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Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Forum Settings Forums. Will the DN Angel manga ever b Manga Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Will the DN Angel manga ever be completed? And I heard its still not completed o n o. That is correct. Tokyopop published the first 13 volumes, but they stopped hentai d n angel manga scans English manga since Though I heard some few hentai d n angel manga scans try to start publishing manga again but most, if not all, of their licences have been expired so don't expect to see any new volumes of DN Angel anytime soon.

Sadly, probably not. Not even in Japan. I have my own anime blog. It's called Anime Viking. Hope you'll you read it! I was just wondering if it would ever be finished and checked here to see if there were any updates on the series I couldn't find.

Unfortunately, as it says on her wikipedia page, "Sugisaki is also infamous for abandoning stories before completion. Truly gewaltigsten in der pussy welt waste of a story. I haven't even kept hentai d n angel manga scans with her newer series, such as Knights, because of her being liable to leave the series unfinished.

Eleven years hentai d n angel manga scans MAL! I just noticed, at the bottom of chapter 73, the last chapter, it said "The End". I'm starting to wonder if that meant the end of the series, not just the end of the chapter.

That's a pretty bad way to leave it though. The chapter ends with a pretty huge cliffhanger so I'd say the "The End" just stands for the chapter and not the whole series.

Unfortunately this makes the waiting even more agonizing. I want to know how Daisuke is going to respond!! We are all left with a big cliffhanger, seriously. I hate the fact that mangaka had lost her feels in continuing her own story so she just left it there and focused on her new ones. Oh god, I can't blame her, tho. But it's just so disappointing, yknow?

DN Angel is so beautiful, I read the manga because the anime didn't get the ending it deserved. I want to know if Riku will accept the fact that Dark is Daisuke and how will Risa react. I mean, will she develop some feelings to Hentai d n angel manga scans, knowing that Dark's inside him? I want him to end with Risa so bad, they're so cute together, if ever. Ugh, I hate this. I shouldn't have read this from the start if I know Sugisaki-sensei will not finish this damn perfect manga.

I'm so disappointed, no offense. Gaaracarson said: half way through and still nothing. I disapointed way d. It's coming back but lets not get our hopes up. I don't know if people will scanlate either We'll see. Avatar credit: vuvuzela. Is any group going to pick this up? I can't even find raws anywhere, just links to dead livejournal sites. Kan 5 Fruits Basket 2nd Season. Rayla Offline Joined: Jun Posts: Marow Offline Joined: Dec Posts: BBCode I have my own anime blog. I'm so disappointed, no offense Gaaracarson said: half way through and still nothing.

I feel like the author is a very talented individual who comes up and creates some amazing masterpieces and classics, but I feel like completely stopping a story and leaving it at the climax, just because hentai d n angel manga scans don't feel like finishing it is unprofessional.

I think that's why I probably won't read another one of her works because reife frau saugen schwarzen schwanz her unprofessionalism and her ego.

I feel like the author doesn't give a damn about her fans, if she is going to put the series in some indefinite hiatus, I need a reason.

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