TV Schedule. Sign In. King of the Hill — S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. A social worker mistakenly believes that Hank is abusing Bobby. When Bobby finds out what is happening, he takes advantage of the situation. S1, Ep2. Peggy is chosen to be the Sex Education teacher at Bobby's school.

S1, Ep3. While there Bobby accidentally kill a whooping crane. S1, Ep4. Bobby accidentally hits Hank's hero, Willie Nelson, with a golf club. S1, Ep5. King of the hill fur erwachsene Buckley dumps Luanne Hank takes it upon himself to find her a new boyfriend, but for his own personal gain. S1, Ep6. Hank is very embarrassed and introvert about his constipation. And it certainly doesn't help his condition with Peggy telling all her friends, making Hank go to a proctologist and treating him like a child over it.

S1, Ep7. Hank and the rest of the gang on Rainey St. S1, Ep8. Hank's rambunctious, bigoted, sexist, loud war-vet father, Cotton, visits the Hills for Bobby's birthday. Instantly Cotton teaches the boy bad habits about how to treat women. Hank refuses to admit his father is doing wrong, until Cotton takes Bobby to the sleazy Hotel Arlen to go hooker shopping!

S1, Ep9. Peggy and Hank head to Dallas so Peggy can compete in a boggle tournament, but Hank decides to forego the tournament king of the hill fur erwachsene order to attend a lawnmower expo.

S1, Ep When Bobby is caught trying a cigarette, Hank decides the proper discipline is making Bobby smoke an entire carton. The result sparks an old smoking habit of Hank's and Peggy's, as well as a new habit in Bobby.

After Hank fires him as his exterminator, Dale infests Hanks lawn with ants in order to seek revenge. Joeseph king of the hill fur erwachsene throwing a co-ed party and informs Bobby there is going to be kissing.

Never haven kissed a girl, Bobby practices on a plastic head Luanne was given for beauty school. See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Watch Party Season 3 Episodes. Western Animation. Share this page:. Clear your history.

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