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Despite its name, Two and a Half Men would not have been nearly as funny or entertaining without the addition of the female characters. Whether you were rooting for Charlie to end up with a certain girlfriend or waited for him to finally get his comeuppance, the ladies who were mostly introduced as his paramours definitely left an impression. Vaugier played a dance teacher on the show named Mia who has no interest in Charlie until he claims Jake, his nephew, enjoys dancing.

Mia agrees to go on a date with Charlie but only if he gives up eating meat, among many of the other vices he enjoys. Of course, Charlie agrees… but continues to do all of those things behind her back anyway. Two and a half men girls nackt ultimately leaves him but comes back in a later episode to ask him to father a baby with her.

He ends up breaking up with her because he does not want to commit. Lisa eventually tells Charlie that she has plans to get married and Charlie tries to win her back by pretending that he has become a family-oriented guy. Lisa and her husband end up divorcing and she takes Charlie back. True to form, though, Charlie again ends things with Lisa because of his fear of commitment.

Denise Richards, who played Lisa, was actually married to Charlie Sheen in real life. Richards and Sheen cam chat free sex web tork married from until and they had two daughters together named Sam and Lola. After several tumultuous years of marriage, Richards filed for a divorce from Sheen while pregnant with their second child.

She later adopted another daughter, named Eloise. Today, Richards is 47 two and a half men girls nackt is still working as an actress. Her movie called 1st Born is in post-production. Rose was a fan favorite, as two and a half men girls nackt was one of the most curiously behaved women Charlie had ever dated. The two were only together for one night, but that one time fling led Rose to begin stalking Charlie.

Later on in the show, Charlie and Rose actually get engaged and run off to Paris together. However — spoiler alert — Charlie seemingly dies before they tie the knot. The New Zealand native was married two and a half men girls nackt actor Jimmi Simpson until the couple divorced in Chelsea Melini had the great honor of being the very first woman on the show that Charlie ever admitted he loved.

When he first says it, he claims that it was an accident. While Chelsea started out as just another fling for Charlie, their relationship ultimately turned serious. Charlie goes far to get Chelsea to admit that she loves him too by proposing to her. Jennifer continued to act after her two and a half men girls nackt on Two and a Half Men and was subsequently involved in other shows and films.

The actress is 45 and married to songwriter Paul Taylor. The couple have two children together. Evelyn had a strained relationship with both of her sons and they both tried to see as little of her as possible. However, when they did end up meeting, it made for great TV. She was known for getting involved with older men with money and then making sure to inherit their assets after their passing.

Today, Taylor is in her mid seventies but she is not letting her age stop her from doing her thing. Harper is continuing to get acting jobs in Hollywood and has appeared on other televisions shows including The Orville and Hollywood Mom.

Taylor recently got cast in a big role in the show Mr. Mercedes where she plays two and a half men girls nackt character Ida Silver. Judith was infamous for spending her alimony cheques from Alan on plastic surgery and luxurious purchases. Marin has continued to have a successful acting career and can be seen on the dramatic series Madam Secretary on CBS.

She also appeared as Dr. Miller in Speechless and as Christine Lonas on Homeland. Hinkle is now 51 and continuing to get acting jobs. While Hinkle could not catch a break with her relationships on Two and a Half Men, in reality she is happily married to Randall Sommer. Lyndsey kept popping up on the show after she began a relationship with Alan in season 7. Their relationship was quite tumultuous as it was very much on and off.

We cannot count how many times these two broke up and reunited. Thorne-Smith played the role of Lyndsey for five years on Two and a Half Men the actress has slowed down her work in show business.

It two and a half men girls nackt not, however, turn out well for Alan, who we see tied up by Beverly when Charlie walks into his room. You may recognize Allison Janney from one of her many television or movie roles. Janney is probably best known for her sexiga underklader kvinna knull i goteborg on The West Wing, and she has continued to work in Hollywood for years since then.

