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I was recently reminded that this opinion is very much in the minority: A study published earlier this month in the journal Sex Roles found that the husbands of women who chose to keep their surname were more likely to be perceived as feminine holen sie sich einen guten handjob those whose wives changed their names.

That may be in part because the notion that a woman who marries a man is supposed to change woman who suck cock in zahedan name is so woman who suck cock in zahedan in our society, she said. But the bulk of women marrying men still appear to be changing their names. So why is this one of the few traditions that continues to persist with little question? There are a variety of reasons, according to researchers:.

That means that even when a woman keeps her surname, it ultimately gets lost in the next generation in many cases. That may be motivation for women to simply give into the tradition and change their names, she said. But, she notes, the power of those ideas may be helping to maintain the stereotypes surrounding women who keep their last names and the stereotypes surrounding their husbands.

My comfort in keeping my name may extend in part from having had the opposite experience. Woman who suck cock in zahedan mom kept her last name and, as it happens, so did most of the moms of my friends.

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