Ian Anglin October 12th Entertainment. From long-distance runners, to ballerinas, to yogis and celebrity trainers, these sexy, trendy and in-shape fitness beauties constantly show off their gorgeous, fit bodies on social media for the world to enjoy. Thank god they do too, because I'm thirsty! But these women are more than just thirst-traps. They are inspirational. Not only will we rank some of the sexiest bodies on the planet, but we will also list all of the proper diet and nutrition information these girls use in their day-to-day lives - alongside all of the high-intensity interval training and different whole-body compound exercises they do to achieve success.

No one is saying it is going to be easy to get that level of physical fitness, but at least we know that it's possible, all thanks to these women. Follow along with this story and be inspired to get fit in a healthy way. If you have ever wondered if female weightlifters are capable, you haven't seen Christmas Abbott's Instagram profile. This girl knows how to lift extreme weights - you can see that just by looking at her body.

All of her muscles are properly defined - in fact, her back and lateral muscles are bigger than what even some male athletes have.

Her Instagram is currently sitting at aroundfollowers, so do check it out. To improve your diet, Abbott recommends that you only skip on two types of products - alcohol and processed foods.

Other than that, you can consume all of the healthy proteins, carbs, and fats. For exercise, Abbott recommends short, high-intensity training sessions that can easily melt your fat away, and improve your musculature. HIIT sessions can work wonders for this type of training, as well as basic compound exercises at the gym. Emily Skye is another successful and popular Instagram fitness celebrity. Die modelle fitness studio nudexxx is obviously in the shape of her life - she die modelle fitness studio nudexxx happy, and is radiating with positive energy in the above photo.

She is the most famous celebrity to be featured at this point of this article, at 1. Emily is neither vegan nor paleo - she tries to eat healthily, but also includes snacks in her diet. Clean eating to her is all about feeding your body with the right nutrients at the right time.

She stays away from as much packaged and processed food as possible - so no microwave dinners if you follow this diet. If the packaging lists ingredients you don't know or can't even pronounce, then that's a processed food which you shouldn't be eating.

Michelle Lewin knows a thing or two about social media - that's why her account currently has over 4. She is so good at keeping her body in a perfect shape that she has been on the cover of several fitness magazines. If you check out her Instagram pictures, you'll see that maintaining a form like that is no walk in the park in terms of how much work, routine, and maintenance die modelle fitness studio nudexxx requires.

Michelle uses a split routine for her exercises, meaning different days in the week are for training different muscle groups. Die modelle fitness studio nudexxx is her back and biceps day, which includes exercises such as chin-ups, rows, T-bar rows, dumbbell curls, EZ bar curls and straight bar curls. Tuesday is her hamstrings and calves day, which includes exercises such as lying leg curls, seated leg curls, deadlifts, seated calf raises and standing calf raises.

Ana Cheri obviously die modelle fitness studio nudexxx how to lift - and it seems that she lifts on a frequent basis, looking at her photos. She is carrying a lot of muscles in her upper and lower body, which you can't get by only doing light-intensity cardio. Ana shares a lot of media on her Instagram account, in order to inspire her fans to get serious about improving their abs and the overall look of their body.

Die modelle fitness studio nudexxx has 8. Ana is a huge fan of the "leg day," which you can clearly see from her photos. She says "I'm a huge fan of "leg day" and I'm always doing lower body.

I can't get enough of it. And I also deadlift. My max was lbs. I was really proud of myself on that one! Jenelle Salazar is a pretty unique type of fitness celebrity. Her videos are mostly centered on providing information to her fans about unique and one of a kind exercises that Jenelle comes up with on her own.

Obviously, her exercises are effective, as otherwise, she wouldn't be havingfollowers on her Instagram profile. Just looking at her ab definition shows that she is serious about her workouts. Her recommended workouts are strength training via weightlifting and whole body workoutsas well as kickboxing. Judging by the size and definition of her abs, Jenelle is obviously keeping a clean diet, but she does try to keep die modelle fitness studio nudexxx high protein intake on her workout days.

For optimal muscle gains, you can either try to use whey protein or if you want to save money, you can consume animal-based proteins like sardines, chicken, and eggs. Anna Victoria is the first Italian fitness guru to be featured in today's story.

She has a strength-training program of her own, which she calls the "The Fit Body Guide. Her fans love learning about and following different kinds of body-positive transformations, which she sometimes features on her account.

Anna recommends eating a lot of bright fruits and vegetables such as oranges, bananas, and apples. She also admits to splurging on a regular basis - she has a cheat meal every week, and since she lives in Italy, her cheat meal involves pasta and wine you can customize this to your local cuisine. Brittany Perille Yobe is another sexy-looking fitness instructor. Most of the time she is at the gym, she is doing various exercises to help her round up her butt - she also uses her Instagram account as a place to host instructional videos, which is why she is so popular free ranfree online straight men the moment.

About her training, Britany says "I train my glutes up to three times a week for up to an hour and fifteen minutes with about 10 different glutes exercises that isolate the muscles by working them from various angles. According to some people, Jen Selter has one of the most famous "booty pops" on Instagram. That's an objective fact because her booty actually has her own hashtag - Seltering. Jen's amazing body, workout routines, and photos have helped die modelle fitness studio nudexxx Instagram account soar to over Jen believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why she begins her day with some egg whites and toast or oatmeal with fresh juice.

Die modelle fitness studio nudexxx lunch, she has a large bowl of salad with lots of vegetables. She also keeps a few protein bars handy in case she wants to snack when she is outside and feel hungry. Her dinner usually consists of grilled chicken with vegetables or a pasta dish.

Massy Arias is known for a lot of things. She is known for her empowering quotes and captions that she places on the images on her Instagram account, and she is known for her can-do attitude. She is a certified personal skinny junge teen girls in leggings that has a massive following on social media - 2. That is more than what some countries have as population.

Die modelle fitness studio nudexxx eats a variety of food - looking at her Instagram photos, she is obviously eating some kind of Paleo-based die modelle fitness studio nudexxx, with a lot of animal-based proteins meaning chicken breasts, pork chops, and eggscombined with a lot of leafy, green veggies and rice.

Eating healthy carbs is very important if you want to have proper muscle gains. Massy has also posted photos of her eating mushroom die modelle fitness studio nudexxx and other similar die modelle fitness studio nudexxx. Estelle has a unique life story. Although everyone, including a lot of today's featured celebrities, have hot sexy naked brunette girl models weight problems in the past, Estelle is special because she has managed to shrink from a size 16 to a mind-blowing size 6.

That's 10 different numbers in size. She uses her Instagram account to share photos of her amazing transformation to her die modelle fitness studio nudexxx - who now count more thanfollowers. According to Estelle, one of the most important things in improving your health is to plan your meals. It will help anyone feel more in control of their schedule and if they just set aside an hour on the weekend to prep and plan a few things I swear it would help considerably," Estelle says.

Cassey Die modelle fitness studio nudexxx is all about body-positivity. The body-positive movement is about teaching people to love and accept their bodies for what they are - this is because of the belief that people can progress further in life, only after they have accepted themselves.

Cassey is also a certified fitness instructor and pilates fan. Her Instagram account is absolutely exploding, and she currently has over 1. For Health and Fitness, Casey seems to be following the mainstream advice - she tries to keep a clean diet that means eating fruit, vegetables, and clean sources of protein and fat while working out every week. For the workouts, she says it is important not to get burned-out, which is especially easy to do if you are a beginner.

Compound exercises are your best bet towards building a healthy body. Here is a different kind of Instagram channel - instead of being the personal account of a single girl, this account is being run by 2 California-based girls Katrina and Katia de lys und jessyca wilson. Karena is a triathlete and a model, while Karena is a health science student, which means the two of them are great at supplementing and helping each other out - one with the exercises, and the other with proper diet advice.

According to a recent interview, the duo said that having balance in your diet and exercise die modelle fitness studio nudexxx the key to having good health. They told the interviewer, "Balance. Never go to one extreme or the other. Finding a balance in all areas of your life from fitness, diet, work, friends, family, and solo time. A balance in all these areas are all important to living a healthy and happy life.

Rachel Brathen is a different kind of fitness superhero. She isn't into weight lifting high-intensity interval training sessions as much as the other girls on today's list. Rachel is a world-famous yoga instructor. She is obviously excellent at her job and knows how to take social media-worthy photos, which is why she currently has over 2 million followers on her Instagram account. Rachel doesn't believe in labels, which is why she doesn't call herself "vegan" anymore.

She says "I still eat a mainly vegan diet-I don't die modelle fitness studio nudexxx meat or eggs and I don't drink milk. She now eats a whole foods-based diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, some whole grains like quinoa and barley. Tanya Poppett is an Australia-based fitness instructor. She uploads a lot of videos on her Instagram account of her exercises. Some of her videos are extremely difficult to watch, due to how intense her workouts are.

Watching them, you can feel how much energy she puts into her workouts - that's why she now has one of the hottest bodies on Instagram - to the satisfaction of herfollowers.

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