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  1. the woman with the dark curly hair is my favorite here.

  2. Came here for the cosplay but stayed for the beats.

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Inwhen the first stable photographic image on paper was produced, no one could have foreseen the wide-ranging effects that photography would have on the course of history--and on the art world in particular. An amazing photograph not only frames and captures a brief moment in time, but it speaks volumes through a complex interplay between subject matter, light, contrast, texture, and color. Joseph Nicephore Niepce, inused a camera obscura to produce the first stable photographic image a negative upon silver nitrate-coated paper--but this image took several days of exposure time, and the resulting picture was unclear.

Later, Louis Daguerre developed a technique of developing images on metal that reduced exposure time and schwarz ebenholz mit playboy models nude sharper, more stable pictures. The first commercially-available color photography process, Autochrome, was released in and was based on innovations by Louis Ducos Hauron and Charles Cros.

The next major revolution in photography would come in when the first commercially-available digital camera, the Dycam Model 1, was released. In addition to choosing the appropriate camera, lens, and film, and then framing and timing a shot, photographers can choose to use filters, lights, special darkroom processes, and digital enhancement among other tools and techniques to gain a high level of control over their images.

Portrait and animal photographers wishing to make an individual subject or a group the focal point for a shot may use a large aperture for a shallow depth of field to put their subject s in focus while keeping the background blurred.

Landscape photographers wanting to clearly capture an entire panoramic view may choose the opposite. Though some photography purists insist on forgoing digital enhancement of any kind, many choose to use it to retouch imperfections and enhance color, among other effects.

Prominent 19th century photographers include Oscar Rejlander known for his photomontage imagesJulia Cameron celebrity portraitsEadward Muybridge California landscapesand Albert Bierstadt American West landscapes. These early pioneers of artistic photography helped gain acceptance of photography as an art form rather than as a mere method of documentation.

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