The role has been great for Janney as she earned an Emmy for her work on the show. Charlie was trying to get Alan to move out of his house and came up with a scheme to set him up with Danielle to get him out. Danielle was with many men in the past but thought it was time for her to settle down for a lasting relationship. However, when Danielle confides in Charlie about her past, Charlie decides he wants to be with her instead. The two brothers argue over who gets to date her, which causes her to make up her own mind, and leave.

Now in her early fifties, Shields is married to producer and screenwriter Chris Henchy, and they have two children together. She ends up marrying Alan in a Vegas wedding and moves in with him.

Just like most of the other women on this list, Bowlby is still an active actress in Hollywood and has landed mostly small parts in other television shows after her appearance on TAAHM. Bowlby is currently filming a movie titled Love me or Else and is involved in a two and a half men girls nackt called Reunion, which is in post-production. She is also famous for having dated the well-known singer Josh Groban.

Courtney met Charlie after her father got engaged to his mother. The two begin to see each other even though Alan warns his brother that Courtney has some sociopathic tendencies.

She was once a Playboy bunny and was the star of her own television show back in the s. McCarthy notably dated comedic actor Jim Carrey but the two eventually split. McCarthy has a son with autism and she advocates for awareness of the condition. She has also made some of her controversial views very public such as being against giving disease preventing vaccinations to children. Like Charlie, Sherri was used to trading in her dating partners, only in her case, it was men.

Ironically, this proved to be two and a half men girls nackt much for Charlie, and after she tried to play hard to get, their time together came to an end. Sherri then ran into the arms of Alan but that did not last, either. She can also be seen on the series created by Amazon Prime called Bosch. Ryan has two children two and a half men girls nackt her French chef husband, Christophe Eme.

Kimberly had a fair bit of acting experience before appearing on Two and a Half Men, already being famous for her role in the hit movie Father of the Bride.

She also appeared on According to Jim for 8 years. Her latest project is a festive film titled The Christmas Train, which is in post-production. Williams-Paisley got her hyphenated last name from being married to country singer Brad Paisley. The good looking couple have two kids together. Bridget believes Walden is too immature and refuses to get back together with him until she finds out he is dating Zoey. She comes to his beach house and begs for him to take her back but Walden instead offers to finalize their divorce.

She switched roles to behind the scenes when she was a casting director for the movie version of Entourage. She has also lent her voice to animated shows such as StoryBots and Archer. When she is not doing voice-overs, she is in front of the camera and was recently cast in the remake of the hit movie, Halloween. Zoey dated Walden for two seasons until the single mother rejected his marriage proposal.

You may be surprised to know that this British beauty is actually royalty as she tied the knot with Lord Frederick Windsor. Windsor is a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth, which means that Winkleman is royal by marriage.

She is now appearing on camera again and is currently filming for a new show title Trust, which also features Donald Sutherland and Hilary Swank. Charlie and Linda were introduced after Alan planned a double date involving his brother. While Charlie thought that Linda was beautiful, she was turned off by his personality and all around rudeness. Eventually, two and a half men girls nackt, Linda decides she had judged him too quickly, and two and a half men girls nackt to give Charlie another chance — until he embarrasses her at a ceremony where she to receive an award.

If you get the feeling that you have heard the name Ming-Na Wen it might be because she was the voice of the Disney character Mulan. Nowadays you can find Wen acting in the sci-fi series Agents of S. She is married to Eric Michael Zee, and the couple have two children together. While Alan and Judy were going through their divorce proceedings, Laura was employed by Alan as his lawyer. However, Charlie ruined this when he slept with her and promised that he would make himself available to her whenever she wanted.

Charlie obviously broke his oath to Laura and she exacted her revenge by ruining the divorce settlement between Judith and Alan. In the end, Alan let her go and hired a new lawyer. Her most notable roles were on Melrose Place and Spin City. She gets introduced to Charlie and the gerade amateur oral sex bilder end up spending the remainder of the day with each other.

We also find out that due to Kandi and Mandi looking very similar, strangers would often mistake them for sisters, and not mother and daughter. Since playing Mandi on the show, she has appeared in other projects such as Ms. Fields and Revenge. Her last marriage ended in and was to actor John Stamatakis.

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