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Up to the Season 3 finale, Draper was creative director of fictional Manhattan advertising firm Sterling Cooper. He then became a founding partner at a new firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, after he and his superiors left their previous agency in advance of an unwanted acquisition.

Donald Francis Draper is revealed through flashbacks to be the assumed identity of Richard "Dick" Whitman, [3] born in Illinois in to a prostitute and an abusive, alcoholic farmer, Archibald "Archie" Whitman Pre teen madchen unterwasche model Culp.

His mother died in laborand his father was killed from a kick by a spooked horse, an accident a year-old Dick witnessed. Dick was raised primarily by a stepmotherArchie's wife Abigail Brynn Horrockswho treated him with cruelty because she saw his very existence as a reminder of her husband's infidelity. She had a son named Adam, who was Dick's half-brother. The one person to show him any kindness pre teen madchen unterwasche model a child was "Uncle Mack" Morgan Ruslerwho taught him how to survive in the real world.

Mack was "with" Abigail's sister and ran the brothel where Dick and Adam grew up after leaving the family farm. Many years later, one of the prostitutes at the brothel had Dick and Adam pickpocket coins from trousers while she was turning tricks, to which the boys would be paid in the form of Hershey bars. Don recalls eating these as the closest he ever got to a "normal childhood". Dick recalled one of his few exposures to the outside world was the story of Milton Hershey and his school for orphaned childrenand wondered why he failed to qualify for such a place, considering both his parents were deceased, which made him think he was forgotten.

She took his virginity in a way that creator Matthew Weiner stated concerned "his relationship to sex and molestation ", [4] and reviewer Abigail Rine described more directly as rape. Whitman supposedly never finishes high school, [6] and in his early 20s he runs away to enlist in the United States Army during the Korean War.

During an enemy artillery attack Whitman causes an explosion by accident, killing Lieutenant Draper instantly. A seriously wounded Whitman switches Draper's dog tags with his own before passing out. He later awakens in a U. Army field hospital, presumed to be Lieutenant Draper, and is nick minaj arsch und pussy the Purple Heart.

He is sent home on a train with Lieutenant Draper's coffin believed to be Private Whitman's to offer the Army's regrets to Whitman's survivors. He avoids meeting the Whitmans at the train station but is spotted by Adam Jay Paulsonwhose parents fail to recognize him. Years later, Dick learned Adam took this so hard he hanged himself.

Whitman begins his life anew as Don Draper, working as a used-car salesman. Anna M. He informs her of Don's death and confesses to his masquerade. The two form a close bond that continues for many years. Anna remains a close pre teen madchen unterwasche model and confidante until her death from pre teen madchen unterwasche model cancer in With the support of his boss, he writes advertising copy for the fur company, helping him build a portfolio along with some spec ads.

It is at this job that Draper meets his future wife, Elizabeth "Betty" Hofstadt January Jonesa model who is photographed for one of his own ads. After a chance meeting at the store, he tricks a drunken Roger Sterling John Slattery into offering him a job at Pre teen madchen unterwasche model Cooper, and eventually becomes its Creative Director.

He is considered a major asset to the company, as he has considerable talent for understanding pre teen madchen unterwasche model desires of others and for effectively pitching and selling ideas. Because of this, he is occasionally courted by other advertising firms. Although he keeps his true character heavily guarded, almost everyone at the firm is portrayed as respecting his talent. At the same time, many in the firm are also troubled by Draper's erratic behavior.

Peggy Olson Elisabeth Moss begins her career at Sterling Cooper as Draper's secretary, but with her boss' support she becomes a copywriter. Throughout the series their relationship is portrayed as one of trust and mutual respect, even as Peggy advances in her career and eventually leaves the firm. They have two children - Sally Kiernan Shipkaborn in or earlyand Bobby Maxwell Huckabeeborn in or early Megan has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, and asks him for a divorce.

Feeling guilty over his past infidelities, Draper gives her a generous divorce settlement. He does his work well and pre teen madchen unterwasche model assumes his old position with the company. McCann's executives groom Draper as management material, but he panics at the thought of being tied down and leaves the company in the middle of a meeting. Draper embarks upon a nomadic existence as a mechanic, and in the series' final episode, "Person to Person", moves into a commune with Anna's niece Stephanie Caity Lotz.

In the last scene of the episode and series, he sits and meditates, with a smile on his face. Don Draper met his future wife, Betty Hofstadtwhen she was working as a model, later surprising her when he pre teen madchen unterwasche model a fur she wore during a photo shoot.

With that gesture being the start of their relationship, Betty and Don were soon married. The couple later has pre teen madchen unterwasche model first child, Sally, soon followed by a son, Bobby. In Season 3, the Drapers have another son, Gene, named after Betty's recently deceased father. Don cheats on his wife repeatedly throughout Seasons 1 and 2. In Season 1, he is involved with Midge Daniels Rosemary DeWitta pot -smoking artist and beatnik who works out of a small apartment in Greenwich Village.

Her bohemian lifestyle and friends do not appeal to Don, but their relationship offers him an escape from his high-pressure job and life of responsibilities. He changes his mind after realizing Midge is in love with a fellow beatnikand instead stuffs the check into her blouse, telling her to 'go buy a car' with it.

