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The sandwich was a roll-type hunk of bread longer than it was wide. Same with the meat that had that school-cafeteria-like soybean extender-like taste that I actually enjoyed unlike other folks I knew. Atop the meat was a brown gravy-like sauce that was thick in consistency and applied sparingly but the sandwich was still messy when eaten. I kept my eyes open but none of the typical places had that sandwich anymore. Performing an extensive Web search, including an image search but nary ANY mention of the Longhorn or a similar sandwich.

As with most convenience store foods the Longhorn was rather high-priced but I cherished the taste and saved it as a special treat due to the price. If there was only a source for the same sandwich Reds pic emo boy schwanz s would order a case or more and have it shipped or go pick it up at the distributor, whatever. The Old Coot is wondering if anyone hereabouts recalls that culinary delight known as the Longhorn and perhaps knows of a Web site where I can, at the least, obtain a pic of my old friend or perhaps even order some!

Or am I doomed to age, wither away. A mere pitiable husk of my former self. Doomed to never again clamp my jaws upon that delectable morsel? Finally, a glimmer, a speck of a mention of a long-gone firm that sold heat-and-eat sandwiches long ago, some using a non-microwave infrared oven to heat the sandwich.

A non-microwave sandwich heating machine used in convenience stores before the wide-spread use of microwave ovens. Sadly, I am unable to find any specific mention or picture of a Stewart Wrangler or Longhorn sandwich but the Stewart name sounds familiar. That would explain their disappearing; replaced by sandwiches that did heat up properly in a microwave. And thanks to the creator of the Stewart Sandwiches FaceBook page for answering that nagging question. There are several pics there worthy of looking at so click on the link above and enjoy the show!!!!

Here is the pic that told me the name of the YUMMY goodness I enjoyed so much but, as mentioned earlier in this entry… simply disappeared. Never to be savored again. On the left with a price of…. Oh my!!! Oh Longhorn, oh how I miss thee.

And how I miss how much further my wages went back in those long-ago days. Well, maybe he did after the picture was taken. And I would not blame him for doing so. Sent via a commenter below we now have a nifty video telling us how to make a Longhorn-like sandwich.

I have not tried the recipe yet but will do so in the future. McDonalds may have tried reds pic emo boy schwanz s emulate the yumminess of the Longhorn. The source at the link below says:. The McDonalds Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich consisted of a long hamburger on an oblong bun, covered in onions and sauce. At least that is what it looks like in the commercial. The comments section is interesting.

The folks declare the item was actually sold and it appears it was popular due to its good taste. That starting comment at the message board linked-to above was followed by a bevy of agreeing opinions. I do not recall this item but when I did grab a fast-food joint item in those long-ago days I tended to go for the big burgers Burger King and Jack-in-the-Box sold.

Another edible lost to the past with only memories to remind the eater of the delight they once had. I can only guess using visuals and my memory of the ultra-tasty Longhorn delight I remember well and it saddens me I will never perform a side-by-side comparison of the two. Should we start a write-in campaign demanding that McDonalds bring back the chopped beefsteak sandwich?

Damn right!!! Use the link below to tell McDonalds we want the chopped beefsteak sandwich on the menu!!! Maybe we will get a reasonable or better facsimile of the awesome Longhorn sandwich back in our paws again!!! Stumbled across the following pics Reds pic emo boy schwanz s 12, Checked all the links above and they still reach out and attach themselves to the proper content. Ah, the Wrangler Steak! I kind of lost track of them around I noticed while driving semi-truck across 46 of the 48 contiguous states that the sandwich name varied.

The same basic sandwich went by the name Longhorn or Wrangler. I can not recall which areas had which name. Memory suggests that California was Longhorn land but the Wrangler may have been sold in other parts of California. Whatever the name it was a mighty fine dining delight and I ate a lot of the critters.

If a new version of reds pic emo boy schwanz s yumminess could be created and sold in a fast-food joint based upon that yummy critter with fries and other stuff folks buy for meals I envision the outlets scattered across the country with people lined up bellowing for their beloved sandwich. The cheese would get all gooey and delicious and piping reds pic emo boy schwanz s. I think the toaster worked on infrared reds pic emo boy schwanz s of microwave.

Sandwiches turned out much better. I remember these sandwiches, reds pic emo boy schwanz s I loved them and ate them as often as possible.

And the sandwich with various types of meat and cheese was called a Ranchero sandwich it had a poppy seeded bun. I was an elementary school student in San Francisco in the late 60s and I bought Stewart sandwiches from a small mom and pop store near the school. We did not have a cafeteria but could buy Stewart Sandwiches for lunch. You were a very lucky person to have that access to those wonderful vittles that sated my comestible desires during my later years when I had access to the yummy-in-my-tummy Stewart sandwiches… especially the Longhorn.

Oh how I wish I could rustle up a dozen or so to munch on this weekend then a bunch more so I could gnaw upon them regularly. Yep, Same here. Private Christian school in TX. No lunch room, just some portable tables in the gym and Stewart sandwiches.

Still remember the glow of the hot oven so vividly and the taste of the sandwich. Watched the video. Will give that method a try soon.

As with all recipes one can season to taste. My memory tells of a thick consistency to the gravy that appropriate use of thickening agent will hopefully emulate. Thanks for the nackte emo girls sex gezwungen about the video. Some folks do not read comments so will place the link above where the video should present itself for playing here or folks can follow the video to YouTube where comments can be read and left there.

I am not seeking the device but maybe someone else would be. Ebay would be the best place to get top-dollar for the critter. It is a shame that the wonderful Longhorn sandwich is not available to toss inside and extract, when heated, one of the finest culinary delights to be munched upon. I need Longhorn sandwiches! My husbands favorite. I did, married in I will search! My dad worked for Stewart Sandwiches from He started in Norfolk, moved to Richmond and the in he was regional manager in the Charlotte office.

I remember back in the late 70s junge teen girls vor der webcam early 80s, I worked 2nd shift mostly, reds pic emo boy schwanz s would stop at seven for a late night snack meal. My favorite go to was the Truck Stopper. Sounds like the same sandwich, a long thin bun, a ground beef with a definite dried onion flavor, the smear of brown gravy on top. They had the microwave, and half the time, the end would be hard after cooking it.

I would add ketchup to it, and it was messy good to eat. It does have a bit of onion taste but not the bad ass coffee ventura ca I remember from the Truck Stopper, and of course with ketchup on top. Welcome to the melee!!! There is a ready market for the original Stewart sandwiches. Sell them on the Web and reds pic emo boy schwanz s a killing!!!

Very close to the taste enough to bring back memories. I actually own an original stewart machine like you have pictured.

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