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Due to this demographic structure, the issue of the participation of women in the mainstream economy is imperative. Without a meaningful and active participation of women, sluty women here in khulna of the total population, in regular economic activities, a sluty women here in khulna and sustainable economy is impossible.

A sustainable economy is a precondition for national growth and prosperity including institutionalization of a democratic system. It is also impossible to achieve the target of a poverty-free society without incorporation of women in the mainstream economy.

Despite various initiatives from different corner of the state, the level of participation of women in the mainstream economic activities, especially private sector, remains insufficient and the percentage of women in business and industry is still below than that of their male counterpart.

Due to govt. Likewise other parts of the country, women in Khulna city have also been engaged in small-scale enterprises for their survival and these enterprises have benefitted their family and life. But here has been too few research efforts carried out in Bangladesh on particularly the women entrepreneurship of Khulna City so far. In this paper an attempt is therefore made to evaluate the nature of the women entrepreneurial ventures and their impact on the socio-economic development of these women taking Khulna city as the study area.

Women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others and by being different also provide society with different solutions to management, organization and business problems as well as to the exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities.

However, they still represent a minority sluty women here in khulna all entrepreneurs. This market failure needs to be addressed by policy makers so that the economic potential of this group can sluty women here in khulna fully utilized. While without a doubt the economic impact of women is substantial, sluty women here in khulna still lack a reliable picture describing in detail that specific impact.

Recent efforts initiated by the OECDare responses to this lack of knowledge and have focused the attention of policy makers and researchers on this important topic. The second reason is that the topic of women in entrepreneurship has been largely neglected sluty women here in khulna in society in general and in the social sciences. Not only have women lower participation rates in entrepreneurship than men but they also generally choose to start and manage firms in different industries than men tend to do.

The industries primarily retail, education and other service industries chosen by women are often perceived as being less important to economic development and growth than high-technology and manufacturing. As a consequence, equal opportunity between men and women from the perspective of entrepreneurship is still not a reality.

In order for policy makers to address the situation the report makes a number of recommendations. Many economists, sociologists, sluty women here in khulna and behavioral scientists have made attempt to define entrepreneurship in their respective fields.

The concept in sluty women here in khulna field of entrepreneurship could be classified into two disciplines: Economic concepts and behavioral concepts. Schumpeter, clarified entrepreneur as an innovator with potentialities sluty women here in khulna doing new things, as an economic leader, as a chief conducive function in the process of economic development.

Entrepreneurship is defined as a kind of behavior of a person that includes perceiving economic opportunities, initiative taking, creativity sluty women here in khulna innovation, organizing social economic mechanism to turn resources and situation to practical account and is the acceptance of risk to failure.

Such women are also known as women business owners or women entrepreneurs or self-employed women LFS, More recently, a new trend has emerged where women are venturing as entrepreneurs and are contributing to the economic development.

Women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh represent a group of women who have broken away form the broken track and are exploring new vistas of economic participation. Their task has been full of challenges Begum More recent American research examines in great depth both by motivation by female start-up and the problems faced by a woman when starting a business Hisrish and Brush, Motivations for business start-up as Bangladeshi were identified as a desire for job satisfaction, independence and achievement Begum, R The major problems, identified by the female respondents in this study, were under capitalization and a lack of knowledge and training in business skills.

In a more recent study, Goffee and Scase use a sample of 54 female proprietors to identify a typology of female entrepreneurs. Four types of female entrepreneurs were identified: a Conventional entrepreneurs; b Innovative entrepreneurs, c Domestic entrepreneurs and d Radical entrepreneurs.

Chowdhury classified ten types of women entrepreneurs in her study as follows: — a Self made women individual entrepreneurs, b Trained women industrial entrepreneurs, c Women entrepreneurs who as wives of business people are involved in production, d Women are share-holder of commercial firms, e Women as administrative executives of enterprises, f Women as inheritor of parents or husbands firms, g Women as pics embarazadas teens bild fap in business, h Researchers turned entrepreneurs, i Rural women entrepreneurs and j Industrialists cum traders.

In spite of women taking entrepreneurship in many challenging fields, the present women entrepreneurial activities in Bangladesh is not very high. Entrepreneurial Quality: Entrepreneurial qualities are same for men and women to succeed as entrepreneurs. The major entrepreneurial qualities seen in Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs are that they have confidence, commitment, innovative and creative knowledge, need for achievement, profit oriented, hard work driving energy and risk taking ability Begum R.

In recent years, with the growing tendency to flourish businesses, women are not lagging behind in their contribution to their family and self existence. Although there have been researches in area of entrepreneurship, no specific research has been done on women entrepreneurial ventures on Khulna city.

So for a detailed knowledge on women businesses and their motivation to be engaged in such ventures have a special concern for the NGOs, micro-credit institutions and for the policy holders. So this is a effort to have a detailed analysis of women entrepreneurial businesses.

Following were the specific objectives sluty women here in khulna the study: i. To analyze the main entrepreneurial ventures run by women entrepreneurs in Khulna. To show how these enterprises are creating an overall positive impact on their family status and for economic solvency.

