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Log in or Sign up. Newbie question: 5 strongest and not to difficult strains to start with? I am a newbie here and also in the mushy world. I am currently in my 3rd experiment in which everything bad except contamination happened to me.

At first everything went well. Mycelium growth was steady till the day and then it stopped. Informing myself on forums I realized I did a adult. com interracial sex pic after inoculating the glass I closed the 4 holes completely and so closed the gas exchange.

On the 20day yesterday I reopened them the 4 holes not the glasses and covered each glass in staniol paper the silver one for storing food etc for additional protection. Later yesterday I also realized that my temp regulator went wild and stayed ON for at least 4 hours when I found it making the temp in my chamber as high as 40 deg. I corrected this immediately and am now hoping that everything didn't die during the 'hot time' While waiting for the next disaster to happen I am preparing the next experiment as you can see I don't give up so, hmm, easily.

I will buy 5 best strains and by best I mean strains that: 1 are not too hard for a beginner to grow they must work with the Cake method 2 are the strongest available while penis envy vs golden teacher with point 1 In this and also the rest of my explanation I would welcome your comments. Joined: May 27, Messages: 1, Get one named for a person or place. Learn about that person or place while cultivating.

All the strains penis envy vs golden teacher require the same conditions, one isn't easier to grow than another. I would say in terms of penis envy vs golden teacher you are fooling yourself; the amount of mushrooms, no matter what variety penis envy vs golden teacher you can grow in a single grow is more than enough to send you into space and back. This is not cannabis. The easiest things to grow are cubes and they handle pretty much the same no matter what variety you choose, the important thing is how you grow them.

Good growing conditions will yield more and better flushes, poor growing conditions will yield less etc. Substrate, temperature and light are all factors that also affect the fruiting process.

Growing mushrooms requires that you follow the process from day 1. Substrate is in my number one category of things that can go wrong. To wet, to dry, etc.

My best tip would be to start in your kitchen, start working a lot with your substrate. Look into coffee and gypsum etc extra additives. I know many people here do consider potency to be an issue; I dont. I have heard people who claim their flushes have penis envy vs golden teacher impotent and Couple looking for sex tonight in silkeborg dont believe that so far.

Many things penis envy vs golden teacher affect your experience, medications, other drugs, fatigue, whatever. Often one things one is in perfect health; when it can be the opposite. One is tired and strung out. Professor PinHeadDec 9, FractalXplora and ypsigro like this. Thank you all! Professor PinHead: "A cube is a cube with the exception of penis envy" Unfortunately this one isn't available in my shop from EU.

I'll have to order it from somewhere else. Doesn't everyone like this one? And I see good reviews for Hillbillys? Don't know where to get them, but still And also So I don't know. It's honestly just a name someone pulled from where the sun doesn't shine, like all the rest of them. This is the reason I banned 'strain' discussion to a single thread at shroomery.

Penis envy vs golden teacher not, multiple daily posts asking about 'strains' would clutter up the penis envy vs golden teacher, giving the disinformation a false sense of relevance.

A strain is a pairing of compatible hyphae. Hyphae emerge individually from spores-one spore can produce one hyphae. When two compatible hyphae cross paths, they may or may not penis envy vs golden teacher, that is join via a clamp connection and share genetic material. When this happens, the cells go from being mononucleate to bi or polynucleate, containing genetic information from both parent hyphae.

We call this dikaryotic mycelium, and is the beginning of a strain. In other words, spores are not strains, so vendors selling spores as such are practicing marketing, not mycology. For growers interested in developing super strains, a breeding program is in order, but those polynucleate mycelium plates must be preserved so that when you find the great performers, you can keep that culture alive in perpetuity. This is what the edible growers do. If I order a strain of oyster or shiitake, etc.

If I penis envy vs golden teacher a shiitake strain and was sent spores, somebody's head would be rolling down the street, and I'd immediately reverse the charges to my credit card. RogerRabbitDec 9, FractalXplora likes this. Psilocybe cubensis is fairly easy to grow. LuckOfTheFryishDec 9, Joined: Sep 8, Messages: All very easy to grow. Michael LogicalDec 9, Joined: Jun 3, Messages: 3, Psylocybe Fanaticus just passed away I personally found Texans to be strong growers and strong fruits, but this had more to do with the isolation that I was working with than it does with the name.

Good luck. Stay persistent and let us help when we can. JavadogDec 9, Joined: Aug 8, Messages: Location: in your brain. You could throw all of those varieties in a hat and just pick one, and you'ld more than likely be happy if you get mature fruits.

Low potency seems to be fairly rare, and in my short experience, it's been non-existent. Pick a name that stands out to you, and grow it out. If you want to experience different actives, then research the cultivation of the Panaeolus species, which don't need much more skill to grow than cubensis, or try your hand at penis envy or the albino varieties.

Whatever you choose be sure to share the fun here. Good luck with all of your projects. WellerDec 9, Weller; cum hirsche frei nackt bild frau rack put. HorizonSpawnDec 9, I have to agree. When it comes to me and mushrooms, I am reminded of a line from Woody Allen's "Manhattan": [Younger Woman]: "I finally had an orgasm and my doctor told me it was the wrong kind.

I never had the wrong kind, never. My worst one was right on the money. Much stronger usually. Take care, JD. PE-n-hedDec 9, Oh my! I really feel welcomed here on the forum!

What ever I'll do I'll take photos as recommended and will post my little projects here. But I will definitely have to learn agar I see. Agar is the way to go and is much easier than most think.

Joined: Penis envy vs golden teacher 8, Messages: 1, Location: canada. Good advice PH,I've also found this to be true of South American varieties If I had to go for speed and large,consistently potent fruits I'd go Peurto Rican but thats just my opinion and experience.

I would add the same for Brazils. JavadogDec 11, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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