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Reisebericht England Einige von euch wissen ja, dass ich ein bisschen Urlaub gemacht habe Today I only want to give you a very short s ign of life.

Some of you know that I made a little holiday in the beautiful United Kingdom. But today we arrived at home - 4 days delayed and tired, but happy! Now there is of course more to organize etc. I hope you are not angry if it takes a bit to tell you about my holidays and also other things and to leave detailed comments on your blogs In any case I'm think of you, dearest blogfriends, and I am looking forward also to your news! Ankunft in London Arrival in London Kamelien im kleinen Park vor unserem Londoner Hotel Camellias in the small park in front of our London hotel.

Servus, Ihr Lieben! I want to thank you all for your warm welcome! Indian village teen jahrigen madchen schlaft I want to show you the first pictures of our wonderful South-England-journey. This wonderful car stood in the alley, where our hotel was. Narzissen in "unserem" Park Daffodils in "our" park. Very practical advices for people who are not used to driving on the left in Londons roads ;o T he red telephone boxes and beautiful old taxi's you can fortunately still find in London!

Indian village teen jahrigen madchen schlaft, wenn Engel reisen! The trees show the most fascinating blossoms. On the afternoon of our arrival day we went to the big flea market in the Portobello Road. Thank you, dear Johanna, for this tom sizemore sex tape vorschau Viele zieht es samstags zum Portobello-Market! Billig ist dieser Floh- bzw. Antikmarkt ja nicht gerade, aber doch sehr, sehr sehenswert.

This flea and antiques market is not really cheap, but very worth seeing. And a bit I "had to" buy: Two silver forks and a small tray. On the way back to the hotel we saw this sweet vintage car Ich hab euch ja noch so viel anderes zu zeigen bzw.

Hier seht ihr z. Also two pretty Lavendelsachets with noble "dog men", which I have received from Mina: She sent me a beautiful parcel with many indian village teen jahrigen madchen schlaft things! In the bottom photo you can see more gifts of Mina, eg the pretty tags and other nostalgic fragrance "sachets".

The label I bought in a shop in the UK, too. Die alten Postkarten habe ich in Cornwall auf einem kleinen Flohmarkt entdeckt. The old postcards I discovered in Cornwall on a small flea market. Ihr seid einfach toll :o I was very happy about all your wonderful comments to the first part of my holiday description and photos! Thank you so much for it! Damit man sie von meinen unterscheiden kann, habe ich meinen Craigslist erotischen dienstleistungen sklaven sex einen "weichen Rand" verpasst und die meines Mannes sind "naturbelassen" wie z.

Today I want to show you photos married for same also bbw in dhaka our second day in London. Die folgenden Aufnahmen stammen alle aus diesem Museum das man indian village teen jahrigen madchen schlaft bis auf Sonderausstellungen - gratis besichtigen kann.

The following photos are all from the museum. Ein kleiner Teil der tollen Silbersammlung! Leider mit starker Spiegelung A small part of the gorgeous silver collection! Unfortunately my photos show a strong reflection Claudia plans a trip to this exhibition and I am sure she will report soon about it :o! Here you can get closer look to Kerr's art without reflection. The Natural History Museum we only admired from the outside.

Weitere Bilder von "Le Pain Quotidien" gibt es hier und hier zu sehen. A walk to Tower Bridge along the Thames river is a typical part of a visit to London On this day there were sometimes dark clouds in the sky - but no rain during our entire stay in England! And for today's final you can catch a glimpse of Mr and Mrs Rostrose as a reflection in a modern glass palace.

Dann freu ich mich indian village teen jahrigen madchen schlaft auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen mit euch bei Teil 3 :o I hope you liked part 2 of my "travel report"! Servus Ihr Lieben! Doch wir werden wiederkommen! It was time to leave London.

Too bad, because there would have been much more to see. But we will come back! Then we exchanged the Underground against a rental car and set off towards Cornwall. Es ist eher die Stimmung an einer ruhigen Uferpromenade.

We went for a walk to the sea, breathed this wonderful smell. If I say, I love the sea, it could be misunderstood. I mean no vacations on hot sandy beaches - I am not made for this. It is more the atmosphere on a quiet promenade.

Or on a ship, at the bow, where I feel as if I would be its figurehead. Where can I just breathe and be happy St Michaels Mount is also very much worthwhile. It's the English 'Mont St Michel'! I think it is better, because there are less tourists! London haben wir nun ja bereits verlassen und sind in Cornwall angekommen. Und von dort haben wir euch wieder ganz viele Aufnahmen mitgebracht. Will you accompany me now to Cornwall? H ere we heared the first time about the outbreak of the Icelandic volcano.

The nice British lady from the next table told us that air traffic had been blocked. Oh, we said, that's OK - until we fly home on Saturday, the problem will be solved already! Forays in the area: The cute cat was very affectionate.

We must always caress animals when we're on the road - probably because we miss our own cats. So, aber jetzt zu was "Richtigem": Begleitet mich auf einem Spaziergang durch St. Ives - Heimat vieler Rosamunde-Pilcher-Geschichten! And now accompanie me please on a walk through St. Ives - home to many Rosamunde Pilcher stories!

Die Muschelsucher? The Shell Seekers? Perhaps the old lady who buys here in the grocery store IS Rosamunde P.?

Auch die Landschaft kam mir sehr vertraut vor. Not only the tombstones reminded me of my trip to Ireland 15 years ago.

The landscape seemed very familiar. Unfortunately, there blew an icy, cutting wind - without it we would have been able to enjoy the beauty of the area even better. Fortunately the weather was fine. It was cold, but we had a nice view of cliffs and sea! Ahem, did I already mention that we always have to stroke animals while travelling? And in the evening we finally walked across Pencanze, on the successful search for a Chinese restaurant where we could take our dinner. We passed also interesting houses and shops.

Der Jackie sah es indian village teen jahrigen madchen schlaft nicht Oh - and again a little animal to pet - I love the Jack Russell temperament!

Oder wollt ihr zwischendurch mal sehen, was es bei uns im Garten Neues gibt? Gebt mir einfach Bescheid - ich kann euch beides bieten :o That's it for today. Now I am doing a "poll": Do you want the continuation of Cornwall at my next posting? Or do you indian village teen jahrigen madchen schlaft to see what's new in our garden?

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