Don doesn't see her again until Season 4, when Midge pretends to inadvertently run into him with the hope of selling a painting to help fund her heroin addiction. He agrees to visit her apartment but, after learning of pre teen madchen unterwasche model true intentions, somberly purchases a painting and leaves.

Rachel is educated, sophisticated, and a savvy businesswoman, assisting her father in running the family business. Despite bickering with her during their initial business meetings, Don and she become intimate, and they eventually begin an affair.

Their relationship collapses after he professes a desire to run away with her, prompting Rachel to realize Draper simply wants an excuse to run away and forget his responsibilities. She leaves on a cruise to Europe and marries sometime before the beginning of Season 2. Don admires her savvy and boldness and the pair enter into a sexualized power struggle.

They continue their affair, taking a trip to Bobbie's beach house in Stony Brook on Long Islandbut their plans are interrupted by a pre teen madchen unterwasche model accident. Arrested for drunk driving and unable to post bond with the cash on his pre teen madchen unterwasche model, Don reaches out to Peggy, who travels from Brooklyn to Long Island in the middle of the night to post his bail.

Bobbie stays with Peggy until her injuries from the accident heal. The affair between Draper and Bobbie pre teen madchen unterwasche model until the episode "Maidenform", when she lets it slip that his previous mistresses have been talking about his sexual prowess.

Because he highly values his privacy, Draper is disgusted that his extramarital escapades are being gossiped about, and immediately ends the affair. He must continue his professional relationship with the Barretts.

The Pre teen madchen unterwasche model and the Barretts meet at the Is there any real women in odintsovo Club for a night out.

At the end of the evening, Jimmy reveals to Betty that their spouses have had an affair. When Betty confronts him, Draper repeatedly denies the accusations, infuriating her. The strain leads to Don and Betty's first separation, and he moves into a hotel room. His father-in-law has another stroke, necessitating a visit from Don at the Hofstadt home to keep up the appearance of a happy marriage.

In his post-stroke confusion, Hofstadt openly expresses his disdain for his son-in-law, saying, "He's got no people. You can't trust a man like that. When they pre teen madchen unterwasche model home, however, Betty tells pre teen madchen unterwasche model not to move back in, saying "We were only pretending.

In California, he meets a mysterious European viscount with a year-old daughter named Joy Laura Ramsay. Despite telling Pre teen madchen unterwasche model that the trip is strictly business, Draper joins Joy and her "jet set" family of self-described nomads at their lavish vacation home in Palm Springs. He sleeps mich und meine asiatischen galerien her the same night then leaves Joy the next morning to visit Anna Draper, who convinces him to return home to his wife and family.

Later, Draper returns to Ossining and tells Betty he "wasn't respectful" to her. Betty reveals she is pregnant. Don has a one-night-stand with stewardess Shelly Laura Beth Coakleypre teen madchen unterwasche model tells Don she's engaged and that this may be the only chance she has left to dally. He responds: "I've been married a long time; you get plenty of chances. In Pre teen madchen unterwasche model 3, Don has pre teen madchen unterwasche model affair lasting several months with his daughter's schoolteacher, Suzanne Farrell Abigail Spencer.

Their relationship builds slowly over several accidental meetings and conversations laden with innuendo. Don becomes infatuated by Suzanne's optimism and kindness and they finally consummate their relationship in September On October 30,he plans a weekend get-away with Suzanne, believing his wife and children are out of town.

While Suzanne waits in the car, he enters his house to retrieve a suitcase and is stunned to find Betty at home. She reveals that she's found a key to the locked drawer in Draper's desk and discovered the box of photographs and other evidence of his past life, as well as several hundred dollars in emergency escape funds. Forced to reveal his true identity, Don never returns to the car and Suzanne eventually walks home.

Even though they have not been discovered, he calls her the next day to break off the relationship. Draper begins an unsuccessful attempt to pre teen madchen unterwasche model his marriage, but Betty uses his lies about pre teen madchen unterwasche model life and past as an excuse pre teen madchen unterwasche model divorce him in order to marry Henry Francisan aide to New York State governor Nelson Rockefeller.

Following the dissolution of his marriage, Don's relationship with women reaches its nadir during Season 4, which takes place from to At the beginning of Season 4, set inhe hires a prostitute named Candace Erin Cummings to slap him during sex.

They go on three dates, but the relationship goes nowhere, as he regards her as sweet and pretty, but interchangeable. After winning at the Clio Awards and during a weekend of heavy drinking, Draper goes to bed with one woman and blacks out, wakes up with a different woman, and has no recollection of what has happened. He continues to visit the prostitute and pay her, eventually setting Lane Pryce up with the prostitute one night in his apartment. While on a trip to California he visits Anna in San Pedroand attempts to seduce her year-old niece Stephanie.

Because she has known Draper since she was a child, she declines and tells him that her aunt has cancer. Later in the season, as Anna is on her deathbed, Draper repeatedly contemplates calling her, but can't bring himself to say goodbye until it's too late. When Draper goes home drunk after an office Christmas party, he forgets the keys to pre teen madchen unterwasche model apartment.

He asks Allison Alexa Alemannihis secretary, to deliver the keys to him. Having had a crush on him all along, she retrieves his keys and brings them back to his apartment, where Draper is barely conscious. Instead of leaving his keys and going back to the party, Allison invites herself inside and offers to cook for him. He refuses and collapses onto his couch.

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