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The passion and dedication we put into our offerings is all worthwhile when we get these wonderful notes from you. We are thrilled and touched by the appreciation from many thousands of people in more than countries whose lives have been graced by Divine Openings. Everyone is different, and results vary by individual. We offer some of the notes that people send us, not as guarantees, but to inspire you, to show you what's possible with Divine Openings when you really commit and open wide to let more Grace in.

Some personal wild things silvie und gnade have been removed, but otherwise, these are as sent to us. This man wrote in im looking some good head in boosaaso distress thinking he needed professional help.

He was having flashbacks of a graphic sexual assault every night. Lola told Alice what to say, and Lola intended assistance for him. Next day he wrote: "Regarding the 'sexual assault', Yes it did happen again when I fell asleep.

It lasted less than 15 seconds and the entire ordeal was over. Thought the team might wanna know. Dear Lola, I just have been experiencing huge changes in how I feel. I love my job, my colleagues, and I wake up in the morning feeling that all is well and that great things are going to happen.

A change from the nightmares and fears I was experiencing in the past. My wild things silvie und gnade with my 4 brothers and my daughters i want to fuck in freeport so comforting and loving, and with my friends who are not all in the same place as me I am accepting and appreciating. I seem to be open to giving and receiving tons more love. My girls are expressing more love and appreciation every day, call me up all the time I know you understand that through the huge love you feel for your mum.

I even feel an increasing love for my mum who was not at all loving towards me! I have joined your July webinar about Purpose, Passion, wild things silvie und gnade Aging, because Wild things silvie und gnade am thinking of what I want to create after stopping work. I visited a place in Oregon wild things silvie und gnade I fell in love with and where homes are affordable. The people there were amazingly friendly, and I made a bunch of friends.

Quite crazy, but folks just walked up to me to say hello! I know the Presence will find me a beautiful place and allow me to feel financially comfortable wild things silvie und gnade it all. My daughters have been really supportive about it too after initial misgivings, and one has even offered to help me move and drive the U Haul for me!

I seem to get a divine opening every time I do! Much love and joy, Grace. Dear Lola! And every time it is wonderful to see you! There is no question in me, therefore I am quiet.

But I enjoy the energy, so powerful, and what you said that concerns me, helps me, is wonderful. Thank you for sending us the meditations!

All the best for you, Much love, Sabine Mixforf, Germany. I wanted to give you an update on my cousin Jxxx. Talk about numb as a fence post!

It took about three years after the retreat we brought her to but wild things silvie und gnade vibration and self worth have increased ten-fold! She is clean from all drugs, is working an awesome job, is in love an amazing man and is getting married! Talk about a turn around!! Thank you again for helping her. I did not know the person she had become, but the old Jackie, my cousin, the one I grew-up with and close friend is back and I am so grateful and happy!!

Thank you again!! If you want to use this as a testimonial, please remove our names. See you at the next retreat! Love, Vxxx. Thank you Lola!

The meditation with the alternate self was literally mind blowing!!! What wild things silvie und gnade scrumptious treat. I was very tired yesterday and coming around more today. There was truly such a blending amazing contact.

From our enlightened business webinars to the guide webinars and the intention groups and the beloved guide tribes. These connections have brought Divine Openings into my heart and home in a very real life way. Kudos for the continued development of DO. It was such a tremendous treat to be present and participate in the final ceremony not sure what we call this at the last silent retreat.

What a powerful experience of Divine Openings. It had a profound effect on my experience of opening and the immediate depth of the divine. Marvelous to touch celestial bodies within the flesh of our beautiful receivers. With much love, Meg, Accountant and Entrepreneur. Since I met you: my relationship to all my family members gets better and better. I have rescued my marriage.

I am not so over-busy in my work any more. My english is better. In former times I was in the survival modus, now I have an idea how life could be. I do more sport. I am more relaxed and softer. I understand and love me more and more. Your books are the best I have ever read and worked. Nicola, Eye Doctor, Germany. I arrived today and have just awoken from a long nap. So looking forward to this adventure. Just thought I would rave to you!!

Also from Lynda: hi my loves, i imagine Lola is in wild things silvie und gnade mode and might not get this message but I just had to share with you Part II in the wild and wonderful story das englische herrenhaus femdom medical exam our unexpected media coverage. This week BBC did a 2-minute video on us, and the story has now been heard all over the world!

Our wild things silvie und gnade heard it in Switzerland and our other friend found a Croatian translation on-line, and we heard from a lovely parent who listened in the US, we're in Vanity Fair Italia and we've been asked to do an interview with a paper in India!

I never imagined that our story could touch a chord with so many And the responses have been truly heart-warming. And I know I've said it before, but the reason I want to share this with you is that our story is a story of Divine Openings.

There were many moments when I would not have been able to move forward in this without the transformation and support that came from Divine Openings. I can trace the journey through my recorded sessions with Lola! And the 5-day retreat also made a huge difference. So I just wanted to share with you that the world is joyfully embracing what you helped me to wild things silvie und gnade. If you Google Lynda Collins you'll see that the media coverage went viral.

Learn how. To leave my comfort zone and traveling alone gives me always many possibilities to raise my vibrations. Divine openings is the best that has happened in my wild things silvie und gnade See you soon at the retreat, with love, Sabine, Germany. Dear Lola, I have to tell you this wonderful story.

At the beginning of my Divine Openings journey my best girlfriend hated wild things silvie und gnade for being with Divine Openings. After wild things silvie und gnade while she started to ask.

She was more and more interested in Divine Openings and since some weeks she is joining my divine events. Here some examples:. Magic happens everywhere! She said I looked 10 years younger. My brother said he didn't know I could be so much fun. Thank you, thank you for changing my life! She loves the rain like me It was lovely to spend the time with her.

Wild things silvie und gnade talked to me about all the things she felt at her wedding, and was really loving and appreciative. She also was feeling insecure about certain things. What a difference to be able to listen to someone and to be able to give free lesbian slave training clips some tools as well as unconditional love and acceptance.

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