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Published on June 29th, by Ghost. There has been a bit of speculation recently around the potential release of CoD Ghosts on the Wii U with Mark Rubin appearing big booty breite huften, dicke schenkel indicate it was on the cards just after E3 in an interview where he claimed he could not speak yet on the future of the franchise with Nintendo. However, barely a week later, it appears as though Mr. Rubin is indicating that the possible collaboration with Nintendo is completely up in the air, stating himself:.

Call of Duty and Nintendo have always had an interesting relationship. Every CoD game has found its way to a Nintendo console or at least had an attempt of a port to it but the strain of keeping up with the graphical powerhouses bill maher dating adrienne maloof Microsoft and Sony has been taking its toll.

From as early back as CoD bill maher dating adrienne maloof, the Wii has been compared to the previous generation of consoles for sheer power, resulting in the Wii generally receiving a stripped down version or in the case of CoD World at War, a completely different version of its current gen counterparts. Source: VG Chartz. And with the lacklustre reception to the Wii U, its unsurprising that this trend is continuing as Black Ops 2 failed to sell even K copies, which for a premier AAA title.

A lot more. And Nintendo has been around since the home console was defined, which in case you forgot, was also by them. It will be interesting to see what Activision decide to do here, at the moment it looks like there is nothing in the pipeline, at least.

But retailers have been listing it as available for the Wii U so maybe they are privy to something bill maher dating adrienne maloof are not. Tags: next-gen. Your email bill maher dating adrienne maloof will not be published. Main Published on June 29th, by Ghost 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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