have been a different film. This is the film we chose to make! Possibly applies to a lot of arguments around biopics, actually.

Where Shakuntala Devi does follow a seamless narrative — a natural extension of sorts — is actually in Balan's own current filmography — if you dirty picture vidya balan nackt consider Tumhari Suluright before Mission Mangal.

What's common to these films — besides feminist subjects — are the roles of almost impossibly secure and sweet men by her side. There seems to be a feminist film in the Balan mould, developing into a sub-genre of its own.

Or too soon to tell? The men in my life have been the same. They have just accepted me and the women around for who they are. I feel that's where it comes from. No jerk boyfriends, ever? Unless you go through… I'm trying not to use harsh rude words here. But you know, you have to sift through life to get the real deal! Could it be that Bambaiya Hindi dirty picture vidya balan nackt no good?

Balan laughs. In her case, because she was clear she wanted to be an dirty picture vidya balan nackt from a young age, she made sure her Hindi was perfect: "My parents have an accent, I don't.

But on the set, at work, it's weird — dirty picture vidya balan nackt Hindi. If it wasn't for a string of bad luck, which ironically led her thereafter to be considered jinxed — having debuted opposite Mohanlal, and with around multiple Malayalam films signed up, on that account alone, Balan was once all set to kick off her career, betweenas a South Indian star.

The Mohanlal movie, dirty picture vidya balan nackt being extensively shot, got shelved. All other producers backed off. In the Tamil industry, Balan had been signed up by veteran K Balachander for two films.

Subsequently, dropped from both. There were two other films that she got replaced from, after having shot for their first schedules.

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