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Is Bosaaso Becoming Like Mogadishu? Salongen i sickla malmo escort tjejer starter AussieHustler Start date Aug 7, Is Bosaaso the weakest link of Puntland because of it is strong connections with former terrorists turned businessmen?

Another attack in Bosaaso. Aussie for a non-Qabiliste you are very anti-Puntland. It's already proven Qatar is behind these attacks so they can get UAE to vacate the port but at the same time the frequency of attack is low compared to Mogadishu the two can't be compared.

Blame those harboring Qandala terrorists. AussieHustler said:. Their sick people, they never changed idealogies. Its like me telling u dont believe in jinn activities, but i im looking some good head in boosaaso act normal and operate in life when normal, but i will always believe those jinn activities israel and if their is working model, i will support it regardless if its good or bad outcome.

Because cadifadu waa im looking some good head in boosaaso shaydhan weeye ugu wayn. A bullet in the head helps. Who are those Puntlander wadaads loyal to the Qataris? Is Atom organising these attacks from Doha? I kinda feel sorry for Jews. They Support conservatives but thats where someone who IS KKK operates while keeping his religious idealogy view on u, maybe not open, i ddont say shit open to ppl about that israel stuff. GOD is so important to ppl life, heck it is too me, what u think them.

Cuz u find yurself one day where nothing im looking some good head in boosaaso work, their will be a point everything fails in life, the question is what u going to fall back on. Thats faith noone teach u that or force u, its up to u, u may fall back on bottle, pills, khat, watever keeps u floating to get up again. Some fall back on their DOG, or kids, or parents. I only respected faith cuz of jin activities myself cuz these naabnaab in the world cant help me, u lose faith in them and turn back to GOD.

Dont get me started on jews its physical world matter sxb that one, since their physical. They shouldn't worry about nutcases seeing invisible things as they dont have time for the physical anymore. Its the one who see nothing but the physical world and still follow an idealogy that has roots in the past and they rehashing and slipping it in somewhere while holding or aligning to political agenda that is accepted.

Miyi Islam shouldn't be anything like City Islam anyways, it never was. Last edited: Aug im looking some good head in boosaaso, Miyi Islam needs to correlate to their environment and daily lives sicne that's purpose of religion 'faith'. It doesnt help having settled idealogy for them since they can't actually utilize such concept out there. It's ok for settled ppl I guess. Then what sort of settled ppl u talking about and their history is another question, what is their value system u will hear this on their mouth correlated by everyone and then u trace that idealogy where it came from, has it got foundational truths or is it 'man made'.

Its hard to bring somali foreign political idea be it arab or african or european cuz of the value system being vastly different, different histories, different war cries on their lips.

U essentially fighting years with sayidka regarding somalia. They mix the two sometimes which is wat causes suspicions among other clans. But they create the working model at all times.

But look at our generation and u do a summary of wat ur outlook is when theirand their place in society, runta iska sheeg niyahow? U remember that 10 year old kid saying he wants to be president in garowe and talking like a siyasi, wat u expect from him in im looking some good head in boosaaso years sexy asian girl unter dusche to im looking some good head in boosaaso kids in hamar or hargeisa?

Havent u heard kids say I want to be president in america, well great, then u watch them evolve over time and how they apply that working model to get there. Its weird i cant describe the way to prepare yourself but it has to do with ur past while watching the future and assessing yourself and place and parents and tribe n other tribes and then world powers and those nations in between like mid east.

I will appreciate if you stick to this point. There is two types of gnade vion nackt singapur modell some who are born with it, some who actually learn the art of it.

Some thru school, or contacts, im looking some good head in boosaaso watever u know what I mean. Their good socializers basically. I only got interested because of 'need' when i saw my country in a mess, if hadaysan jirin 'needkani' i wud follow my own dreams as a kid which I know what that was, reading encyclopedias on my bedside and going to school and playing around in labs with it to understand it.

I prefer business and encyclopedia more runti or else i probably wouldnt utilize my father knowledge in politics and begin my journey. I also like jinn topics anigu due to experience now, i cud sit there for hours listening to that from somali sufferers, to see how wild it can get and correlate it to my experience.

Like roob dooon they do in droughts, they know praying is 'request' ma aha 'guarantee' halka settlers waxay moodan 'praying' waa qasab illahi inu ka aqbalayo.

U need to do other things to help yourself also but have faith when prayer fails. They dont undersatnd faith means 'ill wait if u answer' but ill help myself in mean time. So when u fail in all ur attempts and ur actions, u can then go back and pray and hope again.

Rajo is big thing sxb or u will kill yourself ama waa quusan akhirki and thats death. Dr Osman Gartay. M, Queen of Pettyville Staff Member. For an atheist, obese, who doesn't hang out with Somalis, you sure atk exotics black booty porn spend a lot of time talking crap about Puntland. Go back to the drawing board, you're not triggering anyone but yourself.

The peace deal between mujahid Abdulahi Yusuf and Al-itahaad aka Al-Ictisam was for them to quit politics and in exchange, they were generously compensated to acquire many major businesses including the ports, are you accusing these guys to be bedfellows with Qatar? Are we to be surprised that they would commit these acts. SilverL said:. Ibrahim hassan Esteemed Excellency. Mashallah bosaaso is becoming a poltical and economical powerhouse?

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