To identify the major constraints for women entrepreneurship development and giving recommendations for the rapid flourishment of women entrepreneurial ventures. It is the third largest city in the country. Before proceeding to the formal study, a literature review has been covered on women entrepreneurship.

For the convenience of time and resources, the main women entrepreneurial ventures in the metropolitan city have been interviewed and questioned. An emphasis was given on hearing the experience of the women entrepreneurs. The policy recommendations have been suggested with regard to the current scenario and also from the research and report papers of national NGOs. There are no updated numerical figures about the entrepreneurial ventures in the internet and in journals. To be authentic and representative, it has to survey a minimum number of women entrepreneurs from each sector, which was sluty women here in khulna consuming and demands more time and, the survey does not flow such objective, it aims to work out program for women entrepreneurs of the Khulna City.

However, a good number of women entrepreneurs were distributed questionnaire for their uses. Being involved in women entrepreneurship development activities we recognize that there should be an all-covering broad-based survey in this regard to gain a concrete idea for supporting and integrating women entrepreneurs in Khulna city. Primary data: The main source of primary data was a number of interviews with women entrepreneurs from several entrepreneurial sectors and structured questionnaires which were answered by the entrepreneurs.

For every sluty women here in khulna, five entrepreneurs were interviewed. The questionnaires included questions regarding their educational background, sluty women here in khulna background, family support, initial capital, scope of businesses, services, profit margin and the probability of sustaining businesses amidst various problems.

Then our second goal of assessing the impact of these ventures were achieved through giving the entrepreneurs questions regarding the monthly income, supporting family, decision-making skill and have more say in family matters.

Secondary data: The main source of secondary data was internet-based journals and research papers for covering literature review on women entrepreneurial situation in Bangladesh. For covering the solutions of the problems of women entrepreneurs, different proposals that have been made were also analyzed and included. Collected data were analyzed and interpreted in line with the report objectives stated before.

Hence, the discussions in this section are divided in main three parts: the first part will include the nature and current scenario of entrepreneurial ventures of women including the constraints of these ventures. The second part will involve the impact of these entrepreneurial activities on their socio-economic life.

The third part will suggest some solution proposal for removing the current barriers of women entrepreneurship development in Khulna city. Scopes and nature of women entrepreneurial venture of Khulna city Through detailed analysis of sluty women here in khulna answers of the questionnaires, some common women entrepreneurial ventures were identified. Type of Businesses 1. Beauty parlors sluty women here in khulna. Butique shops 3. Poultry farming 4. Tailoring 5.

Dairy farming 6. In recent times beauty parlors have become the lucrative business for women entrepreneurs in Khulna. Starting with home-based services they are entering into this venture in a separate commercial basis. As it is mainly sluty women here in khulna home based entrepreneurship, women are very much interested about the prospect of this business. Actually beauty parlor is such a place where women care women; that means here service provider is women and the customer is also women.

For that reason the women who are related with this business, can conduct their business conveniently. Along with that, a woman is very much interested to make her self stylist and fair in every circumstance for that this is very momentous for her to get help from a beauty parlor.

Around South Central Road, there are about 5 beauty parlors, and hot sexy micky james pics are 4 beauty parlors in and around New Market. From the interview with some openers of beauty parlors of South Central Road, we found that the initial capital of starting a parlor few years back sluty women here in khulna much lower than the present modern well equipped parlors for the emergence of new beautification techniques.

The first parlor of this area Pleasure Beauty Parlor started its business with only 80, taka. But newest parlor of this area Nanking Beauty Parlor has started its business with around 12,00, taka. And obviously it is very much modern and customers are very interested to go there. For the competition, the other parlors are also trying to give better service to their customers.

The parlors of new market have begun their business almost at the bild de sex porno schwarz time and the market there is very much competitive. But the parlors of this area are not much more popular than those of South Central Road. Here is a table regarding the 10 parlors of Khulna City. For making our study more representative and credible, small medium as well as large parlors were taken as samples. The sample results are given below:.

Initial investments of the entrepreneurs Amount in taka No. Of entrepreneurs Percentage Below 2 20 2 sluty women here in khulna 3 30 2 20 Above 1 10 total The average monthly turnover of the entrepreneurs is also satisfactory.

The average turnover of the studied parlors is Tk. The monthly income of the enterprises Amount in taka No. With the starting of home-based and separate business-location based beauty parlors, women entrepreneurs are now able to supplement their family with handsome income sluty women here in khulna the women are supposed to sluty women here in khulna more decision making and participating skills in their family.

One particular parlor-owner in South Central Road stated that she was having more confidence in maintaining her family through her steady sluty women here in khulna. With the flourishment of modern and highly instrument-based parlors, the employment opportunity has been created in those parlors.

The parlors in south Central Road on an average have created employment for five women. So, this parlor business is creating a overall impact on their socio-economic lives.

BRAC bank is giving is providing low-interest short-term credit to women entrepreneurs in this sector. But still govt